Get Shorty (TV series)

American comedy-drama television series

Get Shorty is an American comedy-drama television series, based on the 1990 novel of the same name by Elmore Leonard, that premiered on August 13, 2017, on Epix. The series was created by Davey Holmes and stars Chris O'Dowd, Ray Romano, Sean Bridgers, Carolyn Dodd, Lidia Porto, Goya Robles, Megan Stevenson, Lucy Walters and Sarah Stiles. It has aired for three seasons, consisting of twenty-seven episodes. In December 2018, it was renewed for a third season, which began airing on October 6, 2019.

The series is the second adaptation of the novel, following the 1995 film of the same name. Unlike the film, the series does not use the plot or any characters from the novel. The film borrows only the novel's basic premise of a gangster who attempts to produce a film and a low-budget movie director indebted to organized crime, as well as Leonard's darkly comedic tone. For that reason, the series has been described as more of an "homage" than an adaptation.



Get Shorty follows Miles Daly, who works as muscle for a murderous crime ring in Nevada. For the sake of his daughter, he attempts to change professions and become a movie producer, laundering money through a Hollywood film. But instead of leaving the criminal world behind, he accidentally brings it with him to Los Angeles. Daly ends up working with Rick Moreweather, a washed-up producer of low-quality films who becomes Miles' partner and guide through the maze of Hollywood.

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