Almirante Brown-class destroyer

The Almirante Brown class is a class (MEKO 360H2 type) of warships built for the Argentine Navy. They were commissioned between 1983 and 1984, after the Falklands War. The class comprises four ships; Almirante Brown, La Argentina, Heroína and Sarandí. They are classified as either frigates or destroyers by different publications. The MEKO 360 type warships are based on modular designs which allow quick changes to the vessel's armaments depending on mission requirements. The modular nature of the construction also allows the ships to be modernized or refitted with greater ease. Six vessels were initially ordered, however two ships were cancelled and replaced with orders for MEKO 140 type hulls.

Ordered in 1979, construction of the ships was delayed as the British turbines were embargoed after the Falklands War. Furthermore, the acquisition of helicopters for the vessels has seen many incarnations. They were initially intended to be equipped with Westland Lynx helicopters, but the order was cancelled in 1982. The planned replacement Agusta-Bell AB 212 helicopters were not funded and instead, all of the Almirante Brown class deploy with AS 555 Fennec, while only La Argentina and Sarandí can employ SH-3D Sea King helicopters. Almirante Brown took part in Gulf War operations in 1990. All of the ships can be used as flagships.


Design and description

Six vessels were ordered and four vessels of a second variant, MEKO 360H2, were constructed for Argentina. They were locally named the Almirante Brown class. They are considered frigates and destroyers by different publications. The design is based on the concept of modular systems and is capable of changing the armament of the ship swiftly and can be modernized/refitted with more ease. Each ship is capable of being used as a flagship.

The ships have a standard displacement of 2,900 long tons (2,900:t) and 3,360 long tons (3,410:t) at full load. The vessels are 125.9 metres (413:ft 1:in) more

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