Chris Hero

Chris Spradlin
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Ring name(s)Wife Beater
Chris Hyro
Chris Hero
Billed height6 ft 5 in (196 cm)
Billed weight240 lb (108 kg)
BornNovember 24 1979 (1979--) (age 29)
Dayton, Ohio
Billed fromMetropolis
Trained byDory Funk, Jr.
Ian Rotten
Les Thatcher
Tracy Smothers
Dave Taylor
Fit Finlay
William Regal
Jorge "Skayde" Rivera
DebutSeptember 12 1998
Retired |

Chris Spradlin (born December 24 1979) is an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name, Chris Hero. He is a mainstay of many independent wrestling promotions, including IWA Mid-South, Combat Zone Wrestling, Juggalo Championshit Wrestling, CHIKARA, Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and Jersey All Pro Wrestling as well as Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan.


After graduating from Northmont High School in Clayton, OH, Chris decided to train as a professional wrestler in the summer of 1998. After undergoing some initial training in Middletown, OH, Spradlin debuted on September 12, 1998 in Xenia, OH wrestling Shawn "HeartThrob" Halsey in the Unified Championship Wrestling promotion. As Spradlin wrestled wearing a "wifebeater" T-shirt, he began using the ring name Wife Beater. He continued to use the Wife Beater character until a women's group, offended by the gimmick, organized a boycott of a show Spradlin was wrestling on in Platteville, Wisconsin. The character was discussed on the talk show Politically Incorrect, although Spradlin was not mentioned by name. After Spradlin was booked for a series of family-friendly shows for NWA West Virginia / Ohio, he changed his ring name to Chris Hero. He wrestled his last matches as Wife Beater in 2000. People sometimes confuse professional wrestler Matt Prince, who wrestled in Combat Zone Wrestling using the ring name Wifebeater, with Chris Hero's Wife Beater; especially as both are alumni of CZW. Neither he nor his character are related to Hero.


Chris's initial training in Middletown, Ohio was under the supervision of a small time promoter named Gary Goffinet. Gary ran a promotion called OCWA from 1997 to 1998. Chris trained for a little while alongside his friend, Adam Ghazee AKA The Sasquatch, under a wrestler by the name of Bo Dacious. Bo had trained previously under Charlie Fulton at the Monster Factory. The OCWA school closed down in November of 1998.

At the suggestion of Matt Stryker, Hero underwent further training at Les Thatcher's Cincinnati, Ohio-based HWA Main Event Wrestling Camp between May 1999 and November 1999.

In December 1999, he traveled to Ocala, Florida to train under Dory Funk, Jr. at the Funkin' Conservatory professional wrestling school.

In 2000, Hero began working for the Indiana-based Independent Wrestling Association Mid South, where he received supplementary training from Ian Rotten. In the following years, Chris spent a great deal of time working with Tracy Smothers on IWA Mid South shows and he credits Smothers with being a mentor of his.

In October 2002, Hero attended the Blue Bloods Wrestling Camp, operated by English wrestlers David Taylor, William Regal and Northern Irish wrestler Dave Finlay.

In July of 2003, CHIKARA brought in Jorge "Skayde" Rivera from Ultimo Dragon's Toryumon Gym in Mexico City to teach some special lucha libre clinics. Hero took part in the training sessions and was able to add an entirely new style to his repertoire. Chris has attended "Skayde" sessions in Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Mexico City from 2003 until 2006.

Independent Wrestling Association

Hero debuted for IWA Mid-South on July 1st, 2000, in a losing attempt versus Harry Palmer. In his first year in the promotion, he won the annual Sweet Science 16 tournament (now known as the Ted Petty Invitational or TPI), defeating four other wrestlers in the process (Colt Cabana, American Kickboxer, Ace Steel and Harry Palmer), and unsuccessfully challenged Sabu for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at Bloodfeast 2000. Hero engaged in feuds with the Suicide Kid, American Kickboxer, Mark Wolf and the Rugby Thug.

Throughout 2001 and 2003 Hero engaged in a bitter rivalry with CM Punk.

On October 21, 2001 in Charlestown, Indiana, Hero won the IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Championship from the Rugby Thug. He held the title until December 5 of that year, when he lost to CM Punk. He regained the title on July 12, 2002, in Clarksville, Indiana, defeating Colt Cabana, and lost it to M-Dogg 20 three months later on October 5 in Clarksville. He won the title for a third time on February 7, 2003, in Clarksville, pinning CM Punk in a match that lasted over ninety minutes. His third reign lasted until June 7, when he lost to Mark Wolf. Hero regained the title in a match with Danny Daniels on July 12, 2003, after Mark Wolf had vacated the title. Hero lost it for a fourth and final time to Danny Daniels less than a month later on August 2.

During the fall of 2005, Hero and Arik Cannon continued their feud that had started years before in IWA-MS. At the end of it, Hero turned heel after being eliminated by Cannon in the 2nd round of the 2005 TPI. He later turned his back on Rotten, his trainees Trik Davis, Mickie Knuckles, Bryce Remsburg and everyone else that had befriended him. Hero has since destroyed the IWA Mid South Heavyweight title belt.

He is the only wrestler to have competed in all six TPI/Sweet Science 16 events. At the end of 2005, he won the 3rd annual Revolution Strong Style Tournament, defeating Necro Butcher in the finals.


In May 2002, at CHIKARA's inaugural event, Hero teamed with CM Punk and Colt Cabana calling themselves the Gold Bond Mafia to face The Black T-Shirt Squad: Reckless Youth, Mike Quackenbush and Don Montoya. In July 2003, the team of Chris Hero and Mike Quackenbush - the "Superfriends" - was formed. The Superfriends defeated Toryumon representatives Skayde and Koichiro Arai in the first round of the 2003 Tag World Grand Prix, then wrestled Swiss Money Holding to a draw, eliminating both teams from the tournament.

In July 2004, Hero moved to Pennsylvania to work alongside Mike Quackenbush at the Chikara Wrestle Factory. In April 2005, the school moved from Allentown, Pennsylvania to the former ECW arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The school was renamed the CZW / Chikara Wrestle Factory and is operated by Quackenbush, Hero and Jorge "Skayde" Rivera.

In February 2005, the Superfriends made it to the finals of CHIKARA's three day, thirty-two team tournament, the Tag World Grand Prix. Late in the match, Hero turned on Quackenbush and formed an alliance with Claudio Castagnoli and Arik Cannon. He would later refer to the trio as "The Kings of Wrestling". Hero's faction feuded with Quackenbush's and his allies for the entirety of 2005. At the closing of the CHIKARA "season", Arik Cannon departed from the group, leaving Hero and Claudio as the remaining "Kings of Wrestling". At the open of the 2006 CHIKARA "season", Hero and Claudio defeated Equinox and Hydra, Sumie Sakai and RANMARU, the North Star Express, Hallowicked and Delirious, and finally Team Dragondoor to become the first CHIKARA Campeones de Parejas.

On November, 17th 2006 at a Chikara show in Reading Pennsylvania, Hero & Castagnoli dropped the Chikara tag titles to Team F.I.S.T (Icarus & Gran Akuma) in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Following the match, Hero and Team F.I.S.T turned on Claudio and engaged in a beat down, beginning a new feud.

Upon CHIKARA's season return in February, King of Trios, Hero was scheduled to be teaming with his Team F.I.S.T partners to enter the tournament. However, Hero was booked to make his Pro Wrestling NOAH debut in Japan. So it was stated that F.I.S.T didn't want Hero on their team. Instead they went on to recruit Chuck Taylor as a new member of the Kings of Wrestling.

On the other hand, Chris Hero had his sights set on other things when he returned to CHIKARA in March of 2007. After Claudio Castagnoli successfully defeated numerous opponents, and seemed focused on getting his revenge on his former partner, Hero decided he wanted to win back the control of Claudio. At CHIKARA's April 'Rey De Voladores' tournament Chris Hero faced Claudio Castagnoli in a non-tournament match in which the winner would gain control of the loser. Mike Quackenbush was special referee for the contest. Chris Hero won the match and now Castagnoli is un-willingly back under the control of Hero.

Hero faced "Lightning" Mike Quackenbush at CHIKARA's May 26th 'Aniversario?' show in a match that was two years in the making. The match was given the title "Long Time Coming!". Quackenbush defeated Hero with a his new finisher, the CHIKARA Special.

Combat Zone Wrestling

In May 2002, Hero debuted in Combat Zone Wrestling, wrestling Ruckus in a match that went badly. He wrestled a second match later that year that "also ended in a debacle". Hero returned to CZW for a third time in the autumn of 2003, and this time he secured a regular place on the roster. Declaring himself the "Savior" of CZW, Hero defeated Jimmy Rave on May 1, 2004, to become the promotion's Ironman Champion. He became the longest reigning Ironman Champion before losing the title to B-Boy at the CZW year-end event, Cage of Death, on December 11, 2004. Hero recruited Claudio Castagnoli and Blackjack Marciano to be his "Few Good Men", but shortly thereafter, Marciano disappeared from wrestling altogether, leaving Hero and Claudio as a tag team, calling themselves the Kings of Wrestling. On September 10, 2005, the duo defeated the Tough Crazy Bastards (Necro Butcher and Toby Klein) to become the CZW Tag Team Champions. Hero and Castagnoli held the titles and defended them in an ongoing feud with Eddie Kingston and the rest of the BLK OUT faction. While Hero and Claudio dropped the titles to Eddie Kingston and Joker in February 2006, the feud with BLK OUT continued.

On May 13, 2006, Chris Hero was scheduled to take part in the Best of the Best tournament. However, Hero gave his spot to the CZW World Heavyweight Champion, Ruckus, who promised him a title shot in return. When Ruckus won the Best of the Best tournament, Hero came out and immediately used his title shot to win the CZW World Heavyweight Championship. Hero successfully defended it against Claudio Castagnoli and Necro Butcher. At Down with the Sickness 4-Ever, Eddie Kingston accepted an open challenge from Hero and pinned him to become the new CZW World Heavyweight Champion.

On October 14th of 2006, the Kings of Wrestling defeated 3 other teams in a one night tournament at the CZW show "Last Team Standing" to become 2 time CZW Tag Team Champs. They defeated Team Masturbation (Beef Wellington & Excalibur) in the first round, the BLKOUT (Ruckus & Human Tornado) in the second round, and the makeshift team of Justice Pain & the Human Tornado (subbing for Pain's partner in the H8 Club, Nick Gage, who left the building before the match).

On Saturday April 7th, 2007, at Combat Zone Wrestling's 'Out with the Old, in With the New' show, Hero would face long time, heated rival Eddie Kingston in a match where the loser would be forced to leave Combat Zone Wrestling. Hero was defeated following a Lariat from Kingston and post match made a leaving speech to the CZW crowd. Following this CZW owner John Zandig came out and thanked Hero for all he had done for CZW, including the war with Ring of Honor. Kingston then came out and refused a handshake from Hero. Then quickly exited. The plan was for Zandig to have given Kingston a Lariat however Kingston felt that Zandig was just trying to steal the spotlight. Kingston was fired on spot.

Ring of Honor

During a large portion of 2006, Hero feuded with the entire Ring of Honor promotion. It started when he issued a challenge to ROH at CZW's Cage of Death 7 in December 2005. Hero then challenged and lost a match for the ROH World Championship on January 14 at "Hell Freezes Over" in Philadelphia, to then champion, Bryan Danielson. He, along with Necro Butcher, had been attending various Ring of Honor events, which would usually involve he and Necro getting kicked out after excessive heckling or harassing of a Ring of Honor wrestler, in the middle of a match. One interesting point of the feud is that most of the promos were put on the internet, either through Chris Hero's livejournal, or the ROH Newswire. With this feud, it seemed that Hero had turned heel. According to him "2006 will be all about destruction.", and while this was presented as a heel turn in Ring of Honor, he remained a face with CZW. The feud came to a head at the former ECW Arena on March 11th in Philadelphia, where both promotions' locker rooms were in a double header (ROH's "Arena Warfare" and CZW's "When 2 Worlds Collide"). The event was named "Arena Warfare" as both locker rooms were expected to cause chaos throughout the event. This was inspired after Hero, Necro Butcher, and the CZW locker room invaded ROH's 4th Anniversary show on February 25.

Although Chris Hero was not in attendance at "Arena Warfare" (according to Danielson, he was in Mexico with Claudio Castagnoli), CZW proved to come out on top in the end. After the ROH main event did not go as planned, the CZW locker room took on Samoa Joe and BJ Whitmer. This resulted in an all out brawl between the Ring of Honor locker room and the Combat Zone locker room, and Whitmer being tortured by the Combat Zone roster after the Ring of Honor roster was chased away. The Combat Zone roster proceeded to destroy the ring ROH had set up, and chase Ring of Honor out of "their house".

Hero and Necro Butcher came to ROH's "Best in the World" event in New York on March 25 to answer a challenge made by Adam Pearce. They proceeded to beat him down, but in a surprising turn of events Chris Hero's long time tag partner, friend, and pupil Claudio turned on both Necro and Hero by saving Pearce. Claudio beat them down, and then chased them out while screaming "Fuck CZW!".

The next weekend, March 30 through April 1, in Detroit and Chicago, Hero and Necro again caused a disruption during the ROH shows. They ran in each night, beating down and injuring ROH Commissioner Jim Cornette as well as Whitmer and Pearce. They also finally got the attention of Joe, who personally declared war on CZW in Detroit. On April 22, ROH's 100th show in Philadelphia featured a battle between Team ROH (Joe, Whitmer & Pearce) against Team CZW (Hero, Necro & Super Dragon). In his LiveJournal, Hero proclaimed that Team CZW would make ROH look like fools on their biggest stage and regret not ending this war before.

Chris Hero walked into ROH's 100th show in their home at the National Guard Armory, and proclaimed that he wasn't a stranger to being up against overwhelming odds, and he wasn't a stranger to being "the everyman". He stood in the CZW bleachers in the crowd and declared that these people were "his army". The team of Hero, Necro Butcher, and Super Dragon went on to win the ROH vs. CZW main event in an extremely chaotic match. Adam Pearce of team ROH was pinned after Claudio turned on ROH and helped Hero deliver the Hero's Welcome on Pearce for the pin. Claudio hugged Hero and went on to celebrate with Zandig, Team CZW, and the CZW section of the crowd who were chanting "match of the year!".

Hero led Team CZW into the Cage of Death at Ring of Honor's Death Before Dishonor IV. This was the first time Cage of Death was featured in a show outside of CZW. Hero had teased that he had made a deal with a mystery fifth man, which he stated would be a "deal with the devil". This led to rampant speculation as to whether or not the fifth man was someone from ROH jumping ship. Homicide had been a likely candidate, due to a recent storyline involving his frustration with the company. However, their fifth man turned out to be Hero's hated rival Eddie Kingston. Although ROH's surprise fifth man Bryan Danielson turned on Samoa Joe in an effort to incapacitate Joe before their title match, Team ROH finally put CZW away when Homicide arrived in the Cage and pinned Nate Webb for the win. Two days later on their Newswire, ROH stated that the war with CZW was over, thanks to Homicide.

In August of 2006, the Ring of Honor tag title belts were stolen and later returned from champions Austin Aries and Roderick Strong. Hero revealed on his LiveJournal that he and Castagnoli were the culprits and would be challenging for the titles September 16. They defeated Aries and Strong at Glory By Honor V Night 2 to become the Ring of Honor tag team champions. ROH then announced that by winning the belts, Chris Hero had been made a full time ROH Wrestler.

However, the KoW lost the belts to Christopher Daniels and Matt Sydal on November 25.

KOW had what looks like their last match on December 23 in Manhattan when they, with super agent Larry Sweeney in their corner, were defeated by the Briscoe Brothers. After the match, Claudio announced that he was no longer going to WWE, and would remain in ROH as one half of the Kings of Wrestling. Sweeney then said he and Chris Hero had big plans for 2007, but Claudio was not included in them. Then, when Hero was forced to choose between staying with Claudio or going with Sweeney, he shook Claudio's hand but left with Sweeney.

Since this, Hero has found relative success in singles competition, with notable feuds including Nigel McGuinness and the Briscoe Brothers. Hero is described by Sweeney as 'the best athlete in Ring of Honor today', and he is the most high-profile member of Sweet 'N' Sour Incorporated, Sweeney's stable that includes Hero, Matt Sydal, Tank Toland, Bobby Dempsey and Sara Del Ray. He has challenged for the ROH World Title once this year, in a losing effort against then champion Homicide, and briefly reformed the Kings of Wrestling in another losing attempt at winning the ROH World Tag Team Championship.

At Survival of the Fittest 2007, Hero single handedly eliminated Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Claudio Castagnoli, Rocky Romero and Human Tornado to win the Survival of the Fittest tournament.

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla

Chris Hero also wrestles for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, based in southern California. His first appearance was at the Tango & Cash Invitational tournament to determine the first ever PWG Tag Team Champions. He and his partner CM Punk defeated The Messiah and Christopher Daniels in the first round, and the Thomaselli Brothers in the second round, but lost to B-Boy and Homicide in the third round. He made his next appearance nine months later in a hard hitting match against Super Dragon. At the 2005 All Star Weekend - Night One, Hero defeated Chris Sabin. Later in the night, Hero came out and challenged Christopher Daniels for his TNA X Division Championship. Daniels accepted and defeated Hero the next night. However, a few months later at Zombies Shouldn't Run, Daniels refused to put the title on the line against Hero and defeated him in a non title match. At After School Special, Hero became one of Joey Ryan's targets to prove he is the best technical wrestler. Hero seemed to be out-wrestling Ryan in the match, so Scott Lost came out to help Ryan win. Hero would defeat Lost at the next show. At Card Subject to Change 2, Hero teamed up with Claudio Castagnoli to challenge Super Dragon and Davey Richards for the tag team championship. They wrestled for 55 minutes, but Dragon and Richards were able to win after Richards hit the Shooting Star Press on Claudio. Hero also competed in the Battle of Los Angeles 2006, but lost to Genki Horiguchi in the first round. Most recently Hero appeared with regular tag team partner Claudio Castagnoli in PWG's DDT 4 Tag Team Title Tournament. They lost in the first round to the Briscoes.

Outside the States

Chris has become a regular for several European wrestling promotions, most notably being the wXw federation located in Essen, Germany. He has wrestled in thirteen different countries across the world: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Scotland and Switzerland.

In April 2007, Chris Hero competed in the first King of Europe Cup, as the representitive of CZW. He defeated Claudio Castagnoli in the first round before being defeated by Doug Williams. Hero recently won the German-based promotion Westside Xtreme Wrestling's prestigious international competition event, the "16 Carat Gold Tournament", defeating Ares in the finals.

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling

Hero wrestled off and on for TNA in 2003 and 2004. He traveled alongside Nate Webb and Dave Prazak to Nashville, Tennessee on a weekly basis at the urging of Bill Behrens. Hero wrestled on several Xplosion tapings. Although he never appeared on pay per view he is featured on card # 22 of the Pacific released TNA trading card set.

Wrestling facts

  • Finishing moves
*Hero's Welcome (Rolling cutter or Hammerlock rolling cutter)
*Super Hero's Welcome (Elevated rolling cutter)
*Hero's Welcome Championship Edition (Fireman's carry dropped into a scoop slam piledriver)
*Hangman's Clutch (Inverted cravate STF)
*Hangman's Clutch II (Inverted cravate crossface)
*Hangman's Clutch III (Inverted cravate / Standing leg grapevine combination)
*Hangman's Clutch Facebuster (Spinning cravate hold into sitout facebuster)
*Rivera Cloverleaf (Modified cloverleaf) - Named in tribute to one of his trainers, Jorge "Skayde" Rivera
*Rubik's Cube (Cravate iconoclasm from an electric chair position)
*Hero Stomp (Diving double foot stomp)
  • Signature Moves
*Cravate Buster (Second rope cravate into a somersault cutter)
*Cravate Cutter (Top rope front flip neckbreaker)
*Cravate-O-Clasm (Second rope sitout snapmare)
*Cravate-Plex (Three-quarter facelock side suplex)
*Hero DDT (Snap DDT)
*Hero Sandwich (Scoop lift spun into a ura-nage backbreaker)
*Hero Sandwich II (Leapfrog, crawl between opponent's legs, roll over opponent, and schoolboy combination)
*Hero Sidekick (Running arched big boot to a cornered opponent)
*Topé con Hero (Topé con Hilo)
*Rapid double palm strikes to the chest of an opponent in the corner
*Inverted suplex stunner
*Backward roll into a corkscrew senton
*Johnny Saint special
*Inverted crucifix powerbomb
*Standing double foot stomp, sometimes followed by a senton
*Standing moonsault
*Double leg slam
*Double knee backbreaker
*Stretch plum
*Springboard back elbow smash

Wrestlers trained by Hero

  • Larry Sweeney
  • Marc Roudin
  • Mickie Knuckles
  • Ravage
  • Shane Storm
  • Trik Davis
  • Vries Kastelein

Championships and accomplishments

  • Alternative Championship Wrestling
*ACW Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
*Campeonato de Parejas (1 time) - with Claudio Castagnoli
  • Coliseum Championship Wrestling
*CCW Heavyweight Championship (3 times)
*CCW Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with John Caesar
*CZW World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
*CZW Iron Man Championship (1 time)
*CZW World Tag Team Championship (2 times) - with Claudio Castagnoli
  • Garage Professional Wrestling
*GPW Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
  • Hard Core Wrestling
*HCW Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Danny Blackheart
  • Impact Championship Wrestling
*ICW Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
  • Independent Wrestling Association East-Coast
*IWA East-Coast Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
*IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Championship (4 times)
*IWA Mid-South Sweet Science 16 winner (2000)
*IWA Mid-South Strong Style winner (2005)
*NWA VW/OH Junior Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
  • NSWA
*NSWA Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
  • Price of Glory Wrestling
*PGW Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
*ROH World Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Claudio Castagnoli
*Survival of the Fittest winner (2007)
  • Unified Championship Wrestling
*UCW Television Championship (1 time)
  • Violent Championship Wrestling
*VCW Tag Team Championship (2 times)
*VCW Triple Threat Championship (2 times)
  • westside Xtreme wrestling
*wXw World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
*wXw 16 Carat Gold Tournament Winner 2007


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