1939 Erzincan earthquake

The Erzincan earthquake of 1939 was a major natural disaster that hit the province of Erzincan in eastern Turkey at 1:57 am (GMT 11:57 pm) on December 27, 1939. The earthquake of seven violent shocks, the biggest one measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale, was the most powerful one to strike Turkey in recent history.

The first stage of the earthquake killed about 8,000 people. The next day, it was reported that the death toll had risen to 20,000. An emergency relief operation began. By the end of the year, 32,962 had died due to more earthquakes and several floods.

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A natural disaster is the consequence of a natural hazard (e.g. volcanic eruption, earthquake, landslide) which moves from potential in to an active phase, and as a result affects human activities.
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Erzincan Province is a province on the Eastern region of Anatolia, Turkey, and home to Erzincan, a city which was destroyed and rebuilt after an earthquake of magnitude 7.9 on December 27, 1939.
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Yurtta Sulh, Cihanda Sulh
Peace at Home, Peace in the World
İstiklâl Marşı
The Anthem of Independence
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December 27 is the 1st day of the year (2nd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 0 days remaining.


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The richter magnitude scale, or more correctly local magnitude ML scale, assigns a single number to quantify the amount of seismic energy released by an earthquake.
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The North Anatolian Fault Line (NAF) (Turkish: Kuzey Anadolu Fay Hattı) is one of the most energetic earthquake zones in the world.
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