Allah as a lunar deity

Fringe historical claim related to the origins of Islam

The postulation that Allah (the name of God in Islam) historically originates as a moon god (who was worshipped in pre-Islamic Arabia) originates in early 20th-century scholarship.

The word 'Allah' is a common Arabic term for the supreme God (as opposed to 'ilah', any god), and is widely used by Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews and also found in Arabic translations of the Bible.

The idea was first proposed by archeologist Hugo Winckler in 1901, when he identified the pre-Islamic Allah with another pre-Islamic Arabian deity known as Hubal, which he referred to as a lunar deity. More recent scholars have rejected this view, partly because it is speculation but also because they believe a Nabataean origin would have made the context of South Arabian beliefs irrelevant.

It was widely propagated in the United States in the 1990s, first via the publication of Robert Morey's pamphlet The Moon-god Allah: In Archeology of the Middle East (1994), eventually followed by his book The Islamic Invasion: Confronting the World's Fastest-Growing Religion (2001). Morey's ideas were popularised by cartoonist and publisher Jack Chick, who drew a fictionalised cartoon story entitled "Allah Had No Son" in 1994.

Morey argues that "Allah" was the name of a moon goddess in pre-Islamic Arabic mythology, the implication being that "Allah" as the term for God in Islam implies that Muslims worship a different deity than the Judeo-Christian one. The use of a lunar calendar and the prevalence of crescent moon imagery in Islam is said by some to be the origin of this hypothesis. Joseph Lumbard, a professor of classical Islam, has stated that the idea is "not only an insult to Muslims but also an insult to Arab Christians who use the name 'Allah' for God."

The Quran itself forbids moon worship in Quran 41:37

Do not prostrate to the sun or to the moon, but prostrate to Allah, who created them.


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