Costumbrism (costumbrismo in Spanish) is an artistic and literary genre popular in Latin America during the romantic movement in the 19th century. Costumbrist works focus on typical or picturesque regional customs[1]. The novel María by Jorge Isaacs is one popular costumbrist novel.


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Latin America (Portuguese and Spanish: América Latina; French: Amérique Latine) is the region of the Americas where Romance languages, those derived from Latin (particularly Spanish and Portuguese), are primarily spoken.
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Romanticism is an artistic, literary, and intellectual movement that originated around the middle of the 18th century in Western Europe, during the Industrial Revolution. It was partly a revolt against aristocratic, social, and political norms of the Enlightenment period and a
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The 19th Century (also written XIX century) lasted from 1801 through 1900 in the Gregorian calendar. It is often referred to as the "1800s.
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novel (from, Italian novella, Spanish novela, French nouvelle for "new", "news", or "short story of something new") is today a long prose narrative set out in writing.
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Maria Monument in Valle del Cauca depicts the characters of the novel
Author Jorge Isaacs
Country Colombia
Language Spanish
Genre(s) Costumbrist novel
Publication date
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Jorge Isaacs Ferrer (1 April, 1837–April 17, 1895) was a Colombian writer, politician and soldier. His only novel, María, became one of the most notable works of the Romantic movement in Spanish literature.
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