Coral (disambiguation)

Coral is a type of marine animal.

Coral may also refer to:

  • Precious coral, a red or pink gem made from the skeleton of a coral species
  • Coral (color), several colors similar to that of the gem
  • Coral (name), a given name
  • Coral snake, a type of a venomous snake found in the Americas


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  • Coral Sea, a region of the north-east coast of Australia

United States

  • Coral, Illinois, an unincorporated community
  • Coral City, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community

Entertainment and media

  • The Coral, a British band
  • Coral Pictures, a Radio Caracas Televisión subsidiary based in Miami, Florida
  • Coral Records, a Decca Records subsidiary
  • Coral Smith (born 1979), American reality television personality known as a cast member on MTV's The Real World: Back to New York


  • Coral Content Distribution Network, a peer-to-peer webcaching system
  • CORAL 66 programming language, a block-structured programming language for real-time systems
  • Coral Consortium, a cross-industry group to promote interoperability between digital rights management (DRM) technologies used in the consumer media market

Other uses

  • Coral (cypher machine), a Japanese WWII naval cypher
  • Coral beer, a lager from Madeira, Portugal
  • Coral (bookmaker), a chain of betting shops in the UK
  • Coral Reef Alliance, a non-profit organization
  • Coral, the unfertilized eggs of a scallop, which turn a reddish color when cooked
  • MV Coral, a cruise ship operated by Louis Cruises
  • Windtech Coral, a Spanish paraglider design

See also

  • Corail (disambiguation)
  • Corral (disambiguation)
  • Koral (disambiguation)
  • Korall, a Russian cheese
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