Bauhinia Bowl

The Bank of China (Hong Kong) Bauhinia Bowl Award (中銀香港紫荊盃) is the annual award to member secondary schools of the Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Secondary Schools Regional Committee, Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation who qualify under the rules set out below. The establishment of the Award is to encourage participation in interschool sports competitions organised by the Regional Committee. In the 2005 - 2006 season, 266 secondary schools with 5396 teams participated in the 15 sporting competitions organised by the Regional Committee.

The BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl Award is sponsored by Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited, previously by the Omega. The trophy was previously known as the Omega Rose Bowl. The title was changed to BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl since the 2002 - 2003 Season.

Type of schools

The BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl Award will be awarded to the following three types of schools separately.
  • Boys' schools
  • Girls' schools
  • Coeducational schools
In case of doubt in classifying a member school to one of the above categories because of a special situation, the Regional Committee will make the final decision on classification. However, schools concerned will be welcomed to express their views to the Regional Committee either by letter or presence at a Committee Meeting for this purpose.

The award

The award is divided into two sections:

Section One - BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl

Trophies will be awarded to schools achieving the best all-round performance from all sporting events organised by the Regional Committee each year. A total of 10 trophies will be awarded each year.

The trophies are all follows:-
  1. BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl (Champion) - Boys Schools
  2. BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl (Second) - Boys Schools
  3. BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl The Most Progressive Boys School - Boys Schools
  4. BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl (Champion) - Girls Schools
  5. BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl (Second) - Girls Schools
  6. BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl The Most Progressive Girls School - Girls Schools
  7. BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl (Champion) - Coeducational Schools
  8. BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl (Second) - Coeducational Schools
  9. BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl (Third) - Coeducational Schools
  10. BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl The Most Progressive Coeducational School - Coeducational Schools

In addition to the above awards, the following trophies will also be awarded commencing 2006 - 2007 season
  1. BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl (Third) - Boys' Schools
  2. BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl (Third) - Girls' Schools
  3. BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl (Fourth) - Coeducational Schools
  4. BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl (Fifth) - Coeducational Schools
  5. BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl (Sixth) - Coeducational Schools
  6. BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl (Seventh) - Coeducational Schools
  7. BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl (Eighth) - Coeducational Schools

Section Two - BOCHK Bauhinia Bowl sportsboy and sportsgirl of the year

These statuette trophies are awarded to the individual who has contributed greatly to his or her schools' sports in general and has shown outstanding ability in the field of sport during the year. In addition to good all-round achievement in sports, the candidate for the trophy must show a high standard of sportsmanship on and off the field. The candidate must have shown a willingness to help others, some kind of organising capacity, a sense of fairplay and must be genuinely interested in furthering the spirit of competition and esprit-de-corps between member schools and Hong Kong Sports in general. Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited has very generously offered a scholarship to each Sportsboy and Sportsgirl of the year. The trophies for sportsboys/girls are as follows:
  1. Sportsboy of the year - boys' school
  2. Sportsgirl of the year - girls' school
  3. Sportsboy of the year - coeducational school
  4. Sportsgirl of the year - coeducational

Teaming and scoring system

The Teaming and Scoring System is at the official home page of the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation.

Honor roll

Boys' school

2006 - 2007La Salle CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
2005 - 2006La Salle CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
2004 - 2005La Salle CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
2003 - 2004La Salle CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
2002 - 2003La Salle CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
2001 - 2002La Salle CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
2000 - 2001La Salle CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
1999 - 2000La Salle CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
1998 - 1999Diocesan Boys' SchoolLa Salle College
1997 - 1998Diocesan Boys' SchoolLa Salle College
1996 - 1997Diocesan Boys' SchoolLa Salle College
1995 - 1996Diocesan Boys' SchoolLa Salle College
1994 - 1995Diocesan Boys' SchoolLa Salle College
1993 - 1994La Salle CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
1992 - 1993Diocesan Boys' SchoolLa Salle College
1991 - 1992Diocesan Boys' SchoolLa Salle College
1990 - 1991La Salle CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
1989 - 1990La Salle CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
1988 - 1989La Salle CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
1987 - 1988La Salle CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
1986 - 1987La Salle CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
1985 - 1986La Salle CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
1984 - 1985La Salle CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
1983 - 1984La Salle CollegeWah Yan College, Hong Kong
1982 - 1983La Salle CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
1981 - 1982La Salle CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
1980 - 1981La Salle CollegeChan Sui Ki (La Salle) College
1979 - 1980La Salle CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
1978 - 1979La Salle CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
1977 - 1978La Salle CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
1976 - 1977La Salle CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
1975 - 1976La Salle CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
1974 - 1975La Salle CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
1973 - 1974Diocesan Boys' SchoolLa Salle College
1972 - 1973Diocesan Boys' SchoolLa Salle College
1971 - 1972Diocesan Boys' SchoolYing Wa College
1970 - 1971Ying Wa CollegeDiocesan Boys' School
1969 - 1970Diocesan Boys' SchoolLa Salle College
1968 - 1969Diocesan Boys' SchoolLa Salle College
1967 - 1968Diocesan Boys' SchoolLa Salle College
1966 - 1967Diocesan Boys' School
1965 - 1966Diocesan Boys' School

Girls' school

2006 - 2007Heep Yunn SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
2005 - 2006Heep Yunn SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
2004 - 2005Heep Yunn SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
2003 - 2004Heep Yunn SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
2002 - 2003Heep Yunn SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
2001 - 2002Heep Yunn SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
2000 - 2001Heep Yunn SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
1999 - 2000Heep Yunn SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
1998 - 1999Heep Yunn SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
1997 - 1998Heep Yunn SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
1996 - 1997Heep Yunn SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
1995 - 1996Heep Yunn SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
1994 - 1995Heep Yunn SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
1993 - 1994Heep Yunn SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
1992 - 1993Heep Yunn SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
1991 - 1992Heep Yunn SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
1990 - 1991Heep Yunn SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
1989 - 1990Heep Yunn SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
1988 - 1989Heep Yunn SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
1987 - 1988Heep Yunn SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
1986 - 1987Heep Yunn SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
1985 - 1986Heep Yunn SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
1984 - 1985Diocesan Girls' School
Heep Yunn School
1983 - 1984Diocesan Girls' SchoolYing Wa Girls' School
1982 - 1983Diocesan Girls' SchoolSt. Antonius Girls' College
1981 - 1982Maryknoll Convent SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
1980 - 1981Diocesan Girls' SchoolMaryknoll Convent School
1979 - 1980Maryknoll Convent SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
1978 - 1979Diocesan Girls' SchoolMaryknoll Convent School
1977 - 1978Diocesan Girls' SchoolMaryknoll Convent School
St. Antonius Girls' College
1976 - 1977Diocesan Girls' SchoolMaryknoll Convent School
1975 - 1976Maryknoll Convent SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
1974 - 1975Diocesan Girls' SchoolMaryknoll Convent School
1973 - 1974Maryknoll Convent SchoolDiocesan Girls' School
1972 - 1973Diocesan Girls' SchoolMaryknoll Convent School
1971 - 1972Diocesan Girls' SchoolMaryknoll Convent School
1970 - 1971Diocesan Girls' SchoolMaryknoll Convent School
1969 - 1970Diocesan Girls' SchoolMaryknoll Convent School
1968 - 1969Diocesan Girls' SchoolMaryknoll Convent School
1967 - 1968Diocesan Girls' SchoolSt. Paul's Convent School
1966 - 1967Diocesan Girls' School
1965 - 1966Diocesan Girls' School

Co-educational school

2006 - 2007Island SchoolPui Ching Middle SchoolWest Island School
2005 - 2006Island SchoolKing George V SchoolSt. Paul's Co-Educational College
2004 - 2005Island SchoolHong Kong International SchoolWest Island School
2003 - 2004Hong Kong International SchoolKing George V SchoolIsland School
2002 - 2003Island SchoolHong Kong International SchoolKing George V School
2001 - 2002Island SchoolHong Kong International SchoolKing George V School
2000 - 2001Island SchoolHong Kong International SchoolKing George V School
1999 - 2000Island SchoolKing George V SchoolHong Kong International School
1998 - 1999Island SchoolHong Kong International SchoolKing George V School
1997 - 1998Hong Kong International SchoolIsland SchoolKing George V School
1996 - 1997Hong Kong International SchoolIsland SchoolKing George V School
1995 - 1996Island SchoolHong Kong International SchoolKing George V School
1994 - 1995Island SchoolHong Kong International SchoolKing George V School
1993 - 1994Island SchoolHong Kong International School
1992 - 1993Hong Kong International SchoolIsland School
1991 - 1992Hong Kong International SchoolKing George V School
1990 - 1991King George V SchoolIsland School
1989 - 1990King George V SchoolIsland School
1988 - 1989Island SchoolKing George V School
1987 - 1988King George V SchoolIsland School
1986 - 1987King George V SchoolIsland School
1985 - 1986King George V SchoolIsland School
1984 - 1985King George V SchoolIsland School
1983 - 1984King George V SchoolIsland School
1982 - 1983King George V School
Island School
1981 - 1982Island SchoolKing George V School
1980 - 1981Island SchoolKing George V School
1979 - 1980Island SchoolKing George V School
1978 - 1979Island SchoolKing George V School
1977 - 1978Island SchoolKing George V School
1976 - 1977Island SchoolKing George V School
1975 - 1976King George V SchoolIsland School
1974 - 1975King George V SchoolIsland School
1973 - 1974King George V SchoolIsland School
1972 - 1973King George V SchoolIsland School
1971 - 1972King George V SchoolIsland School
1970 - 1971King George V SchoolIsland School
1969 - 1970King George V SchoolHong Kong International School
1968 - 1969King George V SchoolHong Kong International School
1967 - 1968King George V SchoolPui Ching Middle School
1966 - 1967King George V School
1965 - 1966King George V School

Sportsboys of the year (Boys' School)

2006 - 2007Chan Ye Ko, RiccoLa Salle College
2005 - 2006Chan Ye Ko, RiccoLa Salle College
2004 - 2005Chan Ye Ko, RiccoLa Salle College
2003 - 2004Chan King Chung, DerwinDiocesan Boys' School
2002 - 2003Chan King Chung, DerwinDiocesan Boys' School
2001 - 2002Tam Wai YeungChong Gene Hang College
2000 - 2001Tam Wai YeungChong Gene Hang College
1999 - 2000Tam Wai YeungChong Gene Hang College
1998 - 1999Tam Wai YeungChong Gene Hang College
1997 - 1998Kwok Kar Lok, KennethWah Yan College, Hong Kong
1996 - 1997Mak Ho NungLa Salle College
1995 - 1996Tang Hon SingDiocesan Boys' School
1994 - 1995Rudy Chung Sing FookDiocesan Boys' School
1993 - 1994Kevin Liu Chun KiLa Salle College
1992 - 1993
1991 - 1992Yang Wing NingYing Wa College
1990 - 1991To Sze WaiChan Sui Ki (La Salle) College
1989 - 1990Wong Pui Hung, WilliamDiocesan Boys' School
1988 - 1989Ernie TamDiocesan Boys' School
1987 - 1988
1986 - 1987Joseph WongDiocesan Boys' School
1985 - 1986Mark HuangLa Salle College
1984 - 1985Yeung Ying MingLa Salle College
1983 - 1984
1982 - 1983William Lee Sai WingLa Salle College
1981 - 1982Kenny Yip Hon KeungDiocesan Boys' School
1980 - 1981Bosco Chan Sai LamLa Salle College
1979 - 1980Cheuk Ho YeungDiocesan Boys' School
1978 - 1979Edward Yan Wai FuLa Salle College
1977 - 1978Miguel Martin DelgadoLa Salle College
1976 - 1977Bernard SuenDiocesan Boys' School
1975 - 1976Septimus Kwong Nai BunLa Salle College
1974 - 1975Chan Yeuk YungDiocesan Boys' School
1973 - 1974Alexander Leung Wai KongYing Wa College
1972 - 1973Tom HsiaoLa Salle College
1971 - 1972Au Yiu Hing, RomeoYing Wa College
1970 - 1971Alex KoDiocesan Boys' School
1969 - 1970Yeung Shiu LingSalesian English School
1968 - 1969Louis WipuchaninDiocesan Boys' School
1967 - 1968William KoDiocesan Boys' School
1966 - 1967Maurice Lam Man HoDiocesan Boys' School
1965 - 1966Harn KlatfuengfooDiocesan Boys' School

Sportsgirls of the year (Girls' School)

2006 - 2007Woo Wing TungDiocesan Girls' School
2005 - 2006Woo Wing TungDiocesan Girls' School
2004 - 2005Chan Yu Ning, ElaineHeep Yunn School
2003 - 2004Lau Janice Chi KayDiocesan Girls' School
2002 - 2003Lau Janice Chi KayDiocesan Girls' School
2001 - 2002Sherry Tsai Hiu WaiDiocesan Girls' School
2000 - 2001Sherry Tsai Hiu WaiDiocesan Girls' School
1999 - 2000Sherry Tsai Hiu WaiDiocesan Girls' School
1998 - 1999Kay WongDiocesan Girls' School
1997 - 1998Kay WongDiocesan Girls' School
1996 - 1997Wendy HungDiocesan Girls' School
1995 - 1996Robyn LamsamDiocesan Girls' School
1994 - 1995Robyn LamsamDiocesan Girls' School
1993 - 1994Florence LaiDiocesan Girls' School
1992 - 1993Angela HoDiocesan Girls' School
1991 - 1992Choi Hiu NamHeep Yunn School
1990 - 1991Florence LaiDiocesan Girls' School
1989 - 1990Wong Lai YueSt. Catharine's School for Girls
1988 - 1989Rebecca ChauDiocesan Girls' School
1987 - 1988Malina NgaiMaryknoll Convent School
1986 - 1987Malina NgaiMaryknoll Convent School
1985 - 1986Malina NgaiMaryknoll Convent School
1984 - 1985Ingrid LaiDiocesan Girls' School
1983 - 1984
1982 - 1983Sandra KhooDiocesan Girls' School
1981 - 1982Michele RosarioDiocesan Girls' School
1980 - 1981Krista MaDiocesan Girls' School
1979 - 1980Margaret HungMaryknoll Convent School
1978 - 1979Angela LauDiocesan Girls' School
1977 - 1978Ho Ngar YingBelilios Public School
1976 - 1977Michelle RemediosMaryknoll Convent School
1975 - 1976Barbara HungMaryknoll Convent School
1974 - 1975Rita BendallDiocesan Girls' School
1973 - 1974Barbara HungMaryknoll Convent School
1972 - 1973Diane UDiocesan Girls' School
1971 - 1972Joan LingMaryknoll Convent School
1970 - 1971Susan JohnsonDiocesan Girls' School
1969 - 1970Kim FentonDiocesan Girls' School
1968 - 1969Ann MikelDiocesan Girls' School
1967 - 1968Ann MikelDiocesan Girls' School
1966 - 1967Barbara WinyardDiocesan Girls' School
1965 - 1966Pamela BakerDiocesan Girls' School

Sportsboys of the year (Co-educational School)

2006 - 2007Tom OwensWest Island School
2005 - 2006Alexander McQueenSouth Island School
2004 - 2005Keith RobertsonWest Island School
2003 - 2004Keith RobertsonWest Island School
2002 - 2003Rowan VartyKing George V School
2001 - 2002Daniel BaileyIsland School
2000 - 2001Daniel BaileyIsland School
1999 - 2000Poon Wai KingNew Method College
1998 - 1999Tom BreenIsland School
1997 - 1998Chan Ming Sang
Michael Scott
St. Stephen's College, Stanley
Island School
1996 - 1997James EndicottIsland School
1995 - 1996Alex GibbsIsland School
1994 - 1995
1993 - 1994James Hartwrtight
Mok Wing Kwong
King George V School
Pui Ching Middle School
1992 - 1993Jams WilsonSouth Island School
1991 - 1992Jeremy CarterKing George V School
1990 - 1991Simon BillinghamKing George V School
1989 - 1990Mark ThompsonKing George V School
1988 - 1989Julian HartKing George V School
1987 - 1988Ian BillinghamKing George V School
1986 - 1987Brain NeirKing George V School
1985 - 1986Robin BredburyKing George V School
1984 - 1985Johnathan CannonKing George V School
1983 - 1984Simon MylesKing George V School
1982 - 1983Pat ClunieKing George V School
1981 - 1982David HallKing George V School
1980 - 1981David EvansKing George V School
1979 - 1980Jan Weddepohi
Dermot Reeve
Island School
King George V School
1978 - 1979Tse Chi Hung
G. Claydon
Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School
Island School
1977 - 1978Luke McGuinnietyIsland School
1976 - 1977Philip ReeveKing George V School
1975 - 1976Allan WoodSt. George's School
1974 - 1975Jeremy OzorioKing George V School
1973 - 1974William HunterIsland School
1972 - 1973Michael BentleyKing George V School
1971 - 1972
1970 - 1971A. AinsworthKing George V School
1969 - 1970Grant OsborneKing George V School
1968 - 1969Tierry NewbertKing George V School
1967 - 1968John DrakeKing George V School
1966 - 1967R. BarrosKing George V School
1965 - 1966Danie HooloyKing George V School

Sportsgirls of the year (Co-educational School)

2006 - 2007Cheng Choi LingSt. Stephen's College
2005 - 2006Christine Joy BaileyKing George V School
2004 - 2005Morgan GibsonIsland School
2003 - 2004Katherine MountainIsland School
2002 - 2003Katherine MountainIsland School
2001 - 2002Amanda RobertsonIsland School
2000 - 2001Sandra FranklandKing George V School
1999 - 2000Olivia ChiuChinese International School
1998 - 1999Erin JoyKing George V School
1997 - 1998Diana OngKing George V School
1996 - 1997Georgina McFetridgeKing George V School
1995 - 1996Lorea SolabarrietaKing George V School
1994 - 1995Shelley ReidKing George V School
1993 - 1994Caroline NgSouth Island School
1992 - 1993
1991 - 1992Indrani ChakrabatiIsland School
1990 - 1991
1989 - 1990Amanda NobleKing George V School
1988 - 1989Katrina WilsonSouth Island School
1987 - 1988Crystine LeeKing George V School
1986 - 1987Katrina MansfieldIsland School
1985 - 1986Lynne CaraviasIsland School
1984 - 1985Lucy LomasSouth Island School
1983 - 1984Delnar TalatiIsland School
1982 - 1983Lynne HuddlestonIsland School
1981 - 1982Tessaly StonhamIsland School
1980 - 1981Sarah CallerIsland School
1979 - 1980Evelyn BuckleyKing George V School
1978 - 1979Sara RobertsonIsland School
1977 - 1978Evelyn RuckleyKing George V School
1976 - 1977Brenda CraceIsland School
1975 - 1976Louise EverettSt. George's School
1974 - 1975Vanessa NealKing George V School
1973 - 1974Vanessa NealKing George V School
1972 - 1973Cathy RossKing George V School
1971 - 1972L. MigoKing George V School
1970 - 1971A. ChristianHong Kong International School
1969 - 1970D. D. MurphyHong Kong International School
1968 - 1969Cathy McCauslandKing George V School
1967 - 1968Diana WalshKing George V School
1966 - 1967Niv MetrevelliKing George V School
1965 - 1966Carol NelsonKing George V School

Summary statistics

Boys' School Champions (until the Season 2006 - 2007)

Number of Champion-year(s)
La Salle College
Diocesan Boys' School
Ying Wa College

Girls' School Champions (until the Season 2006 - 2007)

Number of Champion-years
Heep Yunn School
Diocesan Girls' School
Maryknoll Convent School

Co-educational School Champions (until the Season 2006 - 2007)

Number of Champion-years
Island School
King George V School
Hong Kong International School

Sportsboy of the year (Boys' School) (until the Season 2006 - 2007)

Number of Year(s) awarded with
Sportsboy of the Year (Boys' School)
Diocesan Boys' School
La Salle College
Chong Gene Hang College
Ying Wa College
Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College
Salesian English School
Wah Yan College, Hong Kong

Sportsgirl of the year (Girls' School) (until the Season 2006 - 2007)

Number of Year(s) awarded with
Sportsgirl of the Year (Girls' School)
Diocesan Girls' School
Maryknoll Convent School
Heep Yunn School
Belilios Public School
St. Catharine's School for Girls

Sportsboy of the year (Co-educational School) (until the Season 2006 - 2007)

Number of Year(s) awarded with
Sportsboy of the Year (Co-educational School)
King George V School
Island School
West Island School
South Island School
Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School
New Method College
Pui Ching Middle School
St. George's School
St. Stephen's College, Stanley

Sportsgirl of the year (Co-educational School) (until the Season 2006 - 2007)

Number of Year(s) awarded with
Sportsgirl of the Year (Co-educational School)
King George V School
Island School
South Island School
Hong Kong International School
Chinese International School
St. George's School
St. Stephen's College

Appendix: Member Schools 2007 / 2008

Hong Kong Island

English Name
Abderdeen Baptist Lui Ming Choi CollegeABLMCC
Abderdeen Technical SchoolATS
Beacon College - Causeway BayBC-CB
Beacon College - Wan ChaiBC-WC
Belilios Public SchoolBPS
Buddhist Wong Fung Ling CollegeBWFL
Canadian International School of Hong KongCANADIAN
Canossa CollegeCC
Caritas Chaiwan Marden Foundation Secondary SchoolCCMFSS
Caritas Chong Yuet Ming Secondary SchoolCCYMSS
Caritas Wu Cheng-Chung Secondary SchoolCWCCSS
CCC Kung Lee CollegeKLC
CCC Kwei Wan Shan CollegeKWSC
Cheung Chuk Shan CollegeCCSC
Chinese International SchoolCIS
Chong Gene Hang CollegeCGHC
Clementi Secondary SchoolCSS
CNEC Lau Wing Sang Secondary SchoolLWSSS
Cognitio College - Hong KongCCHK
Concordia Lutheran School - North PointCLS-NP
Confucius Hall Middle SchoolCHMS
Delia Memorial School - Taikoo ShingDMS-TKS
Delia School of Canada - Secondary DivisionDSC
French International SchoolFIS
Fukien Secondary School - Siu Sai WanFSS-SSW
German Swiss International SchoolGSIS
Henrietta Secondary SchoolHS
Hon Wah CollegeHWC
Hong Kong AcademyHKA
Hong Kong Chinese Women's Club CollegeCWCC
Hong Kong International SchoolHKIS
Hong Kong Juvenile Care Center Chan Nam Cheong Memorial SchoolCNCMS
Hong Kong Sam Yuk Secondary SchoolHKSYSS
Hong Kong Tang King Po SchoolHKTKP
Hong Kong True Light CollegeHKTLC
Hotung Secondary SchoolHSS
Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial CollegeIKTMC
Island SchoolIS
Kiangsu Chekiang CollegeKCC
King's CollegeKC
Korean International SchoolKIS
Lingnan Hang Yee Memorial Secondary SchoolLHYMSS
Lingnan Secondary SchoolLNSS
Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui CollegeLSTLKK
Man Kiu CollegeMKIU
Marymount Secondary SchoolMSS
Musang College - Hong Kong IslandMSCHK
Po Leung Kuk Wai Yin CollegePLKWYC
Precious Blood Secondary SchoolPBSS
Pui Kiu Middle SchoolPKMS
Pui Tak Canossian CollegePTCC
Pui Ying Secondary SchoolPYSS
Queen's CollegeQC
Raimondi CollegeRC
Rosaryhill SchoolRS
Sacred Heart Canossian CollegeSHCC
Salesian English School - Secondary SectionSS
Shaukeiwan East Government Secondary SchoolSKWGSS
Singapore International School (Hong KongSIS
SKH Ki Fook Hing Secondary SchoolSKHLFH
SKH Lui Ming Choi Secondary SchoolSKHLMC
SKH Tang Shiu Kin Secondary SchoolSKHTSK
St. Clare's Girls' SchoolSCGS
St. Francis Canossian CollegeSFCC
St. Joan of Arc Secondary SchoolSJA
St. Joseph's CollegeSJC
St. Louis SchoolSLS
St. Margaret's Girls' College - Hong KongSMGCHK
St. Mark's SchoolSMS
St. Paul's Co-Educational CollegeSPCC
St. Paul's CollegeSPB
St. Paul's Convent SchoolSPCS
St. Paul's Secondary SchoolSPSS
St. Peter's Secondary SchoolSPETER
St. Stephen's Church CollegeSSCC
St. Stephen's CollegeSSCS
St. Stephen's Girls' CollegeSSGC
SWCS Chan Pak Sha SchoolCPSS
The Chinese Foundation Secondary SchoolTCFSS
The Hong Kong Sea SchoolTHKSS
The Independent Schools Foundation AcademyISFA
The Methodist Church Hong Kong Wesley CollegeWESLEY
The South Island SchoolTSIS
True Light Middle School of Hong KongTLMSHK
TSK Victoria Government Secondary SchoolTVGSS
TWGHs Lee Ching Dea Memorial SchoolLCD
Victoria Shanghai Academy (Secondary Section)VSA
Wah Yan College - Hong KongWYHK
West Island SchoolWIS
Ying Wa Girls' SchoolYWG
Yu Chun Keung Memorial College No. 2YCKMC-2
Total: 93 schools


English Name
American International SchoolAIS
Amoy CollegeAC
Assembly of God Morrison CollegeAGMC
Australian International School Hong KongAISHK
Beacon College - Mong KokBC-MK
Beacon College - Tseung Kwan OBC-TKO
Bishop Hall Jubilee SchoolBHJS
Buddhist Ho Nam Kam CollegeBHNK
Buddhist Hung Sean Chau Memorial CollegeBHSC
Buddhist Tai Hung CollegeBTHC
California SchoolCALI
Caritas Pelletier SchoolCPS
Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary SchoolCDGFSS
Carmel Secondary SchoolCS
Catholic Ming Yuen Secondary SchoolCMYSS
CCC Heep Woh CollegeHWC
CCC Kei Chi Secondary SchoolKCS
CCC Kei Heep Secondary SchoolKHSS
CCC Kei To Secondary SchoolCCCKT
CCC Ming Kei CollegeMKC
CCC Ming Yin CollegeMYC
CCC Mong Man Wai CollegeMMWC
CCC Rotary Secondary SchoolCCCRSS
Chan Shu Kui Memorial SchoolCSKMS
Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) CollegeCSK
Chang Pui Chung Memorial SchoolCPC
Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary SChoolCSWCSS
Chi Lin Buddhist Secondary SchoolCLBSS
China Holiness CollegeCHC
Choi Hung Estate Catholic Secondary SchoolCHECSS
Christian & Missionary Alliance Sun Kei Secondary SchoolSKSS
CMA Secondary SchoolCMASS
Cognitio College - KowloonCCK
Concordia Lutheran School - KowloonCLS
Creative Secondary SchoolCREATIVE
Delia Memorial School - BroadwayDMS-BW
Delia Memorial School - Glee PathDMS-GP
Delia Memorial School - Hip WoDMS-HW
Delia Memorial School - Yuet WahDMS-YW
Diocesan Boys' SchoolDBS
Diocesan Girls' SchoolDGS
ECF Saint Too Canaan CollegeSTCC
ELCHK Lutheran Secondary SchoolLS
FDBWA Szeto Ho Secondary SchoolSHSS
Fukien Secondary School - Kwun TongFSS-KT
G. T. (Ellen Yeung) CollegeGTEYC
Good Hope SchoolGHS
Heep Yunn SchoolHYS
Heung To Middle School - Tai Hang TungHTMS-THT
Heung To Secondary School - Tseung Kwan OHTSS-TKO
HHCKLA Buddhist Ching Kok Secondary SchoolBCKSS
HKCCCU Logos AcademyLA
HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of CreativityLSK
HKMA David Li Kwok Po CollegeDLKP
HKSYCIA Wong Tai Shan Memorial CollegeWTSMC
HKWMA Chu Shek Lun Secondary SchoolCSL
Ho Lap CollegeHLC
Hoi Ping Chamber of Commerce Secondary SchoolHPCCSS
Holy Carpenter Secondary SchoolHCSS
Holy Family Canossian CollegeHFCC
Holy Trinity CollegeHTC
Homantin Government Secondary SchoolHGSS
Hong Kong & Kowloon Chiu Chow Public Association Secondary SchoolCCPASS
Hong Kong & Macau Lutheran Church Queen Maud Secondary SchoolQMSS
Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Bishop Hall Secondary SchoolBHSS
International Christian Quality Music Secondary and Primary SchoolICQM
International Christian SchoolICS
Jockey Club Government Secondary SchoolJCGSS
King George Vth SchoolKGV
King Ling CollegeK-LING
Kit Sam Lam Bing Tim Secondary SchoolKSSS
Ko Lui Secondary SchoolKLSS
Kowloon Sam Yuk Secondary SchoolKSYSS
Kowloon Technical SchoolKTS
Kowloon Tong School - Secondary SectionKTSS
Kowloon True Light Middle SchoolKTLMS
Kwun Tong Government Secondary SchoolKTGS
Kwun Tong Kung Lok Government Secondary SchoolKTKLGSS
Kwun Tong Maryknoll CollegeKTMC
La Salle CollegeLSC
Lai Chack Middle SchoolLCMS
Lee Kau Yan Memorial SchoolLKYMS
Leung Shek Chee CollegeLSCC
LKWFSL Lau Wong Fat Secondary SchoolLWFSS
Lok Sin Tong Wong Chung Ming Secondary SchoolLSTWCM
Lo Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing SchoolLSTYKH
Lung Cheung Government Secondary SchoolLCGSS
Maryknoll College (Senior Form)MCSF
Maryknoll Convent SchoolMCS
Maryknoll Fathers' SchoolMFS
Maryknoll Secondary SchoolMS
Matteo Ricci College - KowloonMRC
Methodist CollegeMDIST
MKMCF Ma Chan Duen Hey Memorial CollegeMCDHMC
Mu Kuang English SchoolMKES
Munsang CollegeMSC
Nam Wah Catholic Secondary SchoolNWCSS
New Asia Middle SchoolNAMS
New Method CollegeNMC
Newman Catholic CollegeNCC
Ng Wah Catholic Secondary SchoolNWC
Ning Po CollegeNPC
Ning Po No. 2 CollegeNP2C
NLSI Lui Kwok Pat Fong CollegeLKPFC
Notre Dame CollegeNDC
Our Lady of The Rosary CollegeOLRC
Our Lady's CollegeOLC
Pegasus Philip Wong Kin Hang Christian Primary School cum Junior Secondary SchoolWKH
Pentecostal SchoolPTAL
PHC Wing Kwong CollegeWKC
Po Chiu Catholic Secondary SchoolPCCSS
Po Kok Secondary SchoolPKSS
Po Leung Kok 1984 CollegePLK 1984
Po Leung Kuk Celine Ho Yam Tong CollegePLKCHYT
Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau SchoolPLKCKY
Po Leung Kok Laws Foundation CollegePLKLFC
Po Leung Kuk Ngan Po Ling CollegePLKNPL
Po Leung Kuk No. 1 W. H. Cheung CollegePLKNO.1C
Po Leung Kok Tong Nai Kan CollegePLKTNK
Po Leung Kuk Vicwood K. T. Chong Sixth Form CollegePLKVKTC
POH 80th Anniversary Tang Ying Hei CollegeTYH
Pooi To Middle SchoolPTMS
Pui Ching Middle SchoolPCMS
QualiEd CollegeQUALIED
Queen Elizabeth SchoolQES
Rhenish Church Pang Hok Ko Memorial CollegeRCC
Shun Lee Catholic Secondary SchoolSLCSS
Sing Yin Secondary SchoolSYSS
Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School - West KowloonSEKSS
SKH All Saint's Middle SchoolASMS
SKH Holy Trinity Church Secondary SchoolHTCSS
SKH Kei Hau Secondary SchoolSKHKH
SKH Leung Kwai Yee Secondary SchoolSKHLKY
SKH St. Benedict's SchoolSKHSBS
SKH St. Mary's Church Mok Hing Yiu CollegeSKHHYC
SKH Tsoi Kung Po Secondary SchoolSKHTKP
Society of Boys' Centres Chak Yan Center SchoolCYC
Soceity of Boys' Centres Hui Chung Sing Memorial SchoolHCSMS
Society of Boys' Centres Shing Tak Centre SchoolSTCS
St. Antonius Girls' CollegeSAGC
St. Bonaventure College and High SchoolSBC
St. Catharine's School for Girls, Kwun TongSCSG
St. Francis Xavier's CollegeSFXC
St. Joseph's Anglo-Chinese SchoolSJAC
St. Margaret's Co-educational English Secondary and Primary SchoolSMCESPS
St. Mary's Canossian CollegeSMCC
St. Paul's School - Lam TinSPS
St. Teresa Secondary SchoolSTSS
Stewards Pooi Tun Secondary SchoolPTSS
STFA Cheng Yu Tung Secondary SchoolCYT
STFA Seaward Woo CollegeSWC
Tack Ching Girls' Secondary SchoolTCGSS
Tak Nga Secondary SchoolTNSS
Tak Oi Secondary SChoolTOSS
Tang King Po School - KowloonTKPK
The HKTA Ching Chung Secondary SchoolCCSS
The HKTA Yuen Yuen Institute No. 3 Secondary SchoolTTINO.3
The Mission Covenant Church Holm Glad CollegeHGC
The Salvation Army William Booth Secondary SchoolWBSS
Times CollegeTC
True Light Girls' CollegeTLGC
Tseung Kwan O Government Secondary SchoolTKOGSS
Tsung Tsin Christian AcademcyTTCA
Tsung Tsin Middle SchoolTTMS
TWGHs Chang Ming Thien CollegeCMT
TWGHs Lui Yun Choy Memorial SchoolLYC
TWGHs Wong Fut Nam CollegeWFN
United Christian College - Kowloon EastUCC-KE
United Christian College - Tai Hang TungUCC-THT
VTC Two Chei Man Senior Secondary SchoolYCM
Wa Ying CollegeWYC
Wah Yan College - KowloonWYK
Wai Kiu CollegeWKIU
Workers' Children Secondary SchoolWSS
YCH Lan Chi Pat Memorial Secondary SchoolLCP
YCH Law Chan Chor Si CollegeLCCS
YCH Wong Wha San Secondary SchoolWWS
Yew Chung International School - Hong Kong Secondary SChoolYCIS
Ying Wa CollegeYWC
Yu Chun Keung Memorial CollegeYCKMC
Y.W.C.A. Hioe Tjo Yoeng CollegeHTYC
Total: 182 schools
Hong Kong Island is an island in the southern part of Hong Kong, China. It had a population of 1,268,112 and its population density was 15,915/km² in 2006. The island was captured by the United Kingdom in the early 1840s, and the City of Victoria was then established on the island.
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Kowloon refers to an urban area in Hong Kong made up of Kowloon Peninsula and New Kowloon, bordered by the Lei Yue Mun strait in the east, Mei Foo Sun Chuen and Stonecutter's Island in the west, Tate's Cairn and Lion Rock in the north, and Victoria Harbour in the south.
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Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited

HKSE: 2388
(listing is as BOC (Hong Kong) Holdings Limited)
Founded 2001
Headquarters Hong Kong

Key people Xiao Gang, Chairman
He Guangbei, CEO
Products Commercial banking
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Belilios Public School (庇理羅士女子中學) is the first government school for girls in Hong Kong, founded in 1890. It was the first bilingual school in Hong Kong.
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Cheung Chuk Shan College (Traditional Chinese: 張祝珊英文中學) is a Hong Kong aided co-educational secondary school founded in 1969 by a group of philanthropists of the Five Districts Business Welfare Association
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The Chinese International School (漢基國際學校, pinyin: Hànjī Gúojì Xúexìao) is a private Reception-13 school located in Hong Kong.
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Clementi Secondary School (Chinese: 金文泰中學), a secondary school in North Point of Hong Kong. Founded by Hong Kong Government, the school has the longest history in using Chinese language as medium of instruction in Hong Kong.
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Agence pour l’enseignement français à l’étranger (AEFE), or the Agency for French Teaching Abroad is a national public agency under the administration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France.
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German Swiss International School

Private, international, kindergarten, primary, secondary, vocational, co-educational.

Dr. Jens-Peter Green

Not applicable

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Hong Kong Chinese Women's Club College - 香港中國婦女會中?

Motto Knowledge and Perseverance
Established 1978

Type government aided co-educational grammar school

Headteacher Mr.
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Hong Kong International School

Private Day



Richard W. Mueller


Red, White, and Blue


Patricia Klekamp
Wil Chan
Bruce Kelsh
Repulse Bay and Tai Tam, Hong Kong
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Island School 港島中?

Island School
Private, comprehensive, international, secondary, co-educational.

 Mrs Michelle Hughes

Not applicable

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King's College
''"Be careful in your thought and be sedulous in your work." (translated English)
"慎思篤行" (Chinese)


Mr. Ho Yue-shun

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Korean International School of Hong Kong

International, co-educational

Grades 1 to 12

Peter Leesinsky (English section)
Jo-young Woo (Korean section)


55 Lei King Road, Sai Wan Ho
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Lingnan Secondary School (嶺南中學) is a secondary school located in Heng Fa Chuen, Hong Kong. It was established on Stubbs Road, and moved to its present campus in 1999.
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Marymount Secondary School (Chinese: 瑪利曼中學) is a very prestigious secondary school in Happy Valley, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. The primary school arm is Marymount Primary School.
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Queen's College, Queens' College or Queens College is the name of more than one institution.

Most widely known Queens Colleges:
  • Queens' College, Cambridge, University of Cambridge, England

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Mark blatant advertising for , using . Raimondi College
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Rosaryhill School (Traditional Chinese: 玫瑰崗學校) is a Catholic co-educational institution founded by the Dominican Fathers in Hong Kong in 1959, at 41B, Stubbs Road.
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Sacred Heart Canossian College (Chinese: 嘉諾撒聖心書院; abbr: SHCC) is a Catholic girls' school founded in 1860. The school's campus is located in Pokfulam, Hong Kong; in the western part of Hong Kong Island.
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St. Clare's Girls' School is a renowned Catholic English girls' school located on Mount Davis Road, Hong Kong. It was founded in 1927 by the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Angels from Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada.


The school song was written in 1947 by Sr. St.
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St. Joan of Arc Secondary School(SJA, traditional Chinese: 聖貞德中學) is a Catholic boys grammar school founded in 1955. It's located in 55 Braemar Hill Road, North Point, Hong Kong.
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St. Joseph's College

Motto Labore et Virtute (Labour and Virtue)

Established 1875

Type Government-aided boys' secondary school
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St. Louis School (Chinese: 聖類斯中學), located in Western District, Hong Kong, is a Catholic primary (privately-run) and secondary (government-subsidized) school run along the lines of an English grammar school.
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St Mark's School

Motto Age Quod Agis (Do What You Do)

Established 1865

Type Private High School, boarding
Principal John Warren '74
Students 325 (2004-05)

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