List of ships of the Swedish Navy

This is a list of ships of the Swedish Navy.

Aircraft cruisers


  • HMS Gävle (K22)
  • HMS Göteborg (K21)
  • HMS Helsingborg (K32)
  • HMS Härnösand (K33)
  • HMS Kalmar (K23)
  • HMS Karlstad (K35)
  • HMS Malmö (K12)
  • HMS Nyköping (K34)
  • HMS Stockholm (K11)
  • HMS Sundsvall (K24)
  • HMS Uddevalla (K36)
  • HMS Visby (K31)


Halland Class Ostergotland Class
  • HMS Ostergotland
  • HMS Sodermanland
  • HMS Gastrikland
  • HMS Halsingland

Patrol vessels

  • HMS Hugin (P151)
  • HMS Kaparen (P159)
  • HMS Magne (P153)
  • HMS Mjölner (P157)
  • HMS Mode (P154)
  • HMS Munin (P152)
  • HMS Mysing (P158)
  • HMS Snapphanen (P161)
  • HMS Spejaren (P162)
  • HMS Starkodder (P164)
  • HMS Styrbjörn (P163)
  • HMS Tirfing (P166)
  • HMS Tordön (P165)
  • HMS Vale (P155)
  • HMS Vidar (P156)
  • HMS Väktaren (P160)


  • HMS Gotland (Gtd)
  • HMS Halland (Hnd)
  • HMS Hälsingland (Hgd)
  • HMS Najad II (Nad)
  • HMS Neptun II (Nep)
  • HMS Näcken II (Näk)
  • HMS Södermanland (Söd)
  • HMS Ulven
  • HMS Uppland (Upd)
  • HMS Västergötland (Vgd)
  • URF
  • HMS Östergötland (Ögd)

Mine Layers

Mine sweepers and hunters

Class Lansort

  • HMS Landsort (M71)
  • HMS Arholma (M72)
  • HMS Koster (M73)
  • HMS Kullen (M74)
  • HMS Vinga (M75)
  • HMS Ven (M76)
  • HMS Ulvön (M77)

Class Styrsö

  • HMS Styrsö (M11)
  • HMS SpÃ¥rö (M12)
  • HMS Skaftö (M13)
  • HMS Sturkö (M14)

Mine hunters

  • HMS GÃ¥ssten (M31)
  • HMS Norrsten (M32)
  • HMS Viksten (M33)
  • HMS Hisingen (M43)
  • HMS Blackan (M44)
  • HMS Dämman (M45)
  • HMS Galten (M46)

Sonar buoy ships

Transport ships

  • HMS Tjelvar
  • HMS Ring
  • HMS Grim
  • HMS Heimdal
  • HMS Bore
  • HMS Loke (A344)


  • HMS Belos (A214)
  • HMS "Kronan"
  • HMS Norrköping (R131)
  • HMS Orion (A201)
  • HMS Pelikanen (A247)
  • HMS Pingvinen (A248)
  • HMS Vasa
  • HMS Ystad (R142)
ship is a large watercraft capable of offshore navigation. Ships may be operated by:
  • Governments (military, rescue, research, transportation)
  • Private companies and institutions (transportation, offshore resources, research)
  • Individuals (large yachts, research).

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Royal Swedish Navy (Swedish: Marinen) is the naval branch of the Swedish Armed Forces. It consists of surface and submarine naval units – the Fleet (Flottan) – as well as marine units, the so-called Amphibious Corps (
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HMS Gotland

Type Initially seaplane cruiser, converted to anti-aircraft cruiser
Class Gotland class cruiser (the only of her class)
Laid down 1930
Launched 14 September 1933
Commissioned 14 December 1934
Decommissioned 1956
Stricken 1960
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The Halland class destroyers were two ships built for Swedish Navy in the 1950s. Four ships were planned but the second pair were cancelled. Two modified ships were exported to the Colombian Navy


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HMS Småland is a Swedish Halland-class destroyer. She and HMS Halland where the only ones built of their class. Two more ships were ordered but they were never completed.
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The Ostergotland class were a group of destroyers built for the Swedish Navy in the late 1950's. They were smaller than the preceding Halland class destroyers and were decommissioned in 1982.
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HMS Gotland is an attack submarine of the Swedish Navy. It is the first ship of its class, the Gotland class, which is the first operational submarine class in the world to use air-independent propulsion (AIP).
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HMS Carlskrona is the second largest vessel in the Swedish Navy (after HMS Belos, the submarine rescue vessel). She is a minelayer but is mainly used for exercise expeditions.

HMS Carlskrona, is to be mothballed due to a lack of officers.
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HMS Ejdern (B01) is one of the Swedish Navys sonar vessels.
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Kronan ("The Crown") was a Swedish warship, built in Stockholm by the English shipwright Francis Sheldon and launched in 1668, commissioned 1672. She was one of the largest ships at the time and the most heavily armed warship in the world.
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Vasa (or Wasa[2]) is a warship, built for Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden 1626-1628. She foundered and sank after sailing only a mile into her maiden voyage on 10 August 1628.
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