Mariya Klenova

Maria (Mariya) Vasilyevna Klenova (Russian: Мари́я Васи́льевна Клёнова, 1898 – 1976), was a Russian marine geologist.

Dr. Klenova was an Honoured Scientist of the Russian SFSR. From 1925, she worked at the Floating Marine Research Institute and participated in marine expeditions to the northern seas and the archipelagos of Novaya Zemlya, Spitsbergen, and Franz Josef Land. In 1933 she produced the trade map of the Barents Sea Seabed Types. She worked in the Atlantic Ocean, in Antarctic waters, in Caspian, Barents and White Seas. She is seen as the founder of Russian marine geology.

The Klenova Valley, an oceanographic valley discovered in 1981 – 1983 by the USSR Northern Fleet Hydrographic Expedition is named after her. The valley is located at 84°36’ N 55°00’ W.

Dr. Klenova is the author of "Marine geology" (1948), "Geology of the Atlantic Ocean" (1975), and many articles.


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