NASCAR Rookie of the Year

The NASCAR Rookie of the Year Award is presented to the first-year driver that has the best season in a NASCAR season. Each of NASCAR's national and regional touring series selects a RotY winner each year.

History of the Award: Grand National/Winston Cup/Nextel Cup

The Rookie of the Year award for NASCAR's premier series was first presented to a driver named Blackie Pitt by Houston Lawing, NASCAR'S Public Relations director, in 1954. While it wasn't an official award, it would help set the standard for the top rookie prize.

From the 1958 through the 1973 seasons, NASCAR did not have an official points system to determine the Rookie of the Year. NASCAR's officials merely gathered together to select a winner. Naturally, this policy came under controversy, as officials didn't consider former champions from rival racing series. This system came to an end in 1973 after Lennie Pond was controversially chosen over Darrell Waltrip for the honor. Since 1974, the Rookie of the Year points system described below has been used, even if it meant the winner was not the highest finisher in championship points.

Rookie Points System

Main Rookie Points

Rookie of the year candidates earn points for their best seventeen races of the season. All other points are based on a ten-to-one system.
  1. The highest finishing rookie earns ten points, the second highest finishing rookie earns nine points, etc.
  2. One point is granted to all rookies who enter an event prior to the entry deadline, regardless of finishing position or even if they don't qualify. All rookies with teams that enter past the deadline do not receive this point.

Rookie Bonus Points

Bonus points are also awarded to drivers in the following circumstances:
  1. A rookie candidate finishes in the top ten in a race. If that candidate wins, he/she earns ten bonus rookie points. If that candidate finishes second, he/she earns nine bonus rookie points, etc.
  2. "Segment Bonus Points." The season is divided into three segments, the first segment being after the first ten races of the season, the second segment being after the second ten races of the season, and the third segment being the rest of the schedule. The candidate with the most championship points in each segment earns ten bonus rookie points, the candidate with the second-most championship points earns nine, etc.
  3. The rookie driver who finishes highest in the championship standings at season's end will receive an additional ten bonus rookie points.


There is a five-member panel composed of drivers, officials, etc. that meet during the final week of the season. They evaluate that year's candidates on the following criteria:
  1. Conduct with officials
  2. Conduct and awareness on the racetrack
  3. Personal appearance and conduct with the media

The panel may penalize rookies for any conduct that may be detrimental to NASCAR.

Anyone involved with a rookie candidate (such as a teammate or car owner) may NOT serve on that year's panel.


Drivers must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible to run for or receive the Rookie of the Year award.
  1. Must have run no more than seven races in any previous season.
  2. Drivers who compete in more than five races in a higher series are not eligible for the award in a lower series.
  3. If a driver does not start eight races before the end of Race 20 on the schedule, they will immediately become ineligible to earn rookie points for the rest of that season. The seven-race-limit still applies pertaining to eligibility for future attempts.
  4. A driver may NOT receive rookie points if he/she starts a race for a team that he/she did not qualify with. However, he/she is still eligible for championship points in that race.

NASCAR Nextel Cup

2007 Rookie Standings

  1. Juan Pablo Montoya (#42)–225 points
  2. David Ragan (#6)–210 points
  3. Paul Menard (#15)–182 points
  4. David Reutimann (#00)–164 points
  5. A. J. Allmendinger (#84)–124 points
  6. Brandon Whitt (#??)–3 points

History of Grand National/Winston Cup/Nextel Cup RotY Awards

Below is a list of all winners, and known runner-ups. (Note: some of the drivers listed here are not confirmed as ROY contenders, and competed in more than the maximum number of races to be eligible for ROY honors.)

Did not declare for ROY, but ran more than seven races and are completely ineligible for the award.
Declared for ROY, but did not complete season, no longer eligible
*Declared for ROY, but did not complete season, still eligible
ØDied during rookie season, received award posthumously
æDid not receive an official award
±Died during rookie season and was unable to complete the schedule

Year Winner Runner(s) Up
2006Denny HamlinClint Bowyer, Martin Truex Jr., Reed Sorenson, J. J. Yeley, David Stremme, David Gilliland†, Chad Chaffin‡, Brent Sherman*
2005Kyle BuschTravis Kvapil, Boris Said†, Mike Garvey‡, Stanton Barrett‡, Carl Long†, Eric McClure*
2004Kasey KahneBrendan Gaughan, Brian Vickers, Scott Wimmer, Scott Riggs, Johnny Sauter‡, Kirk Shelmerdine†,Carl Edwards
2003Jamie McMurrayGreg Biffle, Tony Raines, Casey Mears, Jack Sprague‡, Larry Foyt, Christian Fittipaldi†, Hideo Fukuyama*.
2002Ryan NewmanJimmie Johnson, Shawna Robinson*, Carl Long*, Hermie Sadler†
2001Kevin HarvickKurt Busch, Casey Atwood, Jason Leffler, Ron Hornaday, Andy Houston‡, Bobby Hamilton Jr.†
2000Matt KensethDale Earnhardt, Jr., Dave Blaney, Scott Pruett, Stacy Compton, Mike Bliss, Ed Berrier‡, Jeff Fuller*
1999Tony StewartElliott Sadler, Buckshot Jones‡, Stanton Barrett*, Dan Pardus*, Mike Harmon*
1998Kenny Irwin, Jr.Kevin Lepage, Jerry Nadeau, Steve Park, Dennis Setzer†
1997Mike SkinnerDavid Green, Robby Gordon‡, Jeff Green, Lance Hooper†
1996Johnny BensonGary Bradberry‡, Randy MacDonald*, Stacy Compton*
1995Ricky CravenRobert Pressley, Randy LaJoie‡, Elton Sawyer‡, Steve Kinser*, Davy Jones*
1994Jeff BurtonSteve Grissom, Joe Nemechek, Loy Allen Jr., John Andretti, Jeremy Mayfield, Mike Wallace, Ward Burton, Rich Bickle†, Billy Standridge†
1993Jeff GordonBobby Labonte, Kenny Wallace, P. J. Jones‡, Todd Bodine†
1992Jimmy HensleyAndy Belmont‡, Dave Mader III*, Bob Schacht†
1991Bobby HamiltonTed Musgrave, Stanley Smith‡, Wally Dallenbach Jr.‡, Sammy Swindell*
1990Rob MorosoØJack Pennington‡, Jerry O'Neil‡, Jeff Purvis*
1989Dick TrickleHut Stricklin, Larry Pearson, Jimmy Spencer, Rick Mast‡, Ben Hess‡, Chad Little‡, Butch Miller‡, Mickey Gibbs‡
1988Ken BouchardErnie Irvan, Brad Noffsinger‡, Jimmy Horton‡
1987Davey AllisonDale Jarrett, Steve Christman, Rodney Combs‡, Derrike Cope‡, Mark Stahl†, Brett Bodine†, Jerry Cranmer*
1986Alan KulwickiMichael Waltrip, Chet Fillip†, Pancho Carter†, Davey Allison*, Jim Sauter†, Jerry Cranmer*, Rick Baldwin*, Jonathan Lee Edwards*, Wayne Kramer*
1985Ken SchraderEddie Bierschwale, Don Hume†
1984Rusty WallaceGreg Sacks, Phil Parsons, Clark Dwyer, Tommy Ellis†, Doug Heveron†, Dean Combs†, Terry Schoonover±
1983Sterling MarlinTrevor Boys†, Ronnie Hopkins‡, Ken Ragan‡, Bobby Hillin Jr.‡, Mike Potter†
1982Geoff BodineMark Martin, Brad Teague‡, Rick Wilson†
1981Ron BouchardMorgan Shepherd, Tim Richmond, Mike Alexander‡, Johnny Rutherford†, Elliott Forbes-Robinson‡, Joe Ruttman‡, Stan Barrett‡, Connie Saylor‡, Gary Balough‡
1980Jody RidleyLake Speed‡, Kyle Petty‡, Slick Johnson‡
1979Dale EarnhardtJoe Millikan, Terry Labonte, Harry Gant
1978Ronnie ThomasRoger Hamby, Blackie Wangerin, Baxter Price, Al Holbert
1977Ricky RuddSam Sommers, Janet Guthrie‡, Tighe Scott, Tommy Gale‡, Gary Myers‡
1976Skip ManningTerry Bivens, Neil Bonnett, Jimmy Means, Bill Elliott, John A. Utsman
1975Bruce HillCarl Adams, Bruce Jacobi, Grant Adcox, Chuck Bown, D.K. Ulrich, Joe Mihalic, Travis Tiller, Ferrel Harris, Dick May
1974Earl RossRichie Panch, Jackie Rogers, Ramo Stott
1973Lennie PondDarrell Waltrip, Johnny Barnes
1972Larry SmithDavid Sisco, Doc Faustina
1971Walter BallardMaynard Troyer, Richard Brown, D.K. Ulrich
1970Bill DennisJoe Frasson, Jim Vandiver, Talmadge Prince±
1969Dick BrooksBuddy Young, Hoss Ellington
1968Pete HamiltonDave Marcis, Dr. Don Tarr
1967Donnie AllisonCharlie Glotzbach, Paul Dean Holt
1966James HyltonBill Seifert, Frank Warren
1965Sam McQuaggHenley Gray, Clyde Lynn, Dick Hutcherson (NOTE: Hutcherson won nine times and finished second in the championship standings that year, but was not considered to be eligible due to being a champion in the IMCA)
1964Doug CooperJ.T. Putney, Buddy Arrington
1963Billy WadeBobby Isaac, Larry Manning, J. D. McDuffie
1962Thomas CoxCale Yarborough, Ed Livingston
1961Woody WilsonWendell Scott, Lee Reitzel
1960David PearsonGerald Duke, Paul Lewis
1959Richard PettyFritz Wilson, Buddy Baker, Bob Burdick
1958Shorty Rollins
1957Ken Rushæ
1954Blackie Pittæ

NASCAR Busch Grand National Series

2007 Busch Series RotY standings

  1. David Ragan (#6) – 215 points
  2. Marcos Ambrose (#59) – 191 points
  3. Kyle Krisiloff (#14) – 175 points
  4. Juan Pablo Montoya (#??) – 165 points
  5. Brad Keselowski (#88) – 161 points
  6. Brad Coleman (#18) – 156 points
  7. Robert Richardson (#28) – 99 points
  8. Justin Diercks (#??) – 51 points
  9. Sam Hornish, Jr. (#??) – 35 points
  10. Timothy Peters (#??) – 27 points
  11. Bobby Santos III (#91) – 21 points
  12. Brian Conz (#??) – 0 points

History of Busch Series RotY Awards

Year Winner Runner(s) Up
2006Danny O'QuinnJohn Andretti, Todd Kluever, Burney Lamar‡, Mark McFarland‡, Stephen Leicht†, Auggie Vidovich II†, David Reutimann†, Steve Wallace†, Aric Almirola†, Shane Huffman†, David Gilliland‡, Tracy Hines‡, Joel Kauffman‡, A.J. Foyt IV*, Carl Long*, Jorge Goeters*, Kevin Conway*, Chris Wimmer*
2005Carl EdwardsReed Sorenson, Denny Hamlin, Jon Wood, Brent Sherman, Kertus Davis, Michel Jourdain Jr.‡, Tyler Walker‡, Kevin Hamlin†, Brandon Miller‡, Paul Wolfe‡, Ryan Hemphill‡, Jerry Robertson†, Boston Reid*, A. J. Fike*, Eric McClureBlake Feese*, Kim Crosby*, Donnie Neuenberger*
2004Kyle BuschPaul Menard‡, Clint Bowyer‡, J. J. Yeley‡, Travis Geisler‡, Stan Boyd‡ Aaron Fike†, Billy Parker‡
2003David StremmeCoy Gibbs, Joey Clanton‡, Chad Blount‡, Jason White‡, Chase Montgomery‡, Regan Smith‡, Martin Truex, Jr.Damon Lusk‡, Chris Bingham‡
2002Scott RiggsJohnny Sauter, Shane Hmiel, Kerry Earnhardt, Casey Mears, Brian Vickers, Kasey Kahne‡, Larry Gunselman†, Dan Pardus‡, Brian Weber†, Joe Buford†
2001Greg BiffleScott Wimmer, Jamie McMurray, Larry Foyt, Kelly Denton‡, Tim Sauter‡, Marty Houston‡, Christian Elder‡, David Donohue‡, Bill Hoff†
2000Kevin HarvickRon Hornaday, Jimmie Johnson, Jay Sauter, Michael Ritch, P. J. Jones, Jason Schuler†, Ricky Hendrick†, Anthony Lazzaro‡, Mike Stefanik‡, Mike Borkowski‡, Derrick Gilchrist‡, Jay Fogleman*, Dave Steele*
1999Tony RainesHank Parker Jr., Adam Petty, Bobby Hamilton Jr.‡, Tony Roper‡, Kelly Denton* Phillip Morris*, Kerry Earnhardt*, Skip Smith*
1998Andy SanterreDave Blaney‡, Blaise Alexander, Kevin Grubb, Wayne Grubb, Casey Atwood‡, Mike Cope‡, Matt Hutter‡, Lance Hooper‡, Jason Jarrett‡, Kevin Schwantz‡
1997Steve ParkMatt Kenseth‡, Johnny Chapman‡, Mark Krogh‡, Jeff Krogh‡, Lyndon Amick‡, Tim Steele†, Dale Earnhardt, Jr.‡, Tim Bender‡, Stanton Barrett†, Ted Christopher†
1996Glenn Allen Jr.Mike Dillon, Elliott Sadler†, Shane HallMark Green‡, Mike Harmon†, Tony Stewart‡, Ron Barfield†
1995Jeff FullerCurtis Markham, Buckshot Jones‡, L.W. Miller‡ David Bonnett‡,
1994Johnny BensonDennis Setzer, Kevin Lepage, Stevie Reeves, Randy Porter‡, Dirk Stephens‡, Johnny Rumley‡, Mike Garvey‡, Robbie Reiser‡, Chad Chaffin‡, Michael Ritch*, Kirk Shelmerdine*, Mike Stefanik*
1993Hermie SadlerJoe Bessey, Tim Fedewa, Roy Payne Nathan Buttke‡, Jason Keller‡, Michael Ritch*, Tom Hessert*, Alan Russell*, Ken Wallace*, Page Jones*
1992Ricky CravenShawna Robinson‡, Robert Huffman*, Randy MacDonald*, Greg Trammell*
1991Jeff GordonDavid Green, Tracy Leslie, Troy Beebe, Cecil Eunice, Richard Lasater, Jeff Green‡, Mike Wallace‡, Mike Oliver‡, Mike McLaughlin‡, Rich Burgess*, Shawna Robinson*
1990Joe NemechekBobby Moon, Ward Burton, Jack Sprague‡, Dana Patten, Davey Johnson‡, Dave Mader III‡, Ed Ferree‡, Frank Fleming‡, Clifford Allison*
1989Kenny WallaceBobby Hamilton, Jeff Burton, Dave Rezendes, Robert Pressley, Brandon Baker, Dave Simpson‡, Ed Ferree*, Jeff Spraker†, Tom Harrington*

NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series

2007 Rookie Standings

  1. Willie Allen (#13)– 144 points
  2. Tim Sauter (#07)– 140 points
  3. Joey Clanton (#09)– 119 points
  4. Jason White (#7)– 116 points
  5. Aaron Fike (#??)– 122 points
  6. Blake Bjorklund (#??)– 110 points

The following drivers are ineligible for the award due to having run an insufficient number of races in 2007.
  1. Tyler Walker (#??)– 51 points
  2. Kelly Bires (#??)– 49 points
  3. Peter Shepherd (#50)– 32 points
  4. Kevin Hamlin (#4)– 26 points
  5. Casey Kingsland (#??)– 5 points
  6. Brian Sockwell (#54)– 2 points

History of Craftsman Truck Series RotY Awards

Year Winner Runner(s) Up
2006Erik DarnellChad McCumbee, Marcos Ambrose, Aric Almirola, Bobby East, Kerry Earnhardt, Erin Crocker, Boston Reid‡, Joey Miller‡, Robert Richardson, Kraig Kinser‡, Scott Lagasse Jr.‡, Ryan Moore‡, Chase Miller†, Michel Jourdain Jr.*, Sean Murphy*, J.R. Patton*, Tam Topham*
2005Todd KlueverKyle Busch†, Timothy Peters‡, Shigeaki Hattori‡, Clay Rogers*, Regan Smith‡, Jimmy Kite*, Nick Tucker*, Kerry Earnhardt*
2004David ReutimannTracy Hines, Robert Huffman, Brandon Whitt, Chase Montgomery, Shane Sieg‡, Kelly Sutton‡, Ken Weaver‡, David Ragan†, Deborah Renshaw†, Chris Wimmer‡, Shelby Howard‡, Brad Keselowski‡
2003Carl EdwardsJody Lavender, Randy Briggs‡, Tina Gordon‡, T. J. Bell‡, Doug Keller‡, Kenny Hendrick†, Teri MacDonald*
2002Brendan GaughanBill Lester, Jason Small
2001Travis KvapilRicky Hendrick, Matt Crafton, Billy Bigley, Jon Wood‡, Bobby Dotter, Willy T. Ribbs, Brian Rose, Nathan Haseleu‡, Larry Gunselman, Chuck Hossfeld‡, Jonathon Price†, Ricky Sanders‡
2000Kurt BuschCarlos Contreras, Scott Riggs‡, Rick Ware‡, Wayne Edwards‡, Coy Gibbs‡, Mark Petty‡, Kenny Martin‡, Donny Morelock*, J. D. Gibbs*
1999Mike StefanikScott Hansen, David Starr, Marty Houston‡, Tim Steele‡, Ryan McGlynn‡, Phil Bonifield‡, Ernie Cope*, Mike Clark*, Nipper Alsup*, Randy Nelson*
1998Greg BiffleAndy Houston, Scot Walters, Wayne Anderson‡, Kevin Cywinski‡, Randy MacDonald†, Dominic Dobson‡, B. A. Wilson†, Randy Nelson*, Billy Pauch*, Joe Bush*, Tommy Archer*, Mike Cope*, Freddie Query*, Andy Michner*, W. David Stacy*, Jimmy Davis*, Monty Kline*
1997Kenny Irwin Jr.Rick Crawford, Stacy Compton, Tony Raines, Boris Said, Tony Roper, Tammy Jo Kirk‡, Kevin Harvick‡, Rob Rizzo‡, Brian Cunningham†, Lonnie Rush, Jr.‡, Kelly Denton‡, Mike Cope‡, Andy Genzman*, Toby Porter*, David Smith*
1996Bryan ReffnerDoug George, Lance Norick, Bobby Gill‡, Jay Sauter‡, Lonnie Cox‡, Charlie Cragan‡, Ron Barfield‡, Mark Gibson†, Rick Johnson‡, Randy Renfrow†, Dan Press‡, Butch Gilliland‡, Joe Gaita*, Kevin Harvick* Dave Smith*, Joe Madore*, Steve Mendenhall*, Rodney Combs, Jr.*, Terry McCarthy*, Jerry Robertson*, Doug Thorpe, Jr.*, Rick Markle*

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Sources & References

Sport governing body

Category Stock cars
Area of jurisdiction Canada,United States,Mexico
Formation date 1948
Headquarters Daytona Beach, Florida
Charlotte, North Carolina
New York City, New York

..... Click the link for more information.
Lennie Pond (born August 11, 1940) is a former NASCAR driver. He won NASCAR Winston Cup Rookie of the Year honors in 1973, and won his only race at Talladega Superspeedway in 1978 for Harry Ranier.
..... Click the link for more information.
Darrell Lee Waltrip (born February 5, 1947 in Owensboro, Kentucky) is a three-time former NASCAR Winston Cup champion, the 1989 Daytona 500 winner, and current television race commentator with Fox Broadcasting Company.
..... Click the link for more information.
Juan Pablo Montoya Roldán (born September 20 1975 in Bogotá, Colombia) is a race car driver in NASCAR for Chip Ganassi Racing and a former Formula One and Indycar driver.
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David Ragan (born December 24, 1985 in Unadilla, GA) is a stock car racer who drives the #6 AAA Ford in the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup series for Roush Fenway Racing and is running for the 2007 Rookie of the Year award.
..... Click the link for more information.
Paul Menard (born August 21, 1980) is a NASCAR driver currently competing in the NEXTEL Cup Series driving the #15 Menards Chevrolet Monte Carlo for Dale Earnhardt, Inc.. He is the son of Menards founder John Menard, Jr., whose company is his sponsor.
..... Click the link for more information.
David Reutimann (born March 2, 1970, in Zephyrhills, FL) is a NASCAR driver. He drives the #00 Dominos Pizza/Burger King Toyota Camry for Michael Waltrip Racing in the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series and the #99 Aaron's Toyota Camry in the Busch Series.
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Anthony James Allmendinger (born December 16, 1981, in Los Gatos, California) is an American racecar driver. He currently drives the #84 for Team Red Bull in NASCAR.

Racing career

Early career

He started his career in karts.
..... Click the link for more information.
Brandon Whitt (born October 15, 1982, in El Cajon, California) is third-genaration race car driver. He is currently without a full time ride.

Whitt won the Rookie of the Year title in NASCAR's Southwest Touring division in 2002, and made his Craftsman Truck Series debut in
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The 2006 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup season started at Daytona International Speedway on Sunday, February 12 with the Bud Shootout and ended on Sunday, November 19 with the Ford 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway.
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James Dennis "Denny" Hamlin, Jr. (born November 18, 1980) is a race car driver currently contracted to Joe Gibbs Racing, driving the number 11 car in the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series, and sponsored by Fed Ex.
..... Click the link for more information.
Clint Bowyer (born May 30, 1979, in Emporia, Kansas) is an American NASCAR driver. He currently pilots the #07 Jack Daniel's Chevrolet Monte Carlo in the NEXTEL Cup Series and the #2 BB&T Chevrolet Monte Carlo in the Busch Series, both for Richard Childress Racing.
..... Click the link for more information.
Martin Lee Truex, Jr. (born June 29, 1980 in Mayetta, New Jersey) is a NASCAR NEXTEL Cup driver. He currently drives the #1 Bass Pro Shops Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS for Dale Earnhardt, Inc.. Truex won the Busch Series Championship in 2004 and 2005.
..... Click the link for more information.
Bradley Reed Sorenson (born February 5, 1986 in Peachtree City, Georgia) is a NASCAR driver who currently drives the #41 Target Dodge Charger in the NEXTEL Cup for Chip Ganassi Racing.

Early Career

Sorenson's career started at age six when he began racing quarter-midgets.
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Christopher Beltram Hernandez "J.J." Yeley (born October 5, 1976) is a NASCAR racecar driver from Phoenix, Arizona. He currently drives the #18 Interstate Batteries Chevrolet for Joe Gibbs in the NEXTEL Cup Series, and the #1 Miccosukee Indian Gambling Chevrolet for Phoenix Racing
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David Andrew Stremme (born in South Bend, Indiana on June 19, 1977) is a NASCAR NEXTEL Cup racecar driver. Stremme was a contender for the 2006 Rookie of the Year award, and currently drives the #40 Coors Light Dodge Charger for Chip Ganassi Racing.
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David Gilliland (born on April 1, 1976 in Riverside, California) is a NASCAR driver. He currently drives the #38 M&M's Ford for Robert Yates in Nextel Cup Series and the #25 in the Busch Series for Team Rensi.
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Chad Chaffin (born July 20, 1968 in Smyrna, Tennessee) is a rookie NASCAR driver. He has become one of the drivers for the #49 BAM Racing Dodge along with Larry Foyt, replacing Mike Bliss after his resignation.
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Brent Sherman (born May 24, 1974), a resident of Wauconda, Illinois, is a driver in the NASCAR Busch Series. Sherman’s route to the NASCAR was not like that of most drivers. After high school, he completed a six-year enlistment in the U.S.
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The 2005 NASCAR Nextel Cup season began on Saturday, February 12. The ten race Chase for the NEXTEL Cup started with the Sylvania 300 on Sunday, September 18, and ended on Sunday, November 20, with the Ford 400.
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Kyle Thomas Busch (born May 2, 1985 in Las Vegas, Nevada) is an American race car driver. Currently, he drives the #5 Kellogg's/CARQUEST Chevrolet for Hendrick Motorsports in the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series as well as the #5 Chevrolet in the NASCAR Busch Series.
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Travis Kvapil (pronounced kwah-pil) (born March 1, 1976, in Janesville, Wisconsin) is a German-American NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series driver. He pilots the #6 Ford F-150 for Roush Fenway Racing, and will move full time to the Sprint Cup series as the driver of the #28
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Boris Said (born September 18, 1962) is an American race car driver from Carlsbad, California. His father, Bob Said, was an Formula 1 racer and US Olympic bobsled driver in 1968 and 1972. He currently drives the #60 SoBe No Fear Energy Drink Ford Fusion.
..... Click the link for more information.
Mike Garvey (born September 13, 1962 in Muskegon, Michigan) is a NASCAR Nextel Cup driver. He formerly drove the #51 Marthon Oil Chevy for Competitive Edge Motorsports in the Nextel Cup Series. He was a long-time competitor in the American Speed Association.
..... Click the link for more information.
Stanton Barrett (born December 1, 1972 in Bishop, California) is a NASCAR Nextel Cup and Busch Series driver and Hollywood stuntman. He currently drives the #52 for Ware Racing Enterprises part-time and McGill Motorsports full-time.
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Carl Long is a NASCAR race car driver and mechanic. He is the truck chief for the #75 Spears Motorsports Chevrolet driven by Dennis Setzer in the Craftsman Truck Series.
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Eric McClure (born December 11, 1981 in Chilhowie, Virginia), is a NASCAR driver. His family owns the NEXTEL Cup team Morgan-McClure Motorsports. A graduate of Emory and Henry College, he drives the #0 Chevy full-time in the NASCAR Busch Series.
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The 2004 NASCAR Nextel Cup season began on Saturday, February 7 and ended on Sunday, November 21. Kurt Busch with Roush Racing was the Nextel Cup champion.

This was the first season that NASCAR utilized the Chase for the Nextel Cup format that began with the Sylvania 300 on
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Kasey Kahne (born April 10, 1980 in Enumclaw, Washington) is a race car driver in NASCAR's NEXTEL Cup Series. He currently drives the #9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Charger/Dodge Avenger for Gillett Evernham Motorsports with teammates Scott Riggs and Elliott Sadler.
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Brendan Gaughan (born July 10, 1975 in Los Angeles, California) is a truck racer from Las Vegas, Nevada. Gaughan is the grandson of Vegas gaming pioneer Jackie Gaughan and son of Michael Gaughan, a hotel and casino magnate.
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