Bofors, Swedish (and later British) arms manufacturer.

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Bofors AB (UK: BOH-fərz, US: BOH-forz, Swedish: [buːˈfɔʂː]) is a Swedish and later British arms manufacturer. The name has been associated with the iron industry and artillery manufacturing for more than 350 years. History Located in Karlskoga, Sweden, the company originates from the hammer mill "Boofors", which was founded as a royal state-owned company in 1646. The modern corporate structure was created in 1873 with the foundation of Aktiebolaget (AB) Bofors-Gullspång. A leading Swedish steel producer by the early 1870s, when steel began to be used for gun manufacture in Sweden, Bofors initially sold cast and forged steel produced by the Siemens-Martin process to Finspång gun works, but soon started to expand into weapons manufacture.
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