Duygu Asena

Duygu Asena (April 19, 1946 – July 30, 2006) was a Turkish journalist, best-selling author and activist for women’s rights.



Since 2007 PEN Turkey has been presenting an award entitled Duygu Asena Women’s Rights Award. A Google Doodle commemorated Asena’s 73rd birth anniversary on 19 April 2019.


  • Kadının Adı Yok (The Woman Has No Name), 184 pp., 1987, 59th edition 2004, ISBN:975-506-122-3 (also in Greek and Italian)
  • Aslında Aşk da Yok (Actually, There Is Also No Love), 192 pp., 1989, 40th edition 2004, ISBN:975-506-128-2
  • Kahramanlar Hep Erkek (Heroes Are Always Men), 160 pp., 1992, 23rd edition 2005, ISBN:975-506-108-8
  • Değişen Bir Şey Yok (There Is Nothing Changed), 118pp., 1994, 43rd edition 2004, ISBN:975-325-000-2
  • Aynada Aşk Vardı (There was Love In the Mirror), 360 pp., 1997, 22nd edition 2004, ISBN:975-325-456-3
  • Aslında Özgürsün (Actually, You Are Free), 276 pp., 2001, 21st edition 2004, ISBN:975-6612-14-2
  • Aşk Gidiyorum Demez (Love Does Not Say ‘I Am Leaving’), 208 pp., 2003, 14th edition 2003, ISBN:975-293-083-2
  • Paramparça (Torn In Pieces), 157 pp., 2004, 14th edition 2006, ISBN:975-293-205-3
German language
  • Die Frau hat keinen Namen (The Woman Has No Name), 174 pp., 1992, Piper, München, ISBN:3-492-11485-7
  • Meine Liebe, Deine Liebe (My Love, Your Love), 215 pp., 1994, Piper, München, ISBN:3-492-11792-9
Dutch language
  • De vrouw heeft geen naam (The Woman Has No Name), 219 pp., 2005, de Kern, ISBN:...read more
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