Bhawaiya (Bengali: ভাওয়াইয়া) is a musical form popular in Northern Bangladesh, especially Rangpur District and in North Bengal specially in Cooch behar District and Jalpaiguri District. This type of song is sung by the coachman. They sing this song while driving their cow drawn cart. These songs depict the will and woe of the common people.
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Amar Shonar Bangla
My Golden Bengal

(and largest city) Dhaka

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Rangpur District
Tajhat Rajbari is now Rangpur Museum

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North Bengal is a term, for the part of West Bengal, which often denotes Cooch Behar, Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri, North Dinajpur, South Dinajpur and Malda districts together.

Originally North Bengal also included the northern districts of Bangladesh such as Rongpur.
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Cooch Behar (Bengali : কোচবিহার) is a district of the state of West Bengal, India, as well as the name of the town which gives its name to the district.
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Jalpaiguri is the largest district of North Bengal, covering an area 6,245 It is situated between 26° 16' and 27° 0' North latitudes and 88° 4' and 89° 53' East longitudes. The district was established in 1869.
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