Rulers and heads of state of Egypt

The Pharaohs Empire Era (Before 3200 BC-332 BC)

Archaic period (Before 3200 BC-2686 BC)

Predynastic Period
=Lower Egypt

# Name Picture Start - End Dynasty Comment
1TiuNo Picture AvailablePredynastic
2TheshNo Picture AvailablePredynastic
3HsekiuNo Picture AvailablePredynastic
4WaznerNo Picture Available3100 BCPredynastic
=Upper Egypt

# Name Picture Start - End Dynasty Comment
1Scorpion INo Picture Available3200 BC - ???? BCPredynastic
2Iry-HorNo Picture Available3150 BC - ???? BCPredynasticKingship uncertain
3KaNo Picture Available3100 BC - ???? BCPredynastic
4King ScorpionNo Picture Available3100 BC - ???? BCPredynasticPossibly the same person as Narmer
5Narmer3100 BC - ???? BCPredynastic
Protodynastic Period

# Name Picture Start - End Dynasty Comment
1MenesNo Picture Available1st DynastyPotentially the same person as Narmer, Hor-Aha, Serket II
2Hor-AhaNo Picture Available3050 BC1st Dynasty
3DjerNo Picture Available41 years1st Dynasty
4MerneithNo Picture Available1st DynastyHe was a regent for king Den
5DjetNo Picture Available23 years1st Dynasty
6DenNo Picture Available14 to 20.1 years1st Dynasty
7AnedjibNo Picture Available10 years1st Dynasty
8SemerkhetNo Picture Available9 years1st Dynasty
9Qa'aNo Picture Available2916?–28901st Dynasty
10HotepsekhemwyNo Picture Available2890–?2nd Dynasty
11RanebNo Picture Available39 years2nd Dynasty
12NynetjerNo Picture Available40 years2nd Dynasty
13WnegNo Picture Available8 years2nd Dynasty
14SenedjNo Picture Available20 years2nd Dynasty
15Seth-PeribsenNo Picture Available17 years2nd Dynasty
16Sekhemib-PerenmaatNo Picture Available2nd Dynasty
17Khasekhemwy17 to 18 years2nd Dynasty

Old Kingdom (2686 BC-2181 BC)

# Name Picture Start - End Dynasty Comment
1SanakhteNo Picture Available2686 BC - 2668 BC3rd Dynasty
2Djoser2668 BC - 2649 BC3rd Dynasty
3SekhemkhetNo Picture Available2649 BC - 2643 BC3rd Dynasty
4KhabaNo Picture Available2643 BC - 2637 BC3rd Dynasty
5Huni2637 BC - 2613 BC3rd Dynasty
6SneferuNo Picture Available2613 BC - 2589 BC4th Dynasty
7Khufu2589 BC - 2566 BC4th Dynasty
( Radjedef )
No Picture Available2566 BC - 2558 BC4th Dynasty
9Khafra2558 BC - 2532 BC4th Dynasty
10Menkaura2532 BC - 2503 BC4th Dynasty
11ShepseskafNo Picture Available2503 BC - 2498 BC4th DynastyMaybe Djedefptah is the last king of this dynasty
12UserkafNo Picture Available2498 BC - 2491 BC5th Dynasty
13Sahure2487 BC - 2477 BC5th Dynasty
14Neferirkare KakaiNo Picture Available2477 BC - 2467 BC5th Dynasty
15Shepseskare IsiNo Picture Available2467 BC - 2460 BC5th Dynasty
16NeferefreNo Picture Available2460 BC - 2453 BC5th Dynasty
17Nyuserre Ini2453 BC - 2422 BC5th Dynasty
18Menkauhor KaiuNo Picture Available2422 BC - 2414 BC5th Dynasty
19Djedkare IsesiNo Picture Available2414 BC - 2375 BC5th Dynasty
20UnasNo Picture Available2375 BC - 2345 BC5th Dynasty
21TetiNo Picture Available2345 BC - 2333 BC6th Dynasty
22UserkareNo Picture Available2333 BC - 2332 BC6th Dynasty
23Pepi I
( Meryre )
2332 BC - 2283 BC6th Dynasty
24Merenre Nemtyemsaf INo Picture Available2283 BC - 2278 BC6th Dynasty
25Pepi II
( Neferkare )
2278 BC - 2184 BC6th Dynasty
26NeferkaNo Picture Available2200 BC - 2199 BC6th Dynasty
27NeferNo Picture Available2197 BC - 2193 BC6th Dynasty
28AbaNo Picture Available2293 BC - 2176 BC6th Dynasty
29Unknown KingNo Picture Available6th Dynasty
30Merenre Nemtyemsaf IINo Picture Available2184 BC - ???? BC6th DynastyUncertain pharaoh
31NitiqretNo Picture Available2184 BC - 2181 BC6th Dynasty

First intermediate period (2181 BC-1991 BC)

# Name Picture Start - End Dynasty Comment
1Neferkara INo Picture Available7th Dynasty
2NetjerkareNo Picture Available7th Dynasty
3MenkareNo Picture Available7th Dynasty
4Neferkare IINo Picture Available7th Dynasty
5Neferkara NebiNo Picture Available7th Dynasty
6Djedkara ShemaiNo Picture Available7th Dynasty
7Neferkara KhenduNo Picture Available7th DynastySome authorities place Merenhor after him
8MerenhorNo Picture Available7th Dynasty
9Neferkamin SeneferkaNo Picture Available7th Dynasty
10NikaraNo Picture Available7th Dynasty
11Neferkara TereruNo Picture Available7th Dynasty
12NeferkahorNo Picture Available7th Dynasty
13Neferkara PepysenebNo Picture Available8th Dynasty
14Neferkamin AnuNo Picture Available8th Dynasty
15Qakare IbiNo Picture Available8th Dynasty
16Neferkara IINo Picture Available8th Dynasty
17Neferkawhor KhuwihapNo Picture Available8th Dynasty
18NeferirkaraNo Picture Available8th Dynasty
19Achthoes I
( Meryibre Khety )
No Picture Available2160 BC - ???? BC
20Khety II
( Meribre )
No Picture Available
21Neferkare IIINo Picture Available
22Acthoes II
( Nebkaure )
No Picture Available9th Dynasty
23SetutNo Picture Available
24Khety I
( Wakhare )
No Picture Available
25MerykareNo Picture Available9th Dynasty
26Khety II
( Wankhare )
No Picture Available
27Menethoupe INo Picture Available
28Khety III
( Wankhare )
No Picture Available
29Khety IINo Picture Available
30Khety II's daughterNo Picture Available
31Merikare's daughterNo Picture Available???? BC - 2130 BC
32MeryhathorNo Picture Available2130 BC - ???? BC
33Neferkare IVNo Picture Available
34Acthoes III
( Wankare )
No Picture Available
35MerykareNo Picture Available
36Intef INo Picture Available2134 BC - 2117 BC11th Dynasty
37Intef IINo Picture Available2117 BC - 2069 BC11th Dynasty
38Intef IIINo Picture Available2069 BC - 2060 BC11th Dynasty
39Mentuhotep I
( Nebhetepre )
No Picture Available2060 - 2010 BC11th Dynasty
40Mentuhotep II
( Sankhkare )
No Picture Available2010 BC - 1998 BC11th Dynasty
41Mentuhotep III
( Nebtawyre )
1997 BC - 1991 BC11th Dynasty
42Mentuhotep IVNo Picture Available7 years11th Dynasty

Middle Kingdom (1991 BC-1802 BC)

# Name Picture Start - End Dynasty Comment
1Amenemhat INo Picture Available1991 BC - 1962 BC12th Dynasty
2Senusret I
( Sesostris I )
1971 BC - 1926 BC12th Dynasty
3Amenemhat II1929 BC - 1895 BC12th Dynasty
4Senusret II
( Sesostris II )
No Picture Available1897 BC - 1878 BC12th Dynasty
5Senusret III
( Sesostris III )
1878 BC - 1860 BC12th Dynasty
6Amenemhat III1860 BC - 1815 BC12th Dynasty
7Amenemhat IVNo Picture Available1815 BC - 1807 BC12th Dynasty
8SobekneferuNo Picture Available1807 BC - 180312th Dynasty

Second Intermediate period

# Name Picture Start - End Dynasty Comment
1Sekhemre Khutawy
( Sobekhotep ) or Wegaf
No Picture Available1803 BC - 179913th Dynasty
2SekhemkareNo Picture Available13th Dynasty
3Amenemhat VNo Picture Available1795 BC - 1792 BC13th Dynasty
4SehetepreNo Picture Available???? BC - 1790 BC13th Dynasty
5IufniNo Picture Available13th Dynasty
6SeankhibreNo Picture Available13th Dynasty
7SemenkareNo Picture Available13th Dynasty
8SehetepreNo Picture Available13th Dynasty
9SewadjkareNo Picture Available13th Dynasty
10NedjemibreNo Picture Available7 Months13th Dynasty
11Sobekhotep INo Picture Available13th Dynasty
12RensenebNo Picture Available1775 BC - ???? BC13th Dynasty
13Awybre Hor INo Picture Available1775 BC - ???? BC13th Dynasty
14SedjefakareNo Picture Available5 - 7 years13th Dynasty
15Sekhemre Khutawy
( Sobekhotep )
No Picture Available1767 BC - ???? BC13th Dynasty
16KhendjerNo Picture Available1765 BC - ???? BC13th Dynasty
17ImyremeshawNo Picture Available13th Dynasty
18Antef VNo Picture Available13th Dynasty
19Sobekhotep IIINo Picture Available1755 BC - ???? BC13th Dynasty
20Neferhotep INo Picture Available1751 BC - 1740 BC13th Dynasty
21Sobekhotep IV1740 BC - 1730 BC13th Dynasty
22Sobekhotep V1730 BC - ???? BC13th Dynasty
23Wahibre IbiauNo Picture Available1725 BC - 1714 BC13th Dynasty
24Merneferre AiNo Picture Available1714 BC - 1691 BC13th Dynasty
25Merhetepre IniNo Picture Available2 Years, 2 Months13th Dynasty
26Seankhenre SewadtjewNo Picture Available13th Dynasty
27Mersekhemre InedNo Picture Available13th Dynasty
28Sewadjkare HoriNo Picture Available13th Dynasty
29Mentuhotep VNo Picture Available13th Dynasty

The position of the following kings is uncertain:

# Name Picture Start - End Dynasty Comment
1Dudimose INo Picture Available13th Dynasty
2Dudimose IINo Picture Available13th Dynasty
3SenebmiuNo Picture Available13th Dynasty
5SenaayebNo Picture Available1654 BC - ???? BC13th Dynasty

# Name Picture Start - End Dynasty Comment
1NehesyNo Picture Available1705 BC - ???? BC14th Dynasty
2KhakherewreNo Picture Available14th Dynasty
3NebefawreNo Picture Available1704 BC - ???? BC14th Dynasty
4SehebreNo Picture Available14th Dynasty
5MerdjefareNo Picture Available1699 BC - ???? BC14th Dynasty
6SewadjkareNo Picture Available14th Dynasty
7NebdjefareNo Picture Available1694 BC - ???? BC14th Dynasty
8WebenreNo Picture Available14th Dynasty
9Unknown KingNo Picture Available14th Dynasty
10DjefareNo Picture Available14th Dynasty
11webenreNo Picture Available1690 BC - ???? BC14th Dynasty
12SalitisNo Picture Available20 years15th Dynasty
13Sakir-HarNo Picture Available15th Dynasty
14KhyanNo Picture Available30 - 40 Years15th Dynasty
15Apepi INo Picture Available40 or more years15th Dynasty
16Apepi IINo Picture Available15th Dynasty
17SheshiNo Picture Available1674 BC - ???? BC15th Dynasty
18KhamudyNo Picture Available???? BC - 1535 BC15th Dynasty
19YakubherNo Picture Available15th Dynasty
20Khyan II
( Khiyan Apachnan )
No Picture Available15th Dynasty
21Unknown KingNo Picture Available1649 BC - 1648 BC16th DynastyThe Name is lost in the Turin King List
( Sekhemresementawy )
No Picture Available1648 BC - 1645 BC16th DynastyThe first king is lost here in the Turin King List
23Sobekhotep VIII
( Sekhemresewosertawy )
No Picture Available1645 BC - 1629 BC16th Dynasty
24Neferhotep III
( Sekhemresankhtawy )
No Picture Available1629 BC - 1628 BC16th Dynasty
25Mentuhotep VI
( Sankhenra )
No Picture Available1628 BC - 1627 BC16th Dynasty
26Nebiriau I
( Sewadjenra )
No Picture Available1627 BC - 1601 BC16th Dynasty
27Nebiriau IINo Picture Available1601 BC - 1601 BC16th Dynasty
( Semenre )
No Picture Available1601 BC - 1600 BC16th Dynasty
( Seuserenra )
No Picture Available1600 BC - 1588 BC16th Dynasty
( Sekhemreshedwaset )
No Picture Available1588 BC - 1588 BCThe Name is lost in the Turin King List
31Dedumose I
( Djedhotepre )
No Picture Available???? BC - ???? BC16th DynastyKingship Uncertain
32Dedumose II
( Djedneferre )
No Picture Available???? BC - ???? BC16th DynastyKingship Uncertain
( Djedankhre )
No Picture Available???? BC - ???? BC16th DynastyKingship Uncertain
34Menthhotep VII
( Meriankhre )
No Picture Available???? BC - ???? BC16th DynastyKingship Uncertain
35Senwosret IV
( Seneferibre )
No Picture Available???? BC - ???? BC16th DynastyKingship Uncertain
( Sekhemrewahkhaw )
No Picture Available1650 BC - ???? BC17th Dynasty
37Sobekemsaf INo Picture Available17th Dynasty
38Intef V the ElderNo Picture Available3 years17th Dynasty
39Antef VI
( Sekhemrewepmaat )
No Picture Available17th Dynasty
40Antef VII
( Nubkheperre )
No Picture Available17th Dynasty
41Intef VIII
( Sekhemreherhermaat )
No Picture Available17th Dynasty
42Sobekemsaf II
( Sekhemrewadjkhaw )
No Picture Available17th Dynasty
43DjehutiNo Picture Available3 Years17th Dynasty
44Mentuhotep VINo Picture Available1 Year17th Dynasty
45Nebiryerawet INo Picture Available6 Years17th Dynasty
46Nebiryerawet IINo Picture Available17th Dynasty
47SemenreNo Picture Available17th Dynasty
48SeuserenreNo Picture Available12 Years17th Dynasty
49ShedwastNo Picture Available17th Dynasty
50Tao I the Elder
( Senakhtenre )
No Picture Available1558 BC - ???? BC17th Dynasty
51Tao II the Brave
( Seqenenre )
No Picture Available1558 BC - 1554 BC17th Dynasty
52KamoseNo Picture Available1554 BC - 1549 BC17th Dynasty

New Kingdom

# Name Picture Start - End Dynasty Comment
1Ahmose I
( Ahmosis I )
1550 BC - 1525 BC18th Dynasty
2Amenhotep I1525 BC - 1504 BC18th Dynasty
3Thutmose I1504 BC - 1492 BC18th Dynasty
4Thutmose II1492 BC - 1479 BC18th Dynasty
5Hatshepsut1473 BC - 1458 BC18th DynastyBone Cancer
6Thutmose III1479 BC - 1425 BC18th Dynasty
7Amenhotep II1425 BC - 1400 BC18th Dynasty
8Thutmose IV1400 BC - 1388 BC18th Dynasty
9Amenhotep III1388 BC - 1352 BC18th Dynasty
10Amenhotep IV
( Akhenaten )
1352 BC - 1334 BC18th Dynasty
11Smenkhkare1334 BC - 1333 BC18th Dynasty
12NeferneferuatenNo Picture Available1335 BC - 1333 BC18th Dynasty
13Tutankhamun1333 BC - 1324 BC18th Dynasty
( Kheperkheprure )
1324 BC - 1320 BC18th Dynasty
15HoremhebNo Picture Available1320 BC - 1292 BC18th Dynasty
16Ramesses I1292 BC - 1290 BC19th Dynasty
17Seti I1290 BC - 1279 BC19th Dynasty
18Ramesses II The Great1279 BC - 1213 BC19th Dynasty
19MerneptahNo Picture Available1213 BC - 1203 BC19th Dynasty
20Amenemses1203 BC - 1200 BC19th Dynasty
21Seti II1200 BC - 1194 BC19th Dynasty
22Merneptah Siptah1194 BC - 1188 BC19th Dynasty
23TwosretNo Picture Available1188 BC - 1186 BC19th Dynasty
24SetnakhteNo Picture Available1186 BC - 1183 BC20th Dynasty
25Ramesses IIINo Picture Available1183 BC - 1152 BC20th Dynasty
26Ramesses IVNo Picture Available1152 BC - 1146 BC20th Dynasty
27Ramesses VNo Picture Available1146 BC - 1142 BC20th Dynasty
28Ramesses VI1142 BC - 1134 BC20th Dynasty
29Ramesses VIINo Picture Available1134 BC - 1126 BC20th Dynasty
30Ramesses VIIINo Picture Available1126 BC - 1124 BC20th Dynasty
31Ramesses IXNo Picture Available1124 BC - 1106 BC20th Dynasty
32Ramesses X1106 BC - 1102 BC20th Dynasty
33Ramesses XINo Picture Available1102 BC - 1069 BC20th DynastyStripped of power by the High Priest of Amun Herihor

Third intermediate period

# Name Picture Start - End Dynasty Comment
1Smendes INo Picture Available1070 BC - 1044 BC21st Dynasty
( Nephercheres )
No Picture Available1044 BC - 1040 BC21st Dynasty
3Psusennes I1040 BC - 992 BC21st Dynasty
( Amenophthis )
No Picture Available993 BC - 984 BC21st Dynasty
5Osorkon the ElderNo Picture Available984 BC - 978 BC21st Dynasty
( Psinaches )
No Picture Available978 BC - 959 BC21st Dynasty
7Psusennes IINo Picture Available959 BC - 945 BC21st Dynasty
8Shoshenq I
( Sesonchis )
No Picture Available943 BC - 922 BC22nd Dynasty
9Osorkon I
( Osorthon )
922 BC - 887 BC22nd Dynasty
11Takelot INo Picture Available887 BC - 874 BC22nd Dynasty
10Shoshenq IINo Picture Available874 BC - 872 BC22nd Dynasty
13Osorkon IINo Picture Available872 BC - 837 BC22nd Dynasty
14Shoshenq IIINo Picture Available837 BC - 798 BC22nd Dynasty
15Shoshenq IVNo Picture Available798 BC - 785 BC22nd Dynasty
16PamiNo Picture Available785 BC - 778 BC22nd Dynasty
17Shoshenq VNo Picture Available778 BC - 740 BC22nd Dynasty
18Osorkon IVNo Picture Available740 BC - 720 BC22nd Dynasty
19Takelot IINo Picture Available837 BC - 813 BC23rd Dynasty
20Pedubast I
( Petubastis )
No Picture Available826 BC - 801 BC23rd Dynasty
21Iuput INo Picture Available812 BC - 811 BC23rd Dynasty
22Shoshenq VINo Picture Available801 BC - 795 BC23rd Dynasty
23Osorkon IIINo Picture Available795 BC - 767 BC23rd Dynasty
24Takelot IIINo Picture Available773 BC - 765 BC23rd Dynasty
25RudamunNo Picture Available765 BC - 762 BC23rd Dynasty
26Iuput IINo Picture Available762 BC - 728 BC23rd Dynasty
34TefnakhtNo Picture Available724 BC - 717 BC24th Dynasty
( Bocchoris )
No Picture Available717 BC - 712 BC24th Dynasty

Late period

25th Dynasty - The Nubians

# Name Picture Start - End Dynasty Comment
1PiyeNo Picture Available752 BC - 72125th Dynasty
2ShabakaNo Picture Available721 BC - 70725th Dynasty
3ShebitkuNo Picture Available707 BC - 69025th Dynasty
4Taharqa690 BC - 66425th Dynasty
5TantamaniNo Picture Available664 BC - 65325th Dynasty

26th Dynasty

# Name Picture Start - End Dynasty Comment
1Necho INo Picture Available672 BC - 664 BC26th Dynasty
2Psamtik INo Picture Available664 BC - 610 BC26th Dynasty
3Necho II610 BC - 595 BC26th Dynasty
4Psamtik IINo Picture Available595 BC - 589 BC26th Dynasty
( Wahibre )
589 BC - 570 BC26th Dynasty
6Ahmose IINo Picture Available570 BC - 526 BC26th Dynasty
7Psammetichus IIINo Picture Available526 BC - 525 BC26th Dynasty

27th Dynasty - 1st Achaemenid Persian Dynasty

# Name Picture Start - End Dynasty Comment
1Cambyses IINo Picture Available525 BC - 521 BC27th Dynasty
( The Usurper )
No Picture Available522 BC - 521 BC27th Dynasty
3Darius I The Great521 BC - 486 BC27th Dynasty
4Xerxes I The Great486 BC - 465 BC27th Dynasty
5ArtabanusNo Picture Available465 BC - 464 BC27th Dynasty
6Artaxerxes I
( Longhand )
No Picture Available464 BC - 424 BC27th Dynasty
7Xerxes IINo Picture Available424 BC - 423 BC27th Dynasty
8SogdianusNo Picture Available424 BC - 423 BC27th Dynasty
9Darius IINo Picture Available424 BC - 404 BC27th Dynasty

28th Dynasty

# Name Picture Start - End Dynasty Comment
1AmyrtaeusNo Picture Available404 BC - 398 BC28th Dynasty

29th Dynasty

# Name Picture Start - End Dynasty Comment
1Nefaarud INo Picture Available398 BC - 393 BC29th Dynasty
2PsammuthesNo Picture Available393 BC - 393 BC29th Dynasty
( Achoris )
No Picture Available393 BC - 380 BC29th Dynasty
4Nefaarud IINo Picture Available380 BC - 380 BC29th Dynasty

30th Dynasty

# Name Picture Start - End Dynasty Comment
1Nectanebo I
( Nekhtnebef )
380 BC - 362 BC30th Dynasty
2TeosNo Picture Available362 BC - 360 BC30th Dynasty
3Nectanebo II360 BC - 343 BC30th Dynasty

31st Dynasty - 2nd Achaemenid Persian Dynasty

# Name Picture Start - End Dynasty Comment
1Artaxerxes IIINo Picture Available343 BC - 338 BC31st DynastyOnly reigned in Lower Egypt
2Artaxerxes IV ArsesNo Picture Available338 BC - 336 BC31st Dynasty
3KhababashNo Picture Available338 BC - 335 BC31st Dynasty
4Darius III CodomannusNo Picture Available336 BC - 332 BC31st Dynasty

The Ptolemaic Era (332 BC-30 BC)

# King Picture Start End Governor Title Destiny
1Alexander III the Great332 BC323 BCPharoahMost likely poisoned
aCleomenesNo Picture Available331 BC322 BCNomarchrelived of duties by Ptolomy Soter then murdered
bPhilip IIINo Picture Available323 BC317 BCMurdered
cAlexander IVNo Picture Available322 BC309 BCMurdered
2Ptolemy I SoterNo Picture Available323 BC285 BCRegent for Phillip II and Alexander IVKing after 308 BC
3Berenice INo Picture Available285 BC288 BC
4Ptolemy II Philadelphos246 BC???? BC
5Arsinoe INo Picture Available284 BC274 BC
6Arsinoe IINo Picture Available277 BC270 BC
7Ptolemy III Euergetes I246 BC222 BC
8Berenice IINo Picture Available244 BC222 BC
9Ptolemy IV Philopator222 BC204 BC
10Arsinoe IIINo Picture Available220 BC204 BC
DHugronaphorNo Picture Available205 BC197 BCPharoah
EChaonnophrisNo Picture Available197 BC185 BCPharoahExecuted by Ptolemy
11Ptolemy V Epiphanes204 BC180 BC
12Cleopatra I193 BC176 BC
13Ptolemy VI Philometor180 BC164 BC
14Cleopatra IINo Picture Available173 BC164 BC
15Ptolemy VIII Euergetes IINo Picture Available171 BC163 BC
16Ptolemy VI Philometor163 BC145 BC
FAntiochus IV EpiphanesNo Picture Available168 BC168 BC
17Cleopatra IINo Picture Available163 BC127 BC
18Ptolemy VII Neos PhilopatorNo Picture Available144 BC145 BC
19Ptolemy VIII Euergetes IINo Picture Available145 BC131 BC
20Cleopatra IIINo Picture Available142 BC131 BC
21Ptolemy MemphitisNo Picture Available131 BC???? BC
22Ptolemy VIII Euergetes IINo Picture Available127 BC116 BC
23Cleopatra IIINo Picture Available127 BC107 BC
24Cleopatra IINo Picture Available124 BC116 BC
25Ptolemy IX Soter IINo Picture Available116 BC110 BC
26Cleopatra IVNo Picture Available116 BC115 BC
27Ptolemy X Alexander INo Picture Available110 BC109 BC
28Ptolemy IX Soter IINo Picture Available109 BC107 BC
29Ptolemy X Alexander I107 BC88 BC
30Ptolemy IX Soter IINo Picture Available88 BC81 BC
31Berenice IIINo Picture Available81 BC80 BC
32Ptolemy XI Alexander IINo Picture Available80 BC???? BCLynched by an angry mob.
33Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysos (Auletes)80 BC57 BC
34Cleopatra V TryphaenaNo Picture Available57 BC57 BC
35Cleopatra VINo Picture Available57 BC58 BC
36Berenice IVNo Picture Available58 BC55 BC
37Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysos55 BC51 BC
38Cleopatra VII51 BC30 BC
39Ptolemy XIIINo Picture Available51 BC47 BC
40Arsinoe IVNo Picture Available48 BC47 BC
41Ptolemy XIVNo Picture Available47 BC44 BC
42Ptolemy XV CaesarionNo Picture Available44 BC30 BC

The Roman Empire Era (30 BC-328)

# Governor Start End Period Governor Title Destiny
1Aelius Cornelius GallusNo Picture Available30 BC؟؟؟?-Prefect-
2Gaius PetroniusNo Picture Available26 BC؟؟؟?-Prefect-
3Gaius Aelius GallusNo Picture Available27 BC25 BC-Praefect-
4Gaius PetroniusNo Picture Available26 BC24 BC-Prefect-
5Publius Rubrius BarbarusNo Picture Available13 BC؟؟؟?-Prefect-
6Gaius TurraniusNo Picture Available7 BC؟؟؟?-Prefect-
7Publius OctaviusNo Picture Available1BC؟؟؟?-Prefect-
8Quintus Ostorius ScapulaNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
9Gaius Iulius AquilaNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
10Quintus Magnus MaximusNo Picture Available1214-Prefect-
11Lucius StraboNo Picture Available1415-Prefect-
12Aemilius RectusNo Picture Available31؟؟؟?-Prefect-
13Avilius FlacusNo Picture Available32375 YearsPrefect-
14Emilius RectusNo Picture Available37؟؟؟?-Prefect-
15Sius StraboNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
16Navius Sertorius MacroNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
17Vitrasius PolioNo Picture Available39؟؟؟?-Prefect-
18Emilius RectusNo Picture Available41؟؟؟?-Prefect-
19Julius BostumusNo Picture Available47؟؟؟?-Prefect-
20Virgilius CapitoNo Picture Available48؟؟؟?-Prefect-
21LusiusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
22Metius ModostusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
23Claudius PalpilusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
24Julius VistinusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
25Caissina TuskusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
26Tiberius Julius AlexanderNo Picture Available66693 yearsPrefectWent back to Rome
27Tiberius Julius LoposNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
28PolinusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
29Stetus AfricanusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
30Septimus VigitusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
31Metius RofusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
32Petronius SecondusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
33Pompius PlantaNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
34Manius Laberius MaximusNo Picture Available8084-PrefectWent back to Rome, later Counsul (89)
35Meneshius ItalusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
36Solebesius SemaiusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
37Marcus Rutilius LupusNo Picture Available1101188 YearsPrefect-
38Marcius TurboNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
39Rehmius MartialisNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
40Hatirius NebusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
41Flavius TitaniusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
42Petronius MamertinusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
43Valerius IdamonNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
44Avidius HeliudurusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
45Petronius HonoratusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
46Monasius FelixNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
47Sempronius LiberalisNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
48Volosius MacianusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
49Valerius BrocolusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
50Anius SeriacusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
51Domitius HonoratusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
52Flavius TitaniusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
53Passos RufusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
54Cavisius StatianusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
55Pactimus MagnusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
56Flavius CresposNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
57Manius FlavianusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
58Lucius Volusius MaecianusNo Picture Available170s؟؟؟?-Prefect-
58aGaiusAvidius CassiusNo Picture Available175175-EmperorExecuted
59Aurilius Papirus DyonisiusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
60Tinius DemetriusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
61Claudius LothilaniusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
62Larthius MimorNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
63Polias FlaviusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
64Abius SabinosNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
65Matinius SabinusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
66Olpius PrimianusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
67Emilius StoriniusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
68Macius LatusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
69Subatianus AkillaNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
70Manius Felix CrethntilianusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
71Paipus Aurelius GonthinusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
72Septimus HeracliusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
73Valius DatusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
74Aurelius AntinusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
75BasilianusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
76Geminus CrestosNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
77Mavius HonoriatusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
78Edinafus JulianusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
79ValeriusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
80bagatusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
81MascolanusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
82Miphios HonoratianusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
83AnianusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
84Aurelius BasiliusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
85Claudius Valerius VermusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
86Ibius SabinusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
87EmilianusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
88Aurilius TudotusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
89VermusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
90GenialisNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
91Pomponius GanoraiusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
92Marcsus AureliusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
93DujinisNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
94Flavius Valerius PompianusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
95PimpianusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
96Emilius RusticanusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
97Elius PopliusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
98Claudius ColcianusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
99Tenagino ProbusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?269-PrefectBeheaded
1-Zenobia of Palmyra2692723 YearsQueenExecuted
101AmoniusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
102Anthonius GregoriusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
103Aurelius AnthoniusNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
104Contius AiberNo Picture Available؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Prefect-
105HieroclesNo Picture Availablecirca 300؟؟؟?-Proconsul-

See Roman Egypt

Byzantine Empire Era ( 328 - 640 )

Byzantine First Period

# Governor Start End Governor Title Destiny
1Julius JulianusNo Picture Available328؟؟?Wally-
2Septimius ZenonNo Picture Available329؟؟?Wally-
3MagntianusNo Picture Available330؟؟?Wally-
4FlorintiusNo Picture Available331؟؟?Wally-
5HeginusNo Picture Available332333Wally-
6PatiriusNo Picture Available333334Wally-
7Flavius FilagriusNo Picture Available334337Wally-
8Flavius Anthonius TudurusNo Picture Available337؟؟?Wally-
9Flavius FelagriusNo Picture Available338340Wally-
10LonginusNo Picture Available341343Wally-
11PaladiusNo Picture Available344345Wally-
12NesturiusNo Picture Available345؟؟?Wally-
13SepastianusNo Picture Available352354Wally-
14MaximusNo Picture Available355356Wally-
15CatafroniusNo Picture Available356357Wally-
16Hermoginus ParnasiusNo Picture Available357359Wally-
17ItaliacianusNo Picture Available359359Wally-
18FaustinusNo Picture Available359361Wally-
19GerontiusNo Picture Available361362Wally-
20Icdicius OlympusNo Picture Available362363Wally-
21HeriusNo Picture Available364364Wally-
22MaximusNo Picture Available364364Wally-
23FlavianusNo Picture Available364366Wally-
24ProcolitianusNo Picture Available366367Wally-
25Flavius ItulimiusNo Picture Available367370Wally-
26Olympus PaladiusNo Picture Available370371Wally-
27Elius PaladiusNo Picture Available371374Wally-
28HadrianusNo Picture Available379380Wally-
29Julius JulianusNo Picture Available380382Wally-
30PaladiusNo Picture Available382383Wally-
31HebatiusNo Picture Available383383Wally-
32AnthoniusNo Picture Available383384Wally-
33OptatusNo Picture Available384384Wally-
34FlorintiusNo Picture Available384386Wally-
35YuzipiusNo Picture Available386386Wally-
36PaulinusNo Picture Available386387Wally-
37Flavius Olpius ArtheriusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
38TudurusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
39FlurusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
40AlexanderNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
41PoethusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
42AnthimiusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
43TheoctisiusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
44TheognostusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
45PergamiusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
46ApoloniusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
47ArsiniusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
48YoustathiusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
49NeodusiusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
50DeoscurusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
51RudunNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
52LiberiusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
53AlexanderNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
54EvagriusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
55HebatiusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
56PotamiusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
57EvagriusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
58GenadiusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
59RemegiusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
60ArchilausNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
61PentadiusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
62PothaliusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
63AurestusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
64CalistusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
65CleopatarNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
66CarmosinusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
67John LaxarionNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
68HefastusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
69Germanus GestiniusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
70JohnNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-
71PaulusNo Picture Available؟؟?؟؟?Wally-

Sassanian Occupation

# King Start End Governor Title Destiny
1Khosrau II618628ShahMurdered
2Kavadh II628628ShahMurdered

Byzantine Second Period

# Governor Start End Governor Title Destiny
72JohnNo Picture Available628????Wally-
73CostantinusNo Picture Available????????Wally-
74MenasNo Picture Available????????Wally-
75Petrus GestiniusNo Picture Available????????Wally-
76JohnNo Picture Available????????Wally-
77NectiasNo Picture Available????????Wally-
78Cyrus of AlexandriaNo Picture Available630s630sPatriarch and PopeRecalled by The Emperor
78TheodurusNo Picture Available630s630sWally-
79Cyrus of AlexandriaNo Picture Available630s640Patriarch and PopeSurrendered To Caliphate

The Rashidun Caliphs Era (640-658)

# Governor Start End Period Governor Title Destiny
1Amr Ibn Al-AasNo Picture Available6406466 yearsWallySecluded by Uthman Ibn Affan
2Abdullah Ibn Sa'adNo Picture Available64665610 yearsWally-
3Muhammad Ibn Abi HuzayfaNo Picture Available6566571 yearsWallyKilled
4Qays Ibn Sa'adNo Picture Available6576576 MonthsWallySecluded
5Malik Ibn Al-HarithNo Picture Available6576571 DayWallyDied before reaching Al-Fustat
6Muhammad ibn Abi BakrNo Picture Available6586585 MonthsWallyKilled

Umayyad Empire Era (659-750)

# Governor Start End Governor Title Destiny
1Amr ibn al-Aas659664Wally-
2Utba ibn Abi Suffyan Ibn Harb664665WallyDied
3Oquba ibn Amir al-Gahny665667WallyUnseated
4Muslima ibn Makhlad al-Ansari667682Wally-
5Sa'id ibn Yazid ibn al-Qama al-Azdi682684WallyUnseated
6Abd al-Rahman ibn Utba ibn Gahdam al-Fihri684684WallyUnseated
7Abd al-Aziz ibn Marwan ibn al-Hakam685705Wally-
8Abdullah ibn Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan ibn al-Hakam705709WallyUnseated
9Qurra Ibn Sharik al-Absi709714Wally-
10Abd al-Malik ibn Rifa'a al-Fahmi714717WallyUnseated
11Ayyub ibn Sharhabil717720Wally-
12Bishr ibn Safwan al-Kalbi720721WallyBecame The Wally of Africa
13Hanzala ibn Safwan al-Kalbi721724Wally-
14Muhammad ibn Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan724724WallyRanaway after an epidemic
15Al-Hurr ibn Yusuf724727WallyDied
16Abd al-Malik ibn Rifa'a al-Fahmi727727Wally-
17Al-Walid ibn Rifa'a ibn Thabit al-Fahmi727735WallyUnseated
18Abd al-Rahman ibn Khalid al-Fahmi735737WallyUnseated
19Hanzala ibn Safwan al-Kalbi737741WallyBecame The Wally of Africa
20Hafs ibn al-Walid ibn Yusuf al-Hadrami741744WallyAsked to be unseated
21Hasan ibn Atahiya744744WallyRan away
22Hafs ibn al-Walid ibn Yusuf al-Hadrami744745Wally-
23Al-Hawthala ibn Sohayl al-Bahili745749WallyUnseated
24Al-Mughira ibn Unayd al-Fazari749749WallyDied
25Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan Musa ibn Nussayr749749WallyUnseated by the Abbasids

Abbasid Empire Era (750-969)

The First Abbasid Period Rulers (750-868)

# Governor Start End Period Governor Title Destiny
1Saleh Ibn Ali Ibn Abullah Ibn Al-Abbas7507511 yearWallyBecame the wally of Palestine
2Abu Oun Abdel Malek Ibn Yazeed7517532 yearsWallyRan away after an epidemic
3Saleh Ibn Ali Ibn Abullah Ibn Al-Abbas7537552 yearsWallyUnseated
4Abu Oun Abdel Malek Ibn Yazeed7557583 yearsWallyUnseated
5Moussa Ibn Ka'ab Oyayna7587591 yearWallyUnseated
6Mohammed Ibn Al-Ash'ath Al-Khozaey7597601 yearWallyUnseated
7Homayd Ibn Qohayta7607622 yearsWallyUnseated
8Yazeed Ibn Hatem Al-Mohobaly7627686 yearsWallyUnseated
9Abdullah Ibn Abdel Rahman Ibn Mo'awya7687724 yearsWally-
10Mohammed Ibn Abdel Rahman Ibn Mo'awya7727728 MonthsWallyDied
11Moussa Ibn Ali Ibn Rabah Al-Lakhmy7727786 yearsWally-
12Essa Ibn Loqman Al-Gamhy7787794 MonthsWallyUnseated
13Wadeh7797794 MonthsWallyUnseated
14Mansour Ibn Yazeed Ibn Mansour Al-Roayny7797792 MonthsWallyUnseated
15Yahia Ibn Dawood Al-Harshy7797801 yearWallyUnseated
16Salem Ibn Sawada Al-Tamemy7807811 yearWallyUnseated
17Ibrahim Ibn Saleh Ibn Abdullah Ibn Al-Abbas7817843 yearsWallyUnseated
18Moussa Ibn Sa'ab Al-Khasamy7847851 yearWallyKilled
19Osama Ibn Amr Al-Moafery7857852 MonthsWallyUnseated
20Al-Fadl Ibn Saleh Ibn Ali Al-Abbasy7857861 yearWallyUnseated
21Ali Ibn Salman Al-Abbasy7867871 yearWallyUnseated by the new Abbasid wally
22Moussa Ibn Essa Ibn Moussa Al-Abbasy7877892 yearsWallyUnseated
23Moslama Ibn Yahia Al-Bagly7897901 yearWallyUnseated
24Mohammed Ibn Zohair Al-Azdy790790Less Than A YearWallyUnseated
25Dawood Ibn Yazeed Al-Mahlaby7907911 yearsWallyUnseated
26Moussa Ibn Essa Ibn Moussa Al-Abbasy7917921 yearsWallyUnseated
27Ibrahim Ibn Saleh Ibn Abdullah Ibn Al-Abbas792792Less Than A YearWallyUnseated
28Abdullah Ibn Al-Maseeb Ibn Zohair Al-Dabii7927931 yearWallyUnseated
29Isak Ibn Souliman7939941 yearWallyUnseated
30Harthama Ibn Aayoun9947951 yearWallyBecame the wally of Africa
31Abdel Malek Ibn Saleh Ibn Ali Al-Abbasy795795Less Than A YearWally-
32Abdullah Ibn Al-Maseeb Al-Abbasy79579510 MonthsWallyUnseated
33Abdullah Ibn Al-Mahdy Al-Abbasy795795Less Than A YearWallyUnseated
34Moussa Ibn Essa Ibn Moussa Al-Abbasy7957961 yearWallyUnseated
35Abdullah Ibn Al-Mahdy Al-Abbasy7967971 yearWallyUnseated
36Ismael Ibn Saleh Al-Abbasy7977981 yearWallyUnseated
37Ismael Ibn Essa Al-Abbasy798798Less Than A YearWallyUnseated
38Al-Layth Ibn Al-Fadl7988035 yearsWallyUnseated
39Ahmed Ibn Ismael Ibn Ali Ibn Abdullah Al-Abbasy8038052 yearsWallyUnseated
40Abdullah Ibn Mohammed Al-Abbasy8058061 yearWallyUnseated
41Al-Hussain Ibn Jameel8068082 yearsWallyUnseated
42Malek Ibn Dalham Al-Kalby8088089 MonthsWallyUnseated
43Al-Hasan Ibn Al-Takhtakh80980911 MonthsWallyUnseated
44Hatem Ibn Harthama Ibn Aayoun8108111 yearWallyUnseated
45Gaber Ibn Al-Asha'ath Al-Ta'ey8118122 yearsWallyBeaten off from Egypt
46Abbad Ibn Mohammed Ibn Hayan812813Less Than A YearWallyUnseated
47Al-Mottaleb Ibn Abdullah Al-Khozaey813814Less Than A YearWallyUnseated
48Al-Abbas Ibn Moussa Ibn Essa Al-Abbasy814814Less Than A YearWally-
49Al-Mottaleb Ibn Abdullah Al-Khozaey814815Less Than A YearWallyBeaten off from Egypt
50Al-Serry Ibn Al-Hakam8158166 MonthsWallySoldiers revoluted on him
51Souliman Ibn Ghaleb Ibn Gabriel Al-Bagly8168175 MonthsWallySoldiers revoluted on him
52Al-Serry Ibn Al-Hakam8178203 yearsWally-
53Abu Al-Nasr Ibn Al-Serry8208222 yearsWally-
54Obaid Allah Ibn Al-Serry8228253 yearsWallyUnseated by the new wally
55Khaled Ibn Yazeed Ibn Mazeed Al-Shebany825826Less Than A YearWally-
56Abdullah Ibn Taher Ibn Al-Houssain826827Less Than A YearWally-
57Essa Ibn Yazeed Al-Geloudy8278292 yearsWally-
58Omair Ibn Al-Waleed82982960 DaysWallyKilled
59Mohammed Ibn Omair8298291 MonthWally-
60Essa Ibn Yazeed Al-Geloudy829830Less Than A YearWally-
61Abdoweya Ibn Gabala830831Less Than A YearWallyUnseated
62Essa Ibn Mansour831832Less Than A YearWallyUnseated by the new wally
63Kider Nasr Ibn Abdullah8328342 yearsWally-
64Mozaffar Ibn Kider8348344 MonthsWally-
65Moussa Ibn Abu Al-Abbas8348395 yearsWally-
66Malek Ibn Kider8398412 yearsWally-
67Ali Ibn Yahia Al-Armany8418432 yearsWally-
68Essa Ibn Mansour8438474 yearsWally-
69Harthama Ibn al-Nadr Al-Gabaly848849Less Than A YearWally-
70Hatem Ibn Harthama Ibn al-Nadr8498491 MonthWally-
71Ali Ibn Yahia Al-Armany849850Less Than A YearWallyUnseated
72Isak Ibn Yahia Ibn Moaz850851Less Than A YearWally-
73Khaot Abel Wahed Ibn Yahia851852Less Than A YearWally-
74Anbasa Ibn Isak Al-Dabii8528564 yearsWally-
75Yazeed Ibn Abdullah Al-Tourky856867Less Than A YearWally-
76Mozahem Ibn Khaqan867868Less Than A YearWally-
77Ahmed Ibn Mozahem Ibn Khaqan868868Less Than A YearWally-
78Azgour Al Tourky868868Less Than A YearWally-

Tulunids Dynasty (868-905)

# Governor Start End Period Governor Title Destiny
1Ahmad ibn TulunNo Picture Available86888416 yearsEmirDied
2KhumarawaihNo Picture Available88489612 yearsEmirMurdered
3Abu l-AshirNo Picture Available8968961 yearEmirUnseated then died in jail
4HarunNo Picture Available8969049 yearsEmirMurdered
5ShaibanNo Picture Available9049051 yearEmirleft

The Second Abbasid Period Rulers (905-935)

# Governor Start End Period Governor Title Destiny
1Saleh Ibn Ali Ibn Abullah Ibn Al-Abbas؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Wally-
2Abu Oun Abdel Malek Ibn Yazeed؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Wally-
3Saleh Ibn Ali Ibn Abullah Ibn Al-Abbas؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Wally-
4Abu Oun Abdel Malek Ibn Yazeed؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Wally-
5Moussa Ibn Ka'ab Oyayna؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Wally-
6Mohammed Ibn Al-Ash'ath Al-Khozaey؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Wally-
7Homayd Ibn Qohayta؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Wally-
8Yazeed Ibn Hatem Al-Mohobaly؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Wally-
9Abdullah Ibn Abdel Rahman Ibn Mo'awya؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Wally-
10Mohammed Ibn Abdel Rahman Ibn Mo'awya؟؟؟?؟؟؟?-Wally-

Ikhshidid Dynasty (935-969)

# Governor Start End Period Governor Title Destiny
1Muhammad bin Tughj Al-IkhshidNo Picture Available93594611 yearsEmirDied
2Abul Qasim Ungur Bin IkhshidNo Picture Available94696115 yearsEmirDied
3Abul Hassan Ali Bin IkhshididNo Picture Available9619665 yearsEmirDied
3Abul Misk kafurNo Picture Available9669685 yearsEmirDied
5Abul Fawares Ahmed Bin IkhshididNo Picture Available9689691 yearEmirFatimids unseated him

The Fatimids Era (969-1171)

# Governor Start End Governor Title Destiny
1Gawhar Al-Siqilli969973Caliph-
2Al-Muizz Lideenillah973975Caliph-
3Al-Aziz Leideinallah975997Caliph-
4Al-Hakim Biamrallah9971020CaliphDisappeared
5Al-Zahir Lazazdinallah10201036Caliph-
6Al-Mustansir Biallah10361094Caliph-
7Al-Mustali Biallah10941102Caliph-
8Al-Amir Biahkamallah11021131CaliphKilled
9Al-Hafiz Ledeinallah11311150Caliph-
10Al-Zafir Biamrallah11501154CaliphKilled
11Al-Faiz Binasrallah11541160Caliph-
12Al-Adid Ledeinallah11601171CaliphUnseated by The Saladin

The Ayyubid Era (1171-1254)

# Governor Start End Period Governor Title Destiny
1Saladin1171119322 yearsSultan-
2Al-AzizNo Picture Available119311985 yearsSultan-
3Al-MansurNo Picture Available119812002 yearsSultan-
4Al-Adil INo Picture Available1200121818 yearsSultan-
5Al-KamilNo Picture Available1218123820 yearsSultan-
6Al-Adil IINo Picture Available123812402 yearsSultan-
7As-Salih AyyubNo Picture Available124012499 yearsSultan-
8TuranshahNo Picture Available124912501 yearSultan-
9Al-Ashraf IINo Picture Available125012544 yearsSultan-

The Mamelukes Era (1254-1517)

Bahari Mamelukes (1254-1382)

# Governor Start End Governor Title Destiny
1Ezz Eddin Aybak12541257Sultan-
2Nur Eddin ben Aybak12571259Sultan-
3Muzafar Seif Eddin Qutuz12591260Sultan-
4Zahir Rukn Eddin Bybars12601277Sultan-
5Said Nasser Eddin Baraka12771279Sultan-
6Adel Badr Eddin Salamish12791279Sultan-
7Mansour Seif Eddin Qalawoon12791290Sultan-
8Ashraf Salah Eddin Khalil12901293Sultan-
9Nasser Mohamed Ben Qalawoon12931294SultanUnseated
10Adel Zeen Eddin Katubgha12941296Sultan-
11Mansour Hossam Eddin Lagin12961298Sultan-
12Nasser Mohamed Ben Qalawoon12981309Sultan-
13Muzafar Rukn Eddin Bybars13091309Sultan-
14Nasser Mohamed Ben Qalawoon13091340SultanAbdicate
15Mansour Seif Eddin Ben Mohamed13401341Sultan-
16Ashraf Alladin Ben Mohamed13411342Sultan-
17Nasser Shahab El-Dein Ben Mohamed13421342Sultan-
18Saleh Emad Eddin Ben Mohamed13421345Sultan-
19Kamil Seif Eddin Ben Mohamed13451346Sultan-
20Muzafar Zein Eddin Ben Mohamed13461347Sultan-
21Nasser Hassan Ben Mohamed13471351Sultan-
22Salah Eddin Saleh Ben Mohamed13511354Sultan-
23Nasser Hassan Ben Mohamed13541361Sultan-
24Salah Eddin Mohamed Ben Hagi13611363Sultan-
25Ashraf Zeen Eddin Ben Hassan13631376Sultan-
26Mansour Aladin Ben Shaban13761381Sultan-
27Salih Zeen Edin Hagi13811382Sultan-

Burgi Mamelukes (1382-1517)

# Governor Start End Governor Title Destiny
1Zaher Barqooq13821399Sultan-
2Farag Ben Barqooq13991405SultanEscaped
3Abd El-Aziz Ben Barqooq14051405Sultan-
4Farag Ben Barqooq14051412SultanUnseated
5Muyaid Sheikh14121421Sultan-
6Ahmed Ben Muyaid14211421Sultan-
7Zaher Tatar14211421Sultan-
8Nasser Mohamed Ben Tatar14211421Sultan-
9Ashraf Barsbay14211438Sultan-
10Aziz Gamal Ben Barsabay14381438Sultan-
11Zaher Gaqmaq14381453Sultan-
12Mansour Osman Ben Gaqmaq14531453SultanUnseated
13Ashraf Inal14531460Sultan-
14Muayaid Ahmed Ben Inal14601460Sultan-
15Zaher Khoshkadam14611467Sultan-
16Seif Eddin Yalbai14671467Sultan-
17Zaher Tamarbagha14671467SultanUnseated
18Khair Bey14671467Sultan-
19Ashraf Qaitbay14681496SultanAbdicated to his son
20Ashraf Mohamed Ben Qaitbay14961497Sultan-
21Qansuh Khumsamaah14971497Sultan-
22Ashraf Mohamed Ben Qaitbay14971498Sultan-
23Qansuh Ashrafi14981500Sultan-
25Adel Tumanbay15011501Sultan-
26Ashraf Qansuh Ghori15011516Sultan-
27Tumanbay II15161517SultanUnseated by the Ottomans

Ottoman Empire Era (1517 - 1798)

# Governor Start End Governor Title Destiny
1Khayer PashaNo Picture Available15171522Sultan-
2Moustafa PashaNo Picture Available15221523Sultan-
3Kouzlagah PashaNo Picture Available15231523SultanUnseated
4Ahmed PashaNo Picture Available15231523SultanKilled
5Ibrahim PashaNo Picture Available15241524Sultan-
6Suliman PashaNo Picture Available15241536Sultan-
7Khissru PashaNo Picture Available15361536Sultan-
8Suliman PashaNo Picture Available15361538Sultan-
9Daoud PashaNo Picture Available15381549Sultan-
10Moustafa PashaNo Picture Available15491549Sultan-
11Ali Pasha SmizNo Picture Available15491554SultanGot another Incumbency in Istanbul
12Mohamed PashaNo Picture Available15541556Sultan-
13Iskander PashaNo Picture Available15561559Sultan-
14Ali PashaNo Picture Available15591560Sultan-
15Mustafa PashaNo Picture Available15601563Sultan-
16Ali PashaNo Picture Available15631566Sultan-
17Mohamed PashaNo Picture Available15661567Sultan-
18Sanan PashaNo Picture Available15671568Sultan-
19Garkas PashaNo Picture Available15681571Sultan-
20Sanan PashaNo Picture Available15711573Sultan-
21Hussein PashaNo Picture Available15731575Sultan-
22Massih PashaNo Picture Available15751580Sultan-
23Hassan PashaNo Picture Available15801583Sultan-
24Ibrahim PashaNo Picture Available15831585Sultan-
25Sanan PashaNo Picture Available15851587Sultan-
26Ouis PashaNo Picture Available15871591Sultan-
27Hafiz PashaNo Picture Available15911595Sultan-
28Mohamed PashaNo Picture Available15951596Sultan-
29Mohamed Pasha El-SharifNo Picture Available15961598Sultan-
30Khedr PashaNo Picture Available15981601Sultan-
31Ali PashaNo Picture Available16011603Sultan-
32Ibrahim PashaNo Picture Available16031604Sultan-
33Mohamed PashaNo Picture Available16041605Sultan-
34Hassan PashaNo Picture Available16051607Sultan-
35Mohamed Pasha MoamarNo Picture Available16071611Sultan-
36Mohamed Pasha SadafiNo Picture Available16111615Sultan-
37Ahmed PashaNo Picture Available16151618Sultan-
38Moustafa PashaNo Picture Available16181619Sultan-
39Gaafar PashaNo Picture Available16191619Sultan-
40Moustafa Pasha HamidiNo Picture Available16191620Sultan-
41Hussein PashaNo Picture Available16201622Sultan-
42Mohamed PashaNo Picture Available16221622Sultan-
43Ibrahim PashaNo Picture Available16221623Sultan-
44Moustafa Pasha QurahNo Picture Available16231623Sultan-
45Ali PashaNo Picture Available16231623Sultan-
46Moustafa PashaNo Picture Available16241625Sultan-
47Bairam PashaNo Picture Available16261628Sultan-
48Mohamed PashaNo Picture Available16281630Sultan-
49Moussa PashaNo Picture Available16301630Sultan-
50Khalil PashaNo Picture Available16311632Sultan-
51Bekeirgi PashaNo Picture Available16321635Sultan-
52Hussein PashaNo Picture Available16351637Sultan-
53Mohamed Pasha GawanNo Picture Available16371640Sultan-
54Moustafa PashaNo Picture Available16401642Sultan-
55Mansour PashaNo Picture Available16421644Sultan-
56Ayub PashaNo Picture Available16441646Sultan-
57Haydar PashaNo Picture Available16461647Sultan-
58Moustafa Pasha SanariNo Picture Available16471647Sultan-
59Mohamed PashaNo Picture Available16471649Sultan-
60Ahmed PashaNo Picture Available16491650Sultan-
61Abd El-Rahman PashaNo Picture Available16501652Sultan-
62Khasky PashaNo Picture Available16521656Sultan-
63Moustafa PashaNo Picture Available16561657Sultan-
64Mohamed Pasha ZadaNo Picture Available16571660Sultan-
65Moustafa PashaNo Picture Available16601661Sultan-
66Ibrahim PashaNo Picture Available16611664Sultan-
67Omar PashaNo Picture Available16641667Sultan-
68Ibrahim Pasha SufiNo Picture Available16671668Sultan-
69Qurah Qash PashaNo Picture Available16681669Sultan-
70Katkhuda PashaNo Picture Available16691673Sultan-
71Hussein PashaNo Picture Available16731675Sultan-
72Ahmed PashaNo Picture Available16751676Sultan-
73Abd El-Rahman PashaNo Picture Available16761680Sultan-
74Osman PashaNo Picture Available16801683Sultan-
75Hamza PashaNo Picture Available16831687Sultan-
76Katkhuda Hassan PashaNo Picture Available16871687Sultan-
77Hassan PashaNo Picture Available16871689Sultan-
78Ahmed PashaNo Picture Available16891691Sultan-
79Ali PashaNo Picture Available16911695Sultan-
80Ismail PashaNo Picture Available16951697Sultan-
81Hussein PashaNo Picture Available16971699Sultan-
82Qurah PashaNo Picture Available16991704Sultan-
83Suliman PashaNo Picture Available17041704Sultan-
84Mohamed PashaNo Picture Available17041706Sultan-
85Muslim PashaNo Picture Available17061707Sultan-
86Hassan PashaNo Picture Available17071709Sultan-
87Ibrahim PashaNo Picture Available17091710Sultan-
88Khalil PashaNo Picture Available17101710Sultan-
89Wali PashaNo Picture Available17111714Sultan-
90Eibedi PashaNo Picture Available17141716Sultan-
91Ali PashaNo Picture Available17161720Sultan-
92Ragab PashaNo Picture Available17201721Sultan-
93Mohamed PashaNo Picture Available17211725Sultan-
94Ali PashaNo Picture Available17251725Sultan-
95Mohamed PashaNo Picture Available17261727Sultan-
96Abu Bakr PashaNo Picture Available17271729Sultan-
97Kaburli PashaNo Picture Available17291733Sultan-
98Mohamed PashaNo Picture Available17331733Sultan-
99Osman PashaNo Picture Available17331734Sultan-
100Abu Bakr PashaNo Picture Available17341739Sultan-
101Suliman PashaNo Picture Available17391740Sultan-
102Ali PashaNo Picture Available17401741Sultan-
103Yehia PashaNo Picture Available17411743Sultan-
104Mohamed PashaNo Picture Available17431744Sultan-
105Mohamed Ragheb PashaNo Picture Available17441748Sultan-
106Ahmed PashaNo Picture Available17481750Sultan-
107Abdallah PashaNo Picture Available17501752Sultan-
108Mohamed Amin PNo Picture Available17521752Sultan-
109Moustafa PashaNo Picture Available17521755Sultan-
110Ali Hakim PashaNo Picture Available17551757Sultan-
111Mohamed SaidNo Picture Available17571757Sultan-
112Moustafa PashaNo Picture Available17571760Sultan-
113Ahmed PashaNo Picture Available17601761Sultan-
114Bakir PashaNo Picture Available17611762Sultan-
115Hassan PashaNo Picture Available17621765Sultan-
116Hamza PashaNo Picture Available17651767Sultan-
117Mohamed Raqim PashaNo Picture Available17671768Sultan-
118Mohamed OrphalliNo Picture Available17681768Sultan-
119Mohamed Abu El-DahabNo Picture Available17731773Sultan-
120Khalil PashaNo Picture Available17741774Sultan-
121Moustafa PashaNo Picture Available17741775Sultan-
122Ibrahim PashaNo Picture Available17751776Sultan-
123Mohamed Ezzat PashaNo Picture Available17761778Sultan-
124Ra'ef PashaNo Picture Available17781779Sultan-
125Ibrahim PashaNo Picture Available17791779Sultan-
126Ismail PashaNo Picture Available17791781Sultan-
127Mohamed Yakin PashaNo Picture Available17811782Sultan-
128Sharif PashaNo Picture Available17821783Sultan-
129Mohamed SalahdarNo Picture Available17831784Sultan-
130Sharif Mohamed PashaNo Picture Available17841786Sultan-
131Ebeidi PashaNo Picture Available17861789Sultan-
132Ismail Pasha TunsiNo Picture Available17891791Sultan-
133Mohamed PashaNo Picture Available17911794Sultan-
134Salih PashaNo Picture Available17941796Sultan-
135Sayyid PashaNo Picture Available17961796Sultan-
136Naseh PashaNo Picture Available18011801Sultan-
137Keshk Hussien PashaNo Picture Available18011802Sultan-
138Khesro PashaNo Picture Available18021803Sultan-
139Taher pashaNo Picture Available18031803Sultan-
140Khorshed pashaNo Picture Available18031803Sultan-
141Ali Pasha GazaerlyNo Picture Available18031804Sultan-
142Khorshed pashaNo Picture Available18041805Sultan-

Rulers of Modern Egypt (1805-Present)

Muhammad Ali Dynasty (1805-1953)

# Governor Start End Period Governor Title Destiny
1Muhammad Ali PashaJuly 9, 1805September 1, 184843 yearsWaliGot dotaged then unseated
2Ibrahim PashaSeptember 1, 1848November 10, 18483 MonthsWaliDied
3Abbas I PashaAugust 2, 1849July 13, 18545 yearsWaliMurdered in his Palace
4Said PashaJuly 13, 1854January 18, 18639 yearsWaliDied
5Ismail PashaJanuary 18, 1863June 8, 18675 yearsWaliBecame Khedive
June 8, 1867June 26, 187912 yearsKhediveDied
6Tawfiq PashaJune 26, 1879January 7, 189213 yearsKhediveDied
7Abbas Helmi II PashaJanuary 8, 1892December 19, 191422KhediveRetired to Switzerland
8Husayn KamilDecember 19, 1914October 9, 19173 yearsSultanDied
9Fuad IOctober 9, 1917March 16, 19225 yearsSultanBecame King
March 16, 1922April 28 193614 yearsKingDied
10Farouk IApril 28, 1936July 23, 195216 yearsKingOverthrown by a coup d'etat
11Fuad IIJuly 26, 1952June 18, 19531 yearKingRemoved after the declaration of the Republic

The Republic of Egypt (1953-Present)

Main Article: President of Egypt

# President Born - Died Term start Term end Party Destiny
1Muhammad Naguib1901-198418 June 195314 November 1954Military/Liberation RallyLeft
2Gamal Abdel Nasser1918-197014 November 195428 September 1970Military/Liberation Rally (until 1962),
Arab Socialist Union (since 1962)
3Anwar Sadat1918-198128 September 19706 October 1981Arab Socialist Union (until 1977),
National Democratic Party (since 1977)
4 Sufi Abu Taleb (Acting)No Picture Available1925-6 October 198114 October 1981 National Democratic Party Returned to People's Assembly
5Hosni Mubarak1928-14 October 1981PresentNational Democratic PartyIncumbent

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Dynasties of Pharaohs
in Ancient Egypt

Predynastic Egypt
Protodynastic Period
Early Dynastic Period
1st 2nd
Old Kingdom
3rd 4th 5th 6th
First Intermediate Period
7th 8th 9th 10th
11th (Thebes only)

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4th century BC - 3rd century BC
360s BC  350s BC  340s BC - 330s BC - 320s BC  310s BC  300s BC 
335 BC 334 BC 333 BC - 332 BC - 331 BC 330 BC 329 BC

State leaders - Sovereign states

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c. 2613 BC – 2494 BC — The Great Sphinx at Giza is built. Fourth Dynasty.
  • c. 2601 BC–c. 2515 BC — Great Pyramids at Giza are built for Menkaure, Khafre and Khufu. Fourth Dynasty.
  • c. 2601 BC — Khufu started to rule in Ancient Egypt.
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  • Dynasties of Pharaohs
    in Ancient Egypt

    Predynastic Egypt
    Protodynastic Period
    Early Dynastic Period
    1st 2nd
    Old Kingdom
    3rd 4th 5th 6th
    First Intermediate Period
    7th 8th 9th 10th
    11th (Thebes only)

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    Lower Egypt is the northern-most section of Egypt. It refers to the fertile Nile Delta region, which stretches from the area between El-Aiyat and Zawyet Dahshur, south of modern-day Cairo, and the Mediterranean Sea.
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    Tiu, also Teyew etc, was a Predynastic ancient Egyptian king who ruled in the Nile Delta [1]. He is mentioned in the Palermo Stone inscriptions among a small number of kings of Lower Egypt [2]. Nothing else is known of his life or reign.
    ..... Click the link for more information.
    Thesh, or Tjesh, Tesh etc, was a Predynastic ancient Egyptian king who ruled in the Nile Delta [1]. He is mentioned in the Palermo Stone inscriptions among a small number of kings of Lower Egypt [2]


    ..... Click the link for more information.
    Hsekiu [1], also Seka, was a Predynastic ancient Egyptian king who ruled in the Nile Delta [2]. He is mentioned in the Palermo Stone inscriptions among a small number of kings of Lower Egypt [3]


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    Wazner , also Wazenez or Wadjenedj, was a Predynastic ancient Egyptian king who ruled in the Nile Delta [1][2]. He is mentioned in the Palermo Stone inscriptions among a small number of kings of Lower Egypt [3]


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    Upper Egypt is a narrow that extends from the cataract boundaries of modern-day Aswan to the area between El-Aiyat and Zawyet Dahshur, south of modern-day Cairo. The northern section of Upper Egypt, between El-Aiyat and Asyut is sometimes known as Middle Egypt.
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    Scorpion I was the first of two kings so-named of Upper Egypt during the Protodynastic Period. His name may refer to the scorpion goddess Serket.

    He is believed to have lived in Thinis one or two centuries before the rule of the better known King Scorpion of Nekhen.
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    Iry-Hor or Ro (as read by Petrie) was a Predynastic pharaoh of ancient Egypt, although some archaeologists are doubtful of his existence. He was most likely Ka's immediate predecessor.
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    5th millennium BC - 4th millennium BC - 3rd millennium BC The 4th millennium BC saw major changes in human culture. It marks the beginning of the Bronze Age and of writing. The city states of Sumer and the kingdom of Egypt are established and grow to prominence.
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    Ka, also Sekhem Ka [1], was a predynastic pharaoh of Upper Egypt. He ruled over Abydos and was buried at Umm el-Qa'ab. He most likely was the immediate successor to Iry-Hor and was succeeded by Narmer[2].
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    Scorpion, also translated as King Scorpion or Scorpion II, or rarely as Serqet, refers to the second of two kings so-named of Upper Egypt during the Protodynastic Period. His name may refer to the goddess Serket.
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    Narmer was an Egyptian Pharaoh who ruled in the 31st century BC. Thought to be the successor to the predynastic Scorpion and/or Ka, he is considered by some to be the founder of the First dynasty, and therefore the first king of all Egypt.
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    Dynasties of Pharaohs
    in Ancient Egypt

    Predynastic Egypt
    Protodynastic Period
    Early Dynastic Period
    1st 2nd
    Old Kingdom
    3rd 4th 5th 6th
    First Intermediate Period
    7th 8th 9th 10th
    11th (Thebes only)

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    Menes was an Egyptian pharaoh, to some authors the founder of the First dynasty, to others of the Second. He lived ca. 3100-3000 BC.

    Ancient Egyptian legend credits a pharaoh by this name with uniting Upper and Lower Egypt into one kingdom.
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    Hor-Aha is currently considered the 2nd Pharaoh of the 1st dynasty of Ancient Egypt. He lived around the 31st century BC.

    Around the 32nd century BC his father, Narmer had united Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.
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    Djer is the second or third [1]Egyptian king of the first dynasty. Manetho gives him the name Athothis, or Atoti.

    Length of Reign

    While the 3rd Century BCE Egyptian Priest Manetho states that Djer ruled for 57 years, modern research by Toby
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    Merneith (Meritnit, Meryet-Nit or Meryt-Neith) was a queen during the First Dynasty of Egypt of Ancient Egypt. Her rule was in the 30th century B.C.E. for an undetermined period of time.
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    Burial Tomb Z, Cemetery B, Umm el-Qa'ab

    Djet, also known as Wadj, Zet and Uadji (in Greek possibly the king known as Uenephes), c. 2920 BC, was the third Egyptian king of the first dynasty. His name means serpent.
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