Phanes can mean:
genus (plural: genera) is part of the Latinized name for an organism. It is a name which reflects the classification of the organism by grouping it with other closely similar organisms.
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Superfamilies and families
  • Superfamily Hedyloidea:
  • Hedylidae
  • Superfamily Hesperioidea:
  • Hesperiidae

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and see text

Grass Skippers is the English name for butterflies of the subfamily Hesperiinae
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family (Latin: familia, plural familiae) is a rank, or a taxon in that rank. Exact details of formal nomenclature depend on the Nomenclature Code which applies.
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In Greek mythology, Phanes from Greek phanaô ("To bring light"), ("make appear") or Protogonus ("first-born") was the primeval deity of procreation and the generation of new life; his other names included Ericapaeus ("power") and Metis ("thought").
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Phanes are sub-structures of highly complex organic molecules introduced for simplification of the naming of these highly complex molecules.

Systematic nomenclature of organic chemistry consists of building a name for the structure of an organic compound by a collection of
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