Casualties of the Iranian Revolution

The real and imaginary human rights violations and casualties of anti-Shah forces during the Iranian Revolution, such as Black Friday massacre at Jaleh Square and Cinema Rex fire in Abadan. were blamed on the Shah's forces and contributed directly to his overthrow. Observers differ on how many died. The Islamic government uses the figure of 60,000 killed. At least one historian in the West (Charles Kurzman), drawing on later more detailed records from the Islamic Republic, believes the number was closer to 2,000-3,000.

The number of protesters and political prisoners killed after the fall of the Shah by the new Islamic Republic as it consolidated power is estimated by human rights groups to be several thousand.


Casualties of the monarchy

Street clashes between protesters and Shah's regime in Tehran Killed protesters by Shah's regime in Tehran Street clashes between protesters and Shah's regime in Tehran Iranian protesters on 5 June 1963 Killed protesters in Black Friday

The Preamble of the 1979 Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran speaks of the Islamic Revolution being "watered by the blood of more than 60,000 martyrs and 100,000 wounded and disabled". The revolution's leader, Ruhollah Khomeini also stated that "60,000 men, women and children were martyred by the Shah's regime."

Emadeddin Baghi, while a researcher at the Foundation of Martyr... more

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