Vesta may refer to:
  • Vesta (mythology), a goddess in Roman mythology, equivalent to Greek Hestia
  • 4 Vesta, an asteroid named after the Roman deity
  • Vesta family, a group of asteroids that includes 4 Vesta
  • Vesta (rocket), a French sounding rocket
  • Vesta, Italy, a small town in Lombardy, Italy
  • Vesta, Virginia, a small town in the state of Virginia, USA
  • Vesta, a small town in the state of Minnesota, USA
  • Vesta Williams, a female R&B vocalist
  • Vesta (Software configuration management), an advanced configuration management system, Free software released by Compaq used at Intel for microprocessor design
  • Vesta Rowing Club, a rowing club based in Putney, London on the River Thames
  • Vesta (Marvel Comics), a Marvel Comics character

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  • Vespa motor scooters manufactured since 1946 in Italy
Vesta was the virgin goddess of the hearth, home, and family in Roman mythology. Though she is often mistaken as analogous to Hestia in Greek mythology; she had a large, albeit mysterious role in Roman religion long before she appeared in Greece.
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4 Vesta  

Discovered by: Heinrich Wilhelm Olbers
Discovery date: March 29, 1807
Orbital characteristics
Epoch November 26, 2005 (JD 2453700.5)
Aphelion distance: 384.72 Gm (2.572 AU)
Perihelion distance: 321.
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The Vesta family of asteroids is a large and prominent grouping of mostly V-type asteroids in inner main belt in the vicinity of 4 Vesta. Approximately 6% of main belt asteroids belong to this family.
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Vesta, Minnesota

Cities and townships of Redwood County.
Country United States
State Minnesota
County Redwood
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Vesta Williams (born 1963, Coshocton, Ohio) is an American R&B singer. She is sometimes credited by her full name, and sometimes simply by Vesta. She is known for her full four-octave voice range.
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Mark blatant advertising for , using . Vesta is a software configuration management system released by Compaq under the LGPL.
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Vesta Rowing Club is a rowing club based on the River Thames in Putney, London, United Kingdom. It was founded in 1870.

Vesta organizes two head races the Scullers Head and the Veterans Head.

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  • Vesta Rowing Club

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Vesta is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.

Vesta is the goddess of the home in the Olympian pantheon.

Zeus, Neptune, and Pluto are her brothers, and Hera is her sister.

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  • Vesta at the Marvel Universe Appendix

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Public ()
Founded 1945
Founder Peder Hansen
Headquarters Randers, Denmark

Key people Ditlev Engel CEO
Products Wind turbines
Revenue 3.85Bn Euros
Net income 161M Euros
Employees 14.000
Website www.vestas.
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Vestal can refer to:
  • Pertaining to Vesta (mythology), a Roman goddess, the Sacred fire of Vesta, or the Temple of Vesta
  • Vestal Virgin
  • Vestal, New York
  • Vestal Senior High School, school in Vestal, New York
  • Albert Henry Vestal, American politician

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Vesta cases or vesta boxes were small portable boxes made in a great variety of forms with snapshut covers to contain vestas (short matches) and keep them dry.
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Founded 1946
Headquarters Pontedera, Italy

Industry Scooter
Parent Piaggio & Co. SpA
Slogan "Not just a scooter, a way of life"
Website www.vespa.
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