Mymensingh City
Nickname: City of Education
Country Bangladesh
Administrative District Mymensingh District
 - Chairman Kuddus Ali
 - City 21.73 km  (0 sq mi)
 - Density 10392/km (0/sq mi)
 - Metro 225,811
Time zone BST (UTC+6)
Mymensingh (Bengali: ময়মনসিংহ) town is one of the Pourashovas (City) of Bangladesh situated at the centre of Mymensingh District. It is famous for educational institutions and Old Brahmaputra river.


Mymensingh is one of the 16 old district towns of Bangladesh. This town being almost 400 years old has a rich cultural and political history. Important political figures such as Syed Najrul Islam and Monsur ahmed hails from this town. Famous Bengali novelist Shirshendu was also born in Mymensingh town. During the British Raj most of the inhabitants of the town were Hindus. From early 20th Century Muslims moved into town. Since then this city has played an important role as a centre for secularism. The Anandamaye Girls School and Mominunnesa Women college have played a great role in educating Bengali Muslim women. A majority of first-generation successful Bangladeshi women have attended these school and college such as the first woman justice of the High Court of Bangladesh. The town has not seen expected development after the independence of Bangladesh but still looks forward to a brighter future in terms of trade and industry.


Educational institutions

Here is a list of the eucational institutions of Mymensingh city.

Universities and Colleges

Name Name
Bangladesh Agricultural UniversityMymensingh Medical College
Women Teachers Training CollegeMymensingh Girls Cadet College
Cantonment Public School & CollegeAnanda Mohan College
Teachers Training CollegeNasirabad College
Mymensingh Mohila CollegeSyed Nazrul Islam College
Mymensingh Polytechnical InstituteMymensingh Islami Academi & College
Alamgir Monsur Memorial CollegeHaji Kashemali College
Krishi Bishwabiddyalaya Intermediate CollegeB. K. B. College
Muminunnesa Government Women's College


School Name School Name
Mymensingh Zilla SchoolVidyamoyee Govt. Girls High School
Mukul Niketon SchoolMohakali Uchcha Balika Vidyaloy
Nasirbad Collegiate SchoolNasirabad Girls High School
City High SchoolMymensingh Muslim Girls High School
Mrittunjay SchoolRadha Sundary girls High School
Gov't Laboratory High SchoolPatgudam Girls High School
Police Line High SchoolCantonment Board High School
Nazrul Sena SchoolSayapath Nirman Madhyamik Vidyalay
Sunflower Pre-cadet High SchoolMymensingh Laboratory High School
Hazi Usman Ali High SchoolCantonment Public School & College
Patgodam Junior SchoolMymensingh High School
Gohailkandi High SchoolSadar Upozila Millennium Junior School
Zilla Parishad High SchoolMuslim High School
Nabarun Bidda NiketonR.k High school

Educational research

  • National Academy for Primary Teachers' Education (NAPE)
  • Edward Institution

Renowned Teacher

Teacher Name Subject Institute
Shamaresh BhattacharjoEnglishMymensingh Zilla School
Abul KalamPhysicsAnando Mohan College
Abdul RazzaqMathematicsMukul Niketon School
Altab HosseinMathematicsMymensingh Zilla School
Tusar Ranjan PaulMathematicsMymensingh Zilla School
Sunil DevnathMathematics, Physics, ChemistryAnanda Mohan College
BotanyAnanda Mohan College
ZoologyNasirabad College
| | |



  • The distance from Dhaka to Mymensingh is about 120 km North from the Mohakhali bus stop. Nowadays, the journey by bus is very comfortable because of some good quality bus services. This service is locally known as Gate lock bus where no passenger can get in the bus after departure from the bus stop. On the contrary, passengers can get off anywhere after paying a full fair. Generally, it is a 2 to 2.30 hour journey though it may take some more time depending upon the traffic jams and other conditions of the road. The Dhaka-Mymensingh highway is one of the busiest highways of the country. Also, due to recent land development there has been an increase in traffic. The pavement conditions have improved as of recent years. During June-July, which is the season of the ripening of jackfruits, the overall travel time may be longer because of the road side markets selling these jackfruit in Mouna, Seed Store, and Bhaluka. The bus fare always changes depending upon the fuel price. In 2006, the fare was TK. 105(US$ 1.5) per seat. The most common intercity bus services that connect the town with the capital are Showkhin Express, Nirapod Travels, United Travels, and Rashik Paribahan. Various local bus services also operate connecting the town and the adjacent urban centers.


  • Train is by far the cheapest means to get to Mymensingh. Apart from a number of local trains, four intercity trains Aagnibina, Tista, Ekota and Jamuna connect the town with the capital of Dhaka. Train fares range from 40 tk to 120 tk per person depending upon the class and the train itself. It takes almost 3 hours to reach Mymensingh from Dhaka. All intercity trains connect the city with Jamalpur town as well. Several local trains run between Mymensing town to Kishorganj and Netrokona.
There have 2 lawareus bus here but this bus are non ac.Bus name Showkhen express another is nerapad

Taxi cab

  • Cabs can be hired from Dhaka to reach Mymensingh and the fare will have to be negotiated between the driver and the passenger. Usually it will take about Tk. 1500-2000 for a one way trip. However, the amount will stay almost the same for a round trip.

Car rental

  • One can also hire a Micro-bus or car to visit the city. The micro-bus stand of the town is in front of the Medical college hospital at the Charpara region of the town.

Place to visit

* Botanical garden in Agricultural University
* Mymensingh Medical College
* Ananda Mohan College
* China-Bangladesh friendship bridge in Shombhugunj
* Mymensingh Rajbari
* Zainul Abedin art gallery
* Circuit House and Park


  • Traditional Bengali food
* Press Club-Ganginerpar traffic signal corner
It has the best quality of chicken biryani and chicken Cucklate in this town and it has only these two kinds of food.
* Khandakar Hotel-Small Post office road
It is a very old and renowned restaurant in Mymensingh. Having great quality dishes, both for lunch and dinner, it is still rolling in this developing and competitive market in Mymensingh.
* ROM-III-Notun Bazar
  • Fast food/Snacks
* Shad coffee shop-Ganginerpar traffic signal corner
Possibly, this is the most favorite place for teenagers because of its location and variety of snacks. It is placed at the center of Mymensingh town near Ganginerpar traffic signal in the second floor of a market place. At the evening, most young people including couples are the main customer of this shop. Besides, it has very nice interior design cum furniture setup, and excellent choice of music. The most favorite menus are coffee, soup, ice cream, lachchi, burger, sandwich, etc.
  • Chinese food
* In mymensingh town, there are two very ancient Chinese restaurent, one is located in Notun Bazar beside Ruma confectionery store, and the other is in Dubakhula. Lately, there are also some fast food restaurant where some Chinese foods are available such as soup, fried rice, fried chicken, etc. in a resonable price but in good quality.
  • Bakery
*In Mymensingh town, the most common and famous bakeries are Dhaka Liton, Ruma Confectionery, and Tiptop, where foods are produced in hygienic way according to city dwellers. These bakeries have different types of cookies, cakes,pastry, Chanachur, ice cream, burger, sandwich, breads, as well as cosmetic stuffs.
  • Sweetmeat
"Krishna Kebin" and "Sudhir Ghosh Mistanno Vandar" are the two famous sweetmeat stores of the town. In addition, there are other very high quality sweetmeat stores in the town. "Roshogolla" and "Malaikari" are the two most famous types of sweetmeats of the town. Monda, which is a very famous type of Sandesh, is found mostly in every sweetmeat store; however, the original and best quality Monda is still available in Muktagacha town near Muktagacha college, which is about a 30 minutes bus ride from Mymensingh town. The most popular sweetmeat stores in Mymnsingh are:
  1. Doyamoy Mistanno Vander-Ganginerpar Shibbari
  2. Krishna Kebin
  3. Sudhir Ghosh Mistanno Vandar-Shyadeshi Bazar
  4. Anil Ghosh Mistanno Vandar-Shyadeshi Bazar
  5. Mamoni Mistanno Vandar-Charpara


There are five cinema halls in Mymensingh town. Most of these halls are very old but still in operation. Due to cable TV connection and DVD facility, most of the people are now confined themselves in home entertainments. However, in different occasions such as Eid, new year, Puja, and other vacations, people still watch movies in hall.

Name of the hall Location
AjantaC.K. Ghosh Road
AlokaNear Vidyamoyee Govt. Girls High School
ChayabaniC.K.Ghosh Road
ShenanibasMymensingh Cantonment

Community Center

Most of the community centers are used for wedding, birthday, anniversary, and conference purposes.
* Anuvab Community center, Kachari Ghat
* Hotel Amir International, Station Road
* J.K. Community Centre, Town Hall Area
* Dolfin Community Centre, Notun Bazar


List of hotels in Mymensingh Town [1].
  • Hotel Amir International, Railway station moor
  • Hotel Hera, Trank Pottey
  • Hotel Azad
  • Uttara Hotel
  • Nirala Hotel
  • Hotel Abakash
  • Hotel Shanttanir
  • Hotel Mustafiz International
  • Hotel River View, Kathgola

Shopping malls

  • Interestingly, the shopping facility in Mymensingh town is very flexible. Within a very small area, every kinds of stuffs are available here. Ganginerpar is the place where most of the famous and big shopping malls are located. The road from C.K. Ghosh road traffic signal to station road traffic signal is usually called Ganginerar area. The different kinds of shops are: more than 12 photography studios, 3 biggest and oldest bookstores, more than 10 watch shop, famous confectionery stores, hotels, more than 10 gold and silver jewelry stores, 2 big shopping malls especially for attires, more than 10 tailors stores, very big grocery market where more than 100 wholesales stores and lots of vegetable vending facilities, etc.

Clinics & Pathological lab


The road width in Mymensingh is comparatively very low. Therefore, no public bus is available in this small nice town. However, lately the city authority has decided to start town services. Till now, the only public transport in Mymensingh is rickshaw. Besides, the fare of this public transportation is very low compared to other big cities such as Dhaka or Sylhet. In fact, the rickshaw pullers are very friendly. Someone can rent rickshaw hourly basis or by destination basis. It will be optimal to rent rickshaw hourly basis if anyone wants to explore the city. Usually, in rainy season specially during torrential rain, roads are flooded with water because of low quality road infrastructure and severe drainage system. It is very difficult to travel with rickshaw or on food after rainy season. Also it takes long time to repair the roads. Moreover, heavy trucks also run during night in the main city which also damage the road.


Most of studios in mymensingh town are located in Ganginerpar area, which is the busiest area in mymensingh. There are some professional photographers working in the studios for a long time. The oldest and reputed studio in mymensingh town is the 'Roy Studio', which is also the biggest studio. Both Black and write, and color pictures could be taken in these kind of studio. However, the photography technology has been developed a lot, it takes minimum 1 hour to develop the pictures as they don't have any own laboratory.
  • Roy Studio
  • Ananda Studio
  • Rupa Studio
  • Photo Corner
  • Photo Ruma

Offices and companies

  • There are different kinds of government offices as well as private companies including banks, jute mill, rice mill, power plant (RPCL) are located here.

Internet surfing

The first internet connection was arrived in agricultural university, and then it was spread all over the city. Now, there are several cybercafés in this town where internet surfing is really enjoyable and cheap. At Alimun Plaza, Ram Babu Road (opposite of Aloka Cinema Hall), high speed internet surfing is available with 20 TK per hour rate.

Picture Gallery

Monument of the Liberation War of Bangladesh, front view

Monument of the martyrs of the Language Movement in Mymensingh

The Boro Masjid, front view

Boro Kali Bari Mandir

Centre for Neuclear Medicine and Ultrasound in MMCH

Close view of the Power Station

Jainul Abedin Art Gallery

China-Bangladesh friendship bridge

Mymensingh Rajbari

Back Side of Mymensingh Rajbari

Mymensingh TTC (ladies)

Sculpture1 in TTC Mymensingh

Sculpture2 in TTC Mymensingh

Sculpture3 in TTC Mymensingh

Sculpture4 in TTC Mymensingh

Sculpture5 in TTC Mymensingh

Boat ride in Brahmaputra river Mymensingh

Sunset view1 in Brahmaputra river

Sunset view2 in Mymensingh

RPCL and Brahmaputra river

Notable people from Mymensingh

  • Jasim Uddin
  • Zainul Abedin
  • Humayun Ahamed
  • Nirmolendo Guon

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Muminunnesa Government Women's College

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Location Mymensingh, Bangladesh
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Mymensingh Zilla School is one of the renowned schools in Bangladesh which was established in 1853. This school is mainly boy's school and it has two shifts(morning and day). The morning shift starts at 7.30 am and day shifts starts at 12.00 noon.
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This is the most famous girl's school in Mymensingh because of its reputation and academic performance. It is located quite center of Mymensingh town in the opposite of City School.
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