Laghman Province

This article is about the province in Afghanistan. For the Central Asian soup dish of the same name, please see Lamian.

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Map of Afghanistan with Laghman
لغما? highlighted.

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Mihtarlam District
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Main language(s)Pashto,
Persian (Dari dialect)
Laghman (Persian: لغمان, Pashto: لغمان) is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan. Located in the eastern portion of Afghanistan, the capital is Mihtarlam. The province is composed of several districts including: Alingar, Alishing, Dawlat Shah, Mihtarlam, and Qarghayi. It is estimated that the population is approximately 285,680. [1]


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Illustration of Hsuan Tsang who traveled to Laghman.

During the invasions of Alexander the Great, the area was formerly known as Lampaka.[2] In the seventh century, the famous Chinese traveller Hsuan Tsang, visited the area and reported that "very few" of the inhabitants of Laghman followed Buddhism, [3] while some followed Hinduism. [4]

After the introduction of Islam into the region, the Ghaznavids, led by Abu Mansur Sebük Tigin, won one of their greatest battles in Laghman against the Hindu Shahis whose ruler, Jayapala, had amassed an army for the battle that numbered 100,000. [5] Later, during the Mughal period, Laghman was recognized as a dependent district of Kabul province. [6]

Located currently at the Kabul Museum, are Aramaic inscriptions that were found in Laghman which indicated an ancient trade route from India to Palmyra. [7] Aramaic was the bureacratic script language of the Achaemenids whose influence had extended toward Laghman. [8]

During the Soviet-Afghan war and the battles that followed between the rivaling warlords, many homes and business establishments in the province were destroyed. In addition, the Soviets employed a "barbarism" strategy that targeted and destroyed the agricultural infrastructure of Laghman. [9]

At the moment, 2007, there is a ISAF Provincial Reconstruction Team based at Mehtar Lam which is led by the US.

Politics and Recent Events

The governor of Laghman was Shah Mahmood Safi, until he was replaced by Gulab Mangal. The Taliban narrowly missed killing Mangal in a bomb attack in late 2006 [1].

On June 20, 2005, three Pakistanis were arrested in Laghman for plotting to kill the U.S. Ambassador, Zalmay Khalilzad while he was visiting the province for reconstruction efforts. The three men were found with various armaments. [2]

In February of 2006, demonstrations were held in Mihtarlam District against the editors of a Danish newspaper who published caricatures depicting Muhammad. Laghman was the first area of Afghanistan to protest the cartoons. [10]

On April 20, 2007, coalition forces killed Gul Haqparast, a top Taliban commander in Laghman who had strong ties with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. Governor Gulab Mangal stated that Haqparast's death was "very good for the people of Laghman and for progress in our province."[11]

On April 24, 2007, six Afghan intelligence officers were killed after a roadside bomb destroyed their vehicle in Laghman. It was also reported that one of the intelligence officers was beheaded.[12]


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Spodumene gemstones like these are often found in various areas within Laghman
The Alingar and Alinshing rivers pass through Laghman, as the province is known for its lushness. Laghman has sizable amounts of irrigated land as one can find scores of fruits and vegetables from Laghman in Kabul, notably cucumbers. Other main crops in Laghman include rice, wheat and cotton as many people living in the area are involved in agricultural trade and business.

Laghman also has an array of precious stones and minerals,[13] as it is well known for being a relatively untapped source of the Tourmaline and Spodumene gemstones which are reported to be in abundance at the northern portions of the province.[14]


Pashtuns constitute the main strata of the ethnic groups of Laghman, however Laghman is quite diverse. There are other groups as well, including the Nuristani and a Dardic group known as the Pashai. There are also sizeable numbers of Tajiks as the province is home to a mosaic of Afghanistan's ethnic groups.[3]

In her book, State and Tribe in Nineteenth Century Afghanistan Christine Noelle writes:
The southern portion of the Laghman valley was inhabited by Pashtuns and Tajiks, the Pashtuns holding villages on both sides of the Kabul river, whereas the Tajiks were concentrated in the villages of Char Bagh, Haidar Khani, Mandrawar, and Tighari.[15]

Noelle also specifies that Laghman was once dominated by Tajiks,[16] however during the 15th and 16th century, larger migrations of the Ghilzai Pashtuns into the region increased the diversity of Laghman.

As with the case in many other parts of Afghanistan, the people of Laghman are overwhelmingly Sunni Muslim with fluency in Persian (Dari) and Pashto being quite common.


Notable people


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Mehterlam district is located in the center of Laghman Province and consists of the urban centre and provincial capital Mihtarlam and 24 major villages and 269 sub-villages. Mihtarlam derives its name from Mihtarlam baba (Lamech), who was purported to be the father of the prophet Noah.
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There are two official languages of Afghanistan, in addition to other languages that are spoken. The two official languages are also the most commonly spoken; Dari, a form of the Persian language, is spoken by half of the population, though this percentage also includes speakers of
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Pashto (پښتو‎, IPA: [pəʂ'to] also known as Pakhto, Pushto, Pukhto
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Pashai often synonymous with Kohistani, are a Dardic ethno-linguistic group living primarily in the eastern and north-eastern portions of Afghanistan.

They are concentrated in Nuristan, Kabul, Badakhshan, Kunar and Laghman.
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*Persian language

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fɒːɾˈsiː in Perso-Arabic script (Nasta`liq style):  
Pronunciation: [fɒːɾˈsiː]
Spoken in: Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and areas of Uzbekistan and Pakistan.
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Pashto (پښتو‎, IPA: [pəʂ'to] also known as Pakhto, Pushto, Pukhto
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Abu Mansur Sebük Tigin (Persian: ابو منصور سبکتگین
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Laghman (Persian: لغمان, Pashto: لغمان) is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan. Located in the eastern portion of Afghanistan, the capital is Mihtarlam.
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Hindu ( pronunciation  , Devanagari: हिन्दु), as per modern definition, is an adherent of the philosophies and scriptures of Hinduism, and the
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The Mughal Empire (Persian: سلطنت مغولی هند,
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Province Kabul
Population (2005)[1]
2994000 (1st)
UN estimate of city proper
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Afghan National Museum (also called Kabul Museum) is a place for storage and appreciation of old Afghan items of interest. It is a two-story building located in the historic city of Kabul, Afghanistan.
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Writing system: Aramaic abjad, Syriac abjad, Hebrew abjad, Mandaic alphabet with a handfull of inscriptions found in Demotic[2] and Chinese[3] characters.
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