1971–72 KNVB Cup

football tournament season

The 54th edition of the KNVB Cup started on January 9, 1972. The final was played on May 11, 1972: Ajax beat FC Den Haag 3–2 and won the cup for the seventh time.



First round

The matches of the first round were played on January 9, 1972.

E Eredivisie; 1 Eerste Divisie

Round of 16

The matches of the round of 16 were played on February 11, 13 and 20, 1972.

Quarter finals

The quarter finals were played on March 15 and 29, 1972.


The semi-finals were played on April 11 and 12, 1972.


Ajax also were the champions of the Eredivisie, thereby taking the double. They would participate in the European Cup, so finalists FC Den Haag would participate in the Cup Winners' Cup.

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