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CFHD-DT, virtual channel 47 (UHF digital channel 31), is an independent multicultural television station licensed to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The station is owned by Sam Norouzi and his family. CFHD-DT's studios are located on Christophe Colomb Avenue in Montreal's Ahuntsic district, at the home of the family's production company Mi-Cam Communications. Its transmitter is located at Mount Royal Park, near Downtown Montreal.

CFHD-DT, which operates under the branding ICI Montreal (a bilingual abbreviation of "International Channel/Canal International"), is a de facto successor to CJNT; the station had started as a multicultural station, but its ethnic output decreased significantly in favor of commercial, English-language programming after it was sold to Western International Communications (WIC), and in turn, Canwest and Channel Zero. ICI was announced in parallel with a proposal by Rogers Media to purchase CJNT (which had since affiliated with its Citytv network) and change its license to make it a conventional, English language station. Both Rogers and Channel Zero also planned to provide resources to the new channel. As part of Omni Regional—a distribution of Omni Television stations as a must-carry specialty channel, the network is fed province-wide as ICI Quebec.



Prior to the founding of ICI, Sam Norouzi's father produced a Persian program for Télévision Ethnique du Québec (TEQ), a cable access channel that was the precursor to CJNT, which went on the air in 1997. CJNT was sold to WIC in 1999, and became owned by Canwest as a CH/E! station when Canwest bought WIC in 2001. Canwest in turn sold the station to Channel Zero in 2009. Over the years, the station's commitment to producing local ethnic programming declined. When it was owned by Channel Zero, it didn't produce any su... more

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