Abdur Razzaq (traveller)

Abdur Razzaq, also spelled Razzak, was an ambassador from Persia to Calicut, India, during the Vijayanagara empire in the 15th century CE. He chronicled many events in the empire as well as noting daily life in the Ancient City of Vijayanagara, describing its immense grandeur.[1] He also left vivid accounts of the thriving shipping trade in the Indian Ocean during the 14th and 15th centuries.[2]


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Vijayanagara (Kannada: ವಿಜಯನಗರ) is in Bellary District, northern Karnataka. It is the name of the now-ruined capital city, located at 15°19′N 76°28′E , of the historic Vijayanagara empire which extended over the southern part of
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Ancient City of Vijayanagara was the urban core of the imperial city and the surrounding principalities of the capital of the Vijayanagar empire during the 14th century to 16th century CE.
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