Maimansingha Gitika

Maimansingha gitika or Môemonshingha gitika is a collection of folk ballads from the region of Mymensingh and around of Bangladesh.Chandra Kumar De and Dinesh Chandra Sen were the collectors and editors; the collection was published from Calcutta University, along with another similar publication named purbabanga-gitika.

The basic theme of most of these folk ballads is love and romance. Pre-nuptial love and extra-marital love constitute the main interests, also come the private and social conflicts arising out of several aspects of love.


Folk music can have a number of different meanings, including:
  • Traditional music: The original meaning of the term "folk music" was synonymous with the term "Traditional music", also often including World Music and Roots music; the term "Traditional music" was given

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ballad is a narrative poem, usually set to music; thus, it often is a story told in a song. Any story form may be told as a ballad, such as historical accounts or fairy tales in verse form.
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Mymensingh City
Nickname: City of Education
Country Bangladesh
Administrative District Mymensingh District

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Amar Shonar Bangla
My Golden Bengal

(and largest city) Dhaka

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Dinesh Chandra Sen (also Rai Bahadur Dinesh Chandra Sen) (1866-1939) was a researcher of Bangla folklore and the founder and Ramtonu Lahiri Professor at the Department of Bengali Language and Literature at the University of Calcutta.
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University of Calcutta

Motto Advancement of Learning
Established January 24, 1857
Type Public
Chancellor Governor of West Bengal
Vice-Chancellor Professor Asis Kumar Banerjee
Undergraduates 100,000 [1]
Postgraduates 5,500 [2]
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