H. Micheal Tarver

American academic (born 1958)

Hollis Micheal Tarver Denova (born 1958) is an author, historian, and university professor, with a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Bowling Green State University. Tarver is the son of Rosemary Tarver (née Rosemary Lucille Denova, 1937-1999) and Cecil Donald Tarver, Sr. (b. 1933).

In addition to being an alumnus of Bowling Green State University and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Tarver is a graduate of the United States Army Military Police School. Tarver is the current editor of the World History Bulletin for the World History Association. Tarver is a former Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities at Arkansas Tech University. He currently serves as Executive Secretary of the Southeast World History Association (SEWHA).

Tarver was a 1998–99 Fulbright Senior Scholar to Venezuela, a 2001–03 Fulbright Alumni Initiative Award recipient, a 2004 Fulbright-Hays Award for Advanced Study in China participant, and a 2007–08 Fulbright-Hays Award recipient for Advanced Study in Mexico.

Among Tarver's awards and fellowships are a 2001–02 Fellowship from the Gilder-Lehrman Institute of American History, a 2002 Special Humanities Award from the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, and 2007 Faculty Excellence Award for Scholarship from Arkansas Tech University. He is a former Chairman of the Gran Colombian Studies Committee of the Conference on Latin American History and past President of the Southeast World History Association.

Tarver currently (2020) serves as a Commissioner on the Arkansas History Commission and the Arkansas Historical Records Advisory Board. Tarver was appointed by Governor Asa Hutchinson for a term that expires in January 2025.


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