List of American football teams in Germany

This is a list of American Football Teams in Germany (Version: 2005):

NFL Europa

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1st Bundesliga

GFL North

GFL South

  • Marburg Mercenaries
  • Weinheim Longhorns
  • Saarland Hurricanes
  • Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns
  • Stuttgart Scorpions
  • Darmstadt Diamonds

2nd Bundesliga

2nd Bundesliga North

  • Berlin Rebels
  • Hamburg Eagles
  • Düsseldorf Panther
  • Langenfeld Longhorns
  • Lübeck Cougars
  • Assindia Cardinals
  • Troisdorf Jets

2nd Bundesliga South

  • Franken Knights
  • Hanau Hornets
  • Kirchdorf Wildcats
  • Königsbrunn Ants
  • Munich Cowboys
  • Wiesbaden Phantoms
  • Aschaffenburg Stallions
  • Plattling Black Hawks


Regionalliga North

  • Bremen Firebirds
  • Hildesheim Invaders
  • Elmshorn Fighting Pirates
  • Magdeburg Virgin Guards
  • Osnabrück Tigers

Regionalliga East

  • Cottbus Crayfish
  • Frankfurt Oder Red Cocks
  • Tollense Sharks
  • Leipzig Lions
  • Magdeburg Virgin Guards
  • Hannover Musketeers

Regionalliga West

  • Bielefeld Bulldogs
  • Bochum Cadets
  • Bonn Gamecocks
  • Mönchengladbach Mavericks
  • Paderborn Dolphins
  • Remscheid Amboss

Regionalliga Central

  • Badener Greifs
  • Danube Hammers
  • Jena Hanfrieds
  • Rhein-Neckar Bandits
  • Pforzheim Wilddogs
  • Montabaur Fighting Farmers
  • Kaiserslautern Pikes
  • Albershausen Crusaders
  • Stuttgart Silver Arrows

Regionalliga South

  • Bayreuth Dragons
  • Burghausen Crusaders
  • Blackhawks Plattling
  • Franken Timberwolves
  • Rosenheim Rebels


Oberliga North

  • Buxtehude United Dragons
  • Hildesheim Invaders
  • Hamburg Pioneers
  • Wolfsburg Blue Wings
  • Nordic Wolves
  • Göttingen Generals

Oberliga East

  • Berlin Bullets
  • Berlin Kobras
  • Berlin Thunderbirds
  • Halle Falken
  • Chemnitz Crusaders
  • Magdeburg Orcas
  • Wernigerode Mountain Tigers

Oberliga Central

  • Heiligenstein Crusaders
  • Mainz Golden Eagles
  • Obertshausen Blizzards
  • Marburg Mercenaries
  • Frankfurt Pirates
  • Trier Stampers

Oberliga Baden-Württemberg

  • Backnang Wolverines
  • Holzgerlingen Twister
  • Fellbach Warriors
  • Freiburg Sacristans
  • Ostalb Highlanders
  • Ravensburg Razorbacks

Oberliga NRW

Oberliga NRW / West Group

  • Bergisch Gladbach Lions
  • Cologne Chargers
  • Duisburg Dockers
  • Düsseldorf Bulldozer
  • Oberberg Bandits

Oberliga NRW / East Group

  • Dortmund Giants
  • Hagen Bullets
  • Münster Mammuts
  • Niederrhein Thunderbirds
  • Recklinghausen Chargers


Verbandsliga North

  • Lüneburg Jayhawks
  • Schaumburg Rangers
  • Wilhelmshaven Buccaneers
  • Neumünster Castle Demons
  • Flensburg Sealords
  • Zeven Flames

Verbandsliga East

  • Eberswalde Warriors
  • Rostock Baltic Blue Stars
  • Schwerin Vikings
  • Spandau Bulldogs
  • Potsdam Royals
  • Wolgast Vandals

Verbandsliga NRW

  • Aachen/Düren Demons
  • Ahlen-Hamm Aces
  • Kleve Conquerors
  • Neuss Frogs
  • Niederrhein Grizzlies

Verbandsliga Bayern

  • Augsburg Raptors
  • Bamberg Bears
  • Straubing Spiders
  • Bavarian State Wolverines
  • Erlangen Sharks
  • Kümmersbruck Red Devils
  • Starnberg Argonauts


Landesliga North

  • Wolfenbüttel Black Wolves
  • Cloppenburg Titans
  • Flensburg Bulls
  • Lehrte/Burgdorf Renegades
  • Lübeck Seals

Landesliga NRW

  • Aachen Vampires
  • Borken Sharks
  • Cologne Falcons II
  • Gelsenkirchen Devils
  • Wuppertal Greyhounds
American football, known in the United States simply as football [1] is a competitive team sport known for its physical roughness despite being a highly strategic game.
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TEAM may be an acronym for:
  • The Electors' Action Movement, a municipal political party in Vancouver, British Columbia,
  • The European Anti-Maastricht Movement,
  • The Evangelical Alliance Mission,
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"Das Lied der Deutschen" (third stanza)
also called "Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit"
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Sport American football
Founded 1995
No. of teams 6
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Bundesliga (plural: -ligen) (Federal League, meaning nation-wide league) is the name for the premier league of any sport in Germany or Austria. Used on its own, Bundesliga usually refers to Germany's highest football league.
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Sport American football
Founded 1979
No. of teams 12
Country(ies)  Germany

Most recent champion(s) Braunschweig Lions

Official website g-f-l.
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The Berlin Adler is an amateur American football club in Berlin, Germany. The team colors are black and gold. Adler is the German word for eagle.


The Berlin Adler are unique in the history of American football in Germany.
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The Braunschweig Lions are an American football team from Braunschweig, Germany.


The Braunschweig Lions (BSL) were founded in 1985. In 1994 they entered the 1. Bundesliga, the present day German Football League (GFL).
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The Hamburg Blue Devils are an American football team in Hamburg, Germany formed in 1992. They play at the Millerntor-Stadion. They are not to be confused with the Hamburg Sea Devils of NFL Europa.

They are associated with the Hamburg Blue Angels cheerleading squad.
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The Stuttgart Scorpions are the premier American Football-team in Stuttgart, Germany and are currently the 11th ranked team in Europe. The Scorpions will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of existence in 2007.
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2nd Bundesliga can stand for:
  • Bundesliga (disambiguation), the name for the premier league of any sport in Germany or Austria
  • 2nd Bundesliga (football), the 2nd Division in German football (soccer)

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The team Düsseldorf Panther is an American football team based in the German city of Düsseldorf.


Düsseldorf Panther is the oldest still existing German American football team. They were created in 1978, and celebrated their 25th anniversary on May 1 2003.
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Regionalliga (plural: Regionalligen, translation: Regional Leagues) is a designation in Germany for sports leagues, which are led by one or more regional federations. Regionalligen often fall below the Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga of a given sport.
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Oberliga is the designation of a supraregional division in different sports in Germany. In Bavaria this play class is frequently called the Bavaria league, since it is the last play class comprehensive excluding the Bavarian area.
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The Verbandsliga is the 5th tier of football in Germany, played on a regional basis by Bundesland. In Hessia and Bavaria the 5th tier is called Landesliga, which is the 6th tier in the other Bundesländer.

See also: Verbandsliga Berlin
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The Erlangen Sharks are the first American Football-team in Erlangen, Germany. The Sharks play the offensive formation known as the indirect-snap Double-Wing offense.

Regular Season Play 2007

The Sharks 2007 regular season game results:

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The Landesliga is the 6th tier of football in Germany, one division below the Verbandsliga.

Typically, in each Bundesland, the Landesligen are split up into different Staffel or "divisions".
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