Casualties of the Gezi Park protests

During the Gezi Park protests in Turkey, police forces repeatedly used excessive force to prevent and disperse peaceful demonstrations. As a result, it is estimated that there were 22 fatalitiesand least at least 8,163 injuries, of which 63 in serious or critical condition.



Police using water cannons, tear gas to disperse protestors. A volunteer assists in medical help at Taksim Square.

The Turkish Medical Association reported on 4 June that 4177 people were reported as wounded in Turkey, 43 of these being heavily wounded and 3 in a critical condition. These people, including "a large number of citizens who lost their eyes", were injured as a result of water cannons and close-range shots from tear gas canisters and plastic bullets aimed directly at them. Amnesty International said water cannons had been targeted at peaceful protesters, while "the inappropriate use of tear gas by police has been the most devastating on the safety of demonstrators, causing an unknown number of injuries, including serious head injuries when the canisters hit protestors." Police were reported to have disguised their ID numbers. Human Rights Watch also condemned this misuse of tear gas.

According to a report of the Turkish Medical Association on 15 July, there were at least 8,163 injured people with at least 63 in serious or critical condition and with at least 3 of them having a risk of death.

A total of 14 people as of 14 September, lost an eye due to by tear gas canisters and rubber bullets.

About 200 people received head and brain traumas caused mostly by teargas canisters and baton blows.

According to the Turkish Medical Association, 1 person lost his/her spleen, caused by extreme police violence.

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