Diamantina Trench

The Diamantina Trench is a deep sea trench in the South East Indian Basin. With a maximum depth of 8,047 meters, it is the deepest trench of the Indian Ocean, deeper than the better-known Java Trench.

The deepest location is called Diamantina Deep, located about 1 125 km West-South-West of Perth, Western Australia, at 35°S and 104°E.

The trench is named after the ship that discovered the trench while conducting surveys in 1961; HMAS Diamantina

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trench is a type of excavation or depression in the ground. Trenches are generally defined by being deeper than they are wide (as opposed to a wider gully or ditch), and by being narrow compared to their length (as opposed to a simple hole).
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This article is about the water body. For the Indian fusion music band, see Indian Ocean (band).

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Java Trench, also called Sunda Trench, located in the northeastern Indian Ocean, with a length of 2,600 km and a maximum depth of 7,725 meters (at 10°19'S, 109°58'E, about 320 km south of Yogyakarta), was long thought to be the deepest trench of the Indian Ocean, but it is
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Diamantina Deep Is the deepest point of the Indian Ocean and is located in the Diamantina Trench south west of Perth, Western Australia.

A survey in 1961 by the Australian oceanographic survey ship HMAS Diamantina
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Western Australia

The Perth skyline viewed from the Swan River

• Density: 1,445,078 (Aug 2006 Census) 1,507,900 (Dec 2006) (4th)

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HMAS Diamantina (K377/F377/A266/GOR266) was a River class frigate laid down by Walkers Limited at Maryborough, Queensland on 12 April 1943. Diamantina was launched on 6 April 1944 and commissioned at Hervey Bay in Queensland on 27 April 1945, under Commander G. M. Rose.
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Sunda Arc is a volcanic arc that has produced the islands of Sumatra and Java and the Sunda Strait and the Lesser Sunda Islands. A chain of volcanoes forms the topographic spine of these islands.
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oceanic trenches are hemispheric-scale long but narrow topographic depressions of the sea floor. They are also the deepest parts of the ocean floor.

Trenches define one of the most important natural boundaries on the Earth’s solid surface, that between two lithospheric
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