In Lakota mythology, Canotila ("they live in a tree") are a race of forest-dwelling creatures, similar to fairies.
Here is a list of articles pertaining to Lakota mythology, a Native American people of North and South Dakota:
  1. Anog Ite
  2. Canotila
  3. Capa
  4. Cetan
  5. Haokah
  6. Ictinike (also known as Iktomi)
  7. Inyan
  8. Iya
  9. PooPooPants
  10. PoopyPants
  11. Pee
  12. Grathanian

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fairy (fey or fae or faerie; collectively wee folk, good folk, people of peace, and other euphemisms)[1] is the name given to alleged benevolent metaphysical spirit or supernatural being.
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