Karthika is an Indian film actress of Malayalam films. She was active in the movie industry from 1986 to 1987. Karthika's debut movie was Ivide Ellavarkkum Sugham.

Karthika was a well known and popular actress of Malayalam cinema during the 1980s. She was at the peak of her career during mid 80s. She was known for her ability to portray simple and bold characters with ease. She was known to be an unconventional beauty with minimal make up and different style in all her movies.

She was introduced into movies by well reputed Malayalam director Mr Balachandra Menon. She was paired with superstar Mohan Lal the most. Their pairing in movies were so popular and sure success in those days.

She left filmdom while at peak of her career for marriage. She prefers to stay out of limelight thence. She is leading a quiet family life in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.


Malayalam films

  • Ivide Ellavarkkum Sugham (1987)
  • January Oru Orma (1987)... Nimmy
  • Neeyethra Dhanya (1987)
  • Unnikale Oru Kadha Parayam (1987)
  • Gandhinagar 2nd Street (1987)... Maya
  • Adukkan Entheluppam (1986)... Vimala
  • Kariyila Kattu Pole (1986)... Shilpa
  • Desadanakkili Karayilla (1986)
  • Ente Entethu Mathram (1986)
  • Nilakurinhi Poothappol (1986)... Sandhya
  • Sanmanassullavarkku Samadhanam (1986)... Meera
  • Thalavattam (1986)... Savithri

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Mohanlal Viswanathan Nair

Padmashri Bharat Mohanlal
Birth name Mohanlal
Born May 21 1960 (1960--) (age 47)
Pathanamthitta, India

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Coordinates: Thiruvananthapuram [t̪iruʋən̪ɨn̪t̪əpurəm ] 
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