The 7JP4 is an early black and white cathode ray tube used in late 1940's televisions. It has a 7" diameter round screen which was often partially masked. Unlike later electromagnetically deflected TV tubes, the 7JP4 electrostatically deflected like an oscilloscope tube.

The 7JP4 was used in the following sets (incomplete list):
Motorola VT-71
Motorola VT-73
Hallicrafters 505
Sentinel TV-400
Sentinel TV-405
National TV-7W Philco 50-T701 & 50-T702
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1. Electron guns 2. Electron beams 3. Focusing coils 4. Deflection coils 5. Anode connection 6. Mask for separating beams for red, green, and blue part of displayed image 7.
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