Papal dispensation

Papal dispensation is a reserved right of the Pope that allows for individuals to be exempted from a specific Canon Law. Dispensations are divided into two categories: general, and matrimonial. Matrimonial dispositions can specifically be used to dissolve a marriage, as in the case of Henry VIII when he wished to divorce his wife. The authority for the Pope to exempt an individual or situation from a law stems from his position as the Vicar of Christ, which implies divine authority and knowledge.[1]


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The Pope (from Latin: papa, father;[1] from Greek πάπας (papas) = father - originally written πάππας (
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Henry VIII
King of England, King of Ireland, Prince of Wales

Reign 22 April1509 – 28 January1547
Coronation 24 June 1509
Born 28 May 1491(1491--)
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