Great Divide Basin

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Location map of Great Divide Basin, shown in pink.
The Great Divide Basin is a 3,860 square mile (10,000 km²) endorheic drainage basin in south central Wyoming, United States, located between the Atlantic and Pacific drainage basins. North and south of it, the water divide is defined by the Continental Divide. The water divide bifurcates to the eastern and western perimeters of the Great Divide Basin. The Basin is formed by a geologic anticline.

Though not without some grasses, the occasional shrub, and even small trees in some ravines, the land is dominated by numerous sand dunes, bluffs and alkali flats due to a combination of low precipitation and a high evaporation rate. The average altitude is over 6,000 feet (1,800 m). The basin is a part of the larger Red Desert region which is under the supervision of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, an agency within the U.S. Department of the Interior which manages rangeland and other multiple-use lands that have not been designated as National Parks or a National Monuments.

Many birds are found in the basin, such as the sage grouse and pheasant. Mammals include pronghorn antelope, mule deer, wild or feral horses, and the occasional elk. No major towns or cities are located in the basin, which has a human population of less than 500. Wamsutter is the only incorporated settlement.
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Bluffs in eastern section of the Great Divide Basin

The basin is considered one of the more promising locations for the mining of uranium and many oil and natural gas wells are found in the basin with more expected to be drilled. There is an ongoing debate between those that wish to utilize the resources within the basin and those that wish to see the basin become either a National Monument or a designated U.S. Wilderness Area.

Interstate 80 bisects the basin east to west and U.S. Highway 287 heading north from Rawlins, Wyoming traverses the eastern regions of the area.

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An endorheic basin (from Greek endo ‘inside’ + rhein ‘to flow’; also terminal or closed basin) is a closed drainage basin that retains water and allows no outflow to other bodies of water such as rivers or oceans.
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A drainage basin is a region of land where water from rain or snow melt drains downhill into a body of water, such as a river, lake, dam, estuary, wetland, sea or ocean. The drainage basin includes both the streams and rivers that convey the water as well as the land surfaces from
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State of Wyoming

Flag of Wyoming Seal of Wyoming
Nickname(s): Equality State, Cowboy State,
Motto(s): Equal rights

Official language(s) English

Capital Cheyenne
Largest city
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"In God We Trust"   (since 1956)
"E Pluribus Unum"   ("From Many, One"; Latin, traditional)
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Atlantic Ocean is the second-largest of the world's oceanic divisions; with a total area of about 106.4 million square kilometres (41.1 million square miles), it covers approximately one-fifth of the Earth's surface.
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Earth's oceans
(World Ocean)
  • Arctic Ocean
  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Indian Ocean
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Southern Ocean

The Pacific Ocean (from the Latin name Mare Pacificum
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drainage divide, water divide, or simply divide is the separation between neighbouring drainage basins (catchments). In hilly country, the divide lies along topographical peaks and ridges, but in flat country or on a high plateau (especially where the ground is
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continental divide is a line of elevated terrain which forms a border between two watersheds such that water falling on one side of the line eventually travels to one ocean or body of water, and water on the other side travels to another, generally on the opposite side of the
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Bifurcation refers to the main body of one item splitting into two parts.

Bifurcation may also refer to:
  • Bifurcation (law), the division of issues in a trial
  • Bifurcation (accounting),to divide into separate parts or accounts

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anticline is a fold that is convex up or to the youngest beds.

On a geologic map, anticlines are usually recognized by a sequence of rock layers that are progressively older toward the center of the fold because the uplifted core of the fold is preferentially eroded to a
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dune is a hill of sand built by eolian processes. Dunes are subject to different forms and sizes based on their interaction with the wind. Most kinds of dune are longer on the windward side where the sand is pushed up the dune, and a shorter "slip face" in the lee of the wind.
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Natural salt pans are flat expanses of ground covered with salt and other minerals, usually shining white under the sun. They are found in deserts, and should not be confused with man-made salt evaporation ponds.

A salt pan is formed where water pools.
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Evaporation is the process by which molecules in a liquid state (e.g. water) spontaneously become gaseous (e.g. water vapor), without being heated to boiling point. It is the opposite of condensation.
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Red Desert is a high altitude desert area located in south central Wyoming, comprising approximately 6 million acres (24,000 km²). Among the natural features in the Red Desert region is the Great Divide Basin, a unique endorheic drainage basin formed by a division in the
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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is an agency within the United States Department of the Interior which administers America's public lands, totaling approximately 258 million acres (1,060,000 km²) or one-eighth of the landmass of the country.
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United States
Department of the Interior

Seal of the Department of the Interior
Agency overview
Formed March 3, 1849

Employees 71,436 (2004)
Annual Budget $10.
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National Park Service

National Park Service arrowhead symbol

Agency overview
Formed August 25, 1916

Headquarters Main Interior Building (MIB), Washington, D.C.
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National Monument in the United States is a protected area that is similar to a national park (specifically a U.S. National Park) except that the President of the United States can quickly declare an area of the United States to be a national monument without Congressional approval.
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Centrocercus urophasianus, (Bonaparte, 1827)
Centrocercus minimus, (Young et al., 2000)
The Greater Sage-grouse, Centrocercus urophasianus, is the largest grouse in North America .
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Pheasants are a group of large birds in the order Galliformes.

Pheasant are characterised by strong sexual dimorphism, with males being highly ornate with bright colours and adornments such as wattles and long tails.
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Linnaeus, 1758

Subclasses & Infraclasses
  • Subclass †Allotheria*
  • Subclass Prototheria
  • Subclass Theria

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Species: A. americana

Binomial name
Antilocapra americana
Ord, 1815


A. a. americana
A. a.
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Genus: Odocoileus

Species: O. hemionus

Binomial name
Odocoileus hemionus
(Rafinesque, 1817)
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H.O.R.S.E. is a form of poker commonly played at the high stakes tables of casinos. It consists of rounds of play cycling among:
  • Texas Hold 'em,
  • Omaha eight or better,
  • Razz,
  • Seven card Stud, and
  • Seven card stud E

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C. canadensis

Binomial name
Cervus canadensis
(Erxleben, 1777)[1]

Range of Cervus canadensis

The elk, or wapiti (
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Towns may refer to the following:


  • Robert Towns, founder of Townsville, Queensland
  • Ed Towns, American politician and a member of the U.S. House of Representatives
  • George W.

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city is an urban settlement with a particularly important status which differentiates it from a town.

City is primarily used to designate an urban settlement with a large population. However, city may also indicate a special administrative, legal, or historical status.
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Wamsutter, Wyoming

Location of Wamsutter, Wyoming
Country United States
State Wyoming
County Sweetwater
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Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth, usually (but not always) from an ore body, vein, or (coal) seam.
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