Kalevala meter

The Kalevala meter is the meter of the epic Finnish poem, Kalevala. It is Octosyllabic - that is, it has eight syllables in a line (although a stricter definition of 'Octosyllable' is a line with a strong syllable on the seventh of the line). It has also been used by Longfellow in The Song of Hiawatha as, in English, it is a very easy meter to write in.
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Meter (British English spelling: metre) describes the linguistic sound patterns of a verse.
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For other meanings of Kalevala, see: Kalevala (disambiguation)

The Kalevala is an epic poem which the Finn Elias Lönnrot compiled from Finnish and Karelian folklore in the 19th century.
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Longfellow may refer to:
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  • Longfellow (horse), one of America's first great thoroughbred racehorses
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The Song of Hiawatha is an 1855 epic poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow based on the legends of the Ojibway Indians. Longfellow credited as his source the work of pioneering ethnographer Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, specifically Schoolcraft's Algic Researches and
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