UEFA Cup 1984-85

The UEFA Cup 1984-85 was won by Real Madrid on aggregate over Videoton.

First round

Team #1   Agg.   Team #2   1st leg     2nd leg  
1. FC Koln <includeonly>|</includeonly>3-1<includeonly>|</includeonly> Pogon Szczecin2-11-0
AIK Fotboll <includeonly>|</includeonly>1-3<includeonly>|</includeonly> Dundee United F.C.1-00-3
AS Monaco FC <includeonly>|</includeonly>3-4<includeonly>|</includeonly> PFC CSKA Sofia2-21-2
Bohemian F.C. <includeonly>|</includeonly>3-4<includeonly>|</includeonly> Rangers F.C.3-20-2
F.C. Dinamo Minsk <includeonly>|</includeonly>10-0<includeonly>|</includeonly> HJK Helsinki4-06-0
FA Red Boys Differdange <includeonly>|</includeonly>0-14<includeonly>|</includeonly> Ajax Amsterdam0-00-14
FC Bohemians Praha <includeonly>|</includeonly>8-3<includeonly>|</includeonly> Apollon Limassol6-12-2
FC Sion <includeonly>|</includeonly>4-2<includeonly>|</includeonly> Atlético Madrid1-03-2
FC Sliven <includeonly>|</includeonly>2-5<includeonly>|</includeonly> FK Zeljeznicar1-01-5
FC Vorwärts Frankfurt <includeonly>|</includeonly>2-3<includeonly>|</includeonly> PSV Eindhoven2-00-3
Fenerbahce SK <includeonly>|</includeonly>0-3<includeonly>|</includeonly> ACF Fiorentina0-10-2
Dukla Banska Bystrica <includeonly>|</includeonly>3-7<includeonly>|</includeonly> Borussia Monchengladbach2-31-4
Glentoran F.C. <includeonly>|</includeonly>1-3<includeonly>|</includeonly> Standard Liege1-10-2
KR <includeonly>|</includeonly>0-7<includeonly>|</includeonly> Queens Park Rangers F.C.0-30-4
Lokomotive Leipzig <includeonly>|</includeonly>7-3<includeonly>|</includeonly> Lillestrom S.K.7-00-3
Manchester United F.C. <includeonly>|</includeonly>5-2<includeonly>|</includeonly> Gyori ETO FC3-02-2
Nottingham Forest F.C. <includeonly>|</includeonly>0-1<includeonly>|</includeonly> Club Brugge0-00-1
Odense BK <includeonly>|</includeonly>2-7<includeonly>|</includeonly> FC Spartak Moscow1-51-2
Olympiacos <includeonly>|</includeonly>3-2<includeonly>|</includeonly> Neuchatel Xamax1-02-2
Osters IF <includeonly>|</includeonly>0-2<includeonly>|</includeonly> LASK Linz0-10-1
Paris Saint-Germain F.C. <includeonly>|</includeonly>6-2<includeonly>|</includeonly> Heart of Midlothian F.C.4-02-2
R.S.C. Anderlecht <includeonly>|</includeonly>(a)2-2<includeonly>|</includeonly> Werder Bremen1-01-2
Rabat Ajax <includeonly>|</includeonly>0-4<includeonly>|</includeonly> FK Partizan0-20-2
Real Betis <includeonly>|</includeonly>1-1(p)<includeonly>|</includeonly> FC Universitatea Craiova1-00-1
Real Madrid <includeonly>|</includeonly>5-2<includeonly>|</includeonly> FC Wacker Innsbruck5-00-2
Real Valladolid <includeonly>|</includeonly>2-4<includeonly>|</includeonly> NK Rijeka1-01-4
SC Braga <includeonly>|</includeonly>0-9<includeonly>|</includeonly> Tottenham Hotspur F.C.0-30-6
Southampton F.C. <includeonly>|</includeonly>0-2<includeonly>|</includeonly> Hamburger SV0-00-2
Sporting Clube de Portugal <includeonly>|</includeonly>4-2<includeonly>|</includeonly> AJ Auxerre2-02-2(aet)
Sportul Studentesc <includeonly>|</includeonly>1-2<includeonly>|</includeonly> Internazionale Milano F.C.1-00-2
Videoton SC <includeonly>|</includeonly>1-0<includeonly>|</includeonly> Dukla Praha1-00-0
Widzew Lodz <includeonly>|</includeonly>2-1<includeonly>|</includeonly> Aarhus Gymnastik Forening2-00-1

Second round

Team #1   Agg.   Team #2   1st leg     2nd leg  
ACF Fiorentina <includeonly>|</includeonly>3-7<includeonly>|</includeonly> R.S.C. Anderlecht1-12-6
Ajax Amsterdam <includeonly>|</includeonly>1-1(p)<includeonly>|</includeonly> FC Bohemians Praha1-00-1
Borussia Monchengladbach <includeonly>|</includeonly>3-3(a)<includeonly>|</includeonly> Widzew Lodz3-20-1
Club Brugge <includeonly>|</includeonly>2-4<includeonly>|</includeonly> Tottenham Hotspur F.C.2-10-3
FC Universitatea Craiova <includeonly>|</includeonly>2-0<includeonly>|</includeonly> Olympiacos1-01-0
FK Zeljeznicar <includeonly>|</includeonly>3-2<includeonly>|</includeonly> FC Sion2-11-1
Hamburger SV <includeonly>|</includeonly>6-1<includeonly>|</includeonly> PFC CSKA Sofia4-02-1
Internazionale Milano F.C. <includeonly>|</includeonly>4-3<includeonly>|</includeonly> Rangers F.C.3-01-3
LASK Linz <includeonly>|</includeonly>2-7<includeonly>|</includeonly> Dundee United F.C.1-21-5
Lokomotive Leipzig <includeonly>|</includeonly>1-3<includeonly>|</includeonly> FC Spartak Moscow1-10-2
NK Rijeka <includeonly>|</includeonly>3-4<includeonly>|</includeonly> Real Madrid3-10-3
Paris Saint-Germain F.C. <includeonly>|</includeonly>2-5<includeonly>|</includeonly> Videoton SC2-40-1
PSV Eindhoven <includeonly>|</includeonly>0-1<includeonly>|</includeonly> Manchester United F.C.0-00-1(aet)
Queens Park Rangers F.C. <includeonly>|</includeonly>6-6(a)<includeonly>|</includeonly> FK Partizan6-20-4
Sporting Clube de Portugal <includeonly>|</includeonly>2-2(p)<includeonly>|</includeonly> F.C. Dinamo Minsk2-00-2
Standard Liege <includeonly>|</includeonly>1-4<includeonly>|</includeonly> 1. FC Koln0-21-2

Third round

Team #1   Agg.   Team #2   1st leg     2nd leg  
FC Spartak Moscow <includeonly>|</includeonly>1-2<includeonly>|</includeonly> 1. FC Koln1-00-2
FC Universitatea Craiova <includeonly>|</includeonly>2-4<includeonly>|</includeonly> FK Zeljeznicar2-00-4
Hamburger SV <includeonly>|</includeonly>2-2(a)<includeonly>|</includeonly> Internazionale Milano F.C.2-10-1
Manchester United F.C. <includeonly>|</includeonly>5-4<includeonly>|</includeonly> Dundee United F.C.2-23-2
R.S.C. Anderlecht <includeonly>|</includeonly>4-6<includeonly>|</includeonly> Real Madrid3-01-6
Tottenham Hotspur F.C. <includeonly>|</includeonly>3-1<includeonly>|</includeonly> FC Bohemians Praha2-01-1
Videoton SC <includeonly>|</includeonly>5-2<includeonly>|</includeonly> FK Partizan5-00-2
Widzew Lodz <includeonly>|</includeonly>1-2<includeonly>|</includeonly> F.C. Dinamo Minsk0-21-0


Team #1   Agg.   Team #2   1st leg     2nd leg  
FK Zeljeznicar <includeonly>|</includeonly>3-1<includeonly>|</includeonly> F.C. Dinamo Minsk2-01-1
Internazionale Milano F.C. <includeonly>|</includeonly>4-1<includeonly>|</includeonly> 1. FC Koln1-03-1
Manchester United F.C. <includeonly>|</includeonly>1-1(p)<includeonly>|</includeonly> Videoton SC1-00-1
Tottenham Hotspur F.C. <includeonly>|</includeonly>0-1<includeonly>|</includeonly> Real Madrid0-10-0


Team #1   Agg.   Team #2   1st leg     2nd leg  
Internazionale Milano F.C. <includeonly>|</includeonly>2-3<includeonly>|</includeonly> Real Madrid2-00-3
Videoton SC <includeonly>|</includeonly>4-3<includeonly>|</includeonly> FK Zeljeznicar3-11-2


Team #1   Agg.   Team #2   1st leg     2nd leg  
Videoton SC <includeonly>|</includeonly>1-3<includeonly>|</includeonly> Real Madrid0-31-0

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Europe (UEFA)
Number of Teams
80 (First Round)
8 clubs join after group stage [1]
157 (Total)
Current Champions (2006-07)
Sevilla FC
2008 final to be held in
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Real Madrid C.F.
Current season

Full name Real Madrid Club de Fútbol
Nickname(s) Los Blancos (The Whites)
Los Merengues (The Meringues)[1]

Founded 6 March 1902
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Videoton FC Fehérvár

Full name Videoton FC Fehérvár
Nickname(s) Vidi
Founded 1941
Ground Stadion Sóstói,

Capacity 19,500
Chairman László Gál

Manager Marijan Vlak
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1. FC Köln

Full name 1. FC Köln
Nickname(s) Die Geißböcke
(The Billy Goats)

Founded 13 February1948
Ground RheinEnergieStadion,

Capacity 50,374
Chairman Wolfgang Overath
..... Click the link for more information.

Full name Allmänna Idrottsklubben
Nickname(s) Gnaget
Smokinglirarna (The
Tuxedo Players)

Founded 1891
1896 (football department)
Ground RÃ¥sunda,

..... Click the link for more information.
Dundee United F.C.

Full name Dundee United
Football Club
Nickname(s) The Terrors
The Tangerines
The Arabs (supporters)

Founded 1909 (as Dundee Hibernian)
1923 (as Dundee United)
..... Click the link for more information.
AS Monaco

Full name Association Sportive de
Monaco Football Club
Nickname(s) Les Rouge et Blanc (the red and white)
Founded 1919
Ground Stade Louis II,

Capacity 18,500
..... Click the link for more information.
CSKA (Sofia)

Full name PFC CSKA
Nickname(s) Army men, The Reds
Founded May 5, 1948
Ground Bulgarska Armia Sofia
Capacity 22,015
Chairman Aleksandar Tomov

Manager Stoycho Mladenov
..... Click the link for more information.
Bohemian F.C.

Full name Bohemian Football Club
Nickname(s) Bohs
The Gypsies

Founded 1890
Ground Dalymount Park, Phibsboro, Dublin 7
Capacity 12,200
Chairman Gerry Cuffe (President)
..... Click the link for more information.

Full name Rangers Football Club
Nickname(s) The Gers, Teddy Bears, Light Blues
Founded 1873
Ground Ibrox Stadium
Glasgow, Scotland

Capacity 51,082[1]
..... Click the link for more information.
F.C. Dinamo Minsk

Full name Football Club Dinamo Minsk
Nickname(s) Dinamo
Founded 1927
Ground Dinamo Stadion, Minsk
Capacity 41,040
Chairman Yuri Chizh

Manager Peter Kachuro
..... Click the link for more information.

Full name Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi
Nickname(s) Klubi
Founded 1907
Ground Finnair Stadium,

Capacity 10,770
Chairman Olli-Pekka Lyytikäinen

Manager Antti Muurinen
..... Click the link for more information.
Red Boys Differdange

Full name Football Association
Red Boys Differdange
Nickname(s) Red Boys
Founded 1907
Ground Stade du Thillenberg,

Capacity 7,150
..... Click the link for more information.

Full name Amsterdamsche
Football Club Ajax NV
Nickname(s) Godenzonen (Sons of the Gods)
Joden (Jews)
Neuzen (Noses)

Founded March 18, 1900
Ground Amsterdam ArenA
..... Click the link for more information.
Bohemians 1905

Full name FC Bohemians Praha 1905
Nickname(s) Klokani (Kangaroos)
Founded 1905
Ground Ďolíček Stadion, Prague
Capacity 7,167 (all seated, summer 2007)
..... Click the link for more information.
Apollon Limassol

Full name Απόλλων Λεμεσού Apollon Limassol
Nickname(s) GOD
Founded 1954
Ground Tsirion,
..... Click the link for more information.
FC Sion

Full name Football Club Sion
Founded 1909
Ground Stade Tourbillon, Sion
Capacity 20,187
Chairman Christian Constantin

Manager Alberto Bigon

League Swiss Super League

2007-08 Swiss Super League, 2nd
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Club Atlético de Madrid

Full name Club Atlético de Madrid
Nickname(s) Indios,
Los Colchoneros,
Los Rojiblancos,
Los de La Ribera del Manzanares,

Founded 1903
..... Click the link for more information.
PFC Sliven

Full name PFC Sliven
Nickname(s) Voevodite
Founded 1918
Ground Hadzhi Dimitar Stadium
Capacity 15,000 (all seated)
Chairman Yordan Letchkov
..... Click the link for more information.
FFC Viktoria 91

Full name Frankfurter Fußball-Club Viktoria 91 e.V.
Founded 1951
Ground Stadion der Freundschaft
Capacity 12,000

Manager Wolfgang Pohl

League Brandenburgliga (V)
..... Click the link for more information.

Full name Philips Sport Vereniging NV
Nickname(s) Boeren (Peasants)
Rood-witten (Red-whites)

Founded August 31, 1913
Ground Philips Stadion

..... Click the link for more information.
Fenerbahçe Spor Kulübü

Full name Fenerbahçe Spor Kulübü
Nickname(s) Sarı Kanaryalar (Yellow Canaries)
Founded 1907
Ground ŞÃ¼krü Saracoğlu Stadium,
Istanbul, Turkey

..... Click the link for more information.

Full name ACF Fiorentina SpA
Nickname(s) La Viola (The Purple Ones)
Gigliati (Lilies)

Founded August 26, 1926 (AC Fiorentina)
2002 (ACF Fiorentina)
..... Click the link for more information.

Full name FK Dukla Banská Bystrica
Founded 1965
Ground SNP Stadium,
Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Capacity 10,000
Chairman Ján Kováčik

Manager Dušan Radolský

League Corgoň Liga
..... Click the link for more information.
Borussia VfL 1900

Full name Borussia VfL 1900 e. V.
Nickname(s) Die Fohlen (the Foals)
Founded 1 August, 1900
Ground Borussia-Park,

Capacity 54,067
..... Click the link for more information.

Full name Glentoran Football Club
Nickname(s) Glens, Cock and Hens
The East Belfast Men

Founded 1882
Ground The Oval, Belfast
Capacity 15250 (5000 seats)
..... Click the link for more information.
Standard Liège

Full name Royal Standard de Liège
Nickname(s) Les Rouches (The Reds)
Founded 1900
Ground Stade Maurice Dufrasne

Capacity 29,200
Chairman Reto Stiffler
..... Click the link for more information.

Full name Knattspyrnufélag Reykjavíkur
Nickname(s) KR-ingar
Founded February 16, 1899
Ground KR-völlur,
Reykjavík, Iceland

Capacity 6,000
Chairman Magnús Ingimundarson
..... Click the link for more information.
Queens Park Rangers

Full name Queens Park Rangers
Football Club
Nickname(s) The Hoops, The 'R's
Founded 1882
Ground Loftus Road (Rangers Stadium)
Shepherd's Bush

..... Click the link for more information.
1.FC Lokomotive Leipzig e.V.

Full name 1. Fußballclub Lokomotive Leipzig
Nickname(s) Loksche
Founded 1893
Ground Bruno-Plache-Stadion
Capacity 15,600
Chairman Steffen Kubald
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