A Woman's Place (bookstore)

Feminist bookstore in Oakland, California

A Woman's Place (fully ICI, Information Center Incorporate: A Woman's Place): 6  was a feminist bookstore in Oakland, California. It was founded on January 18, 1972 by a collective of eight women who had previously been selling feminist publications on the street. Intended as a community space for women, A Woman's Place stocked nonfiction books by men, but only sold fiction and poetry if it was written by a woman. Members of the collective also focused on providing books from the perspective of the Third World and the working class.

The founders of Old Wives Tales, another feminist bookstore in San Francisco, were former members of the collective at A Woman's Place.

In 1982, the bookstore stocked 10,000 different books.

Lockout and arbitration

In 1981, there was a disagreement within the collective involving racism. Two: 599  or three white members locked out the others from the bookstore in 1982, leading to arbitration. The four members who were locked out (Darlene Pagano, Elizabeth Summers, Jesse Meredith, and Keiko Kubo) described themselves as "one Italian, one Jewish, one Black, one Asian".: 599  The store later reopened under new management, and an arbitration agreement was reached in 1983 which involved the incorporation of the bookstore.


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