HMS Speaker (D90)

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HMS Speaker (D90), a Ruler-class escort carrier, based on a "C3" hull, was originally the Bogue-class USS Delgada (AVG/ACV/CVE-40), which was transferred to the United Kingdom under the Lend-Lease program.


Design and description

These ships were all larger and had a greater aircraft capacity than all the preceding American built escort carriers. They were also all laid down as escort carriers and not converted merchant ships. All the ships had a complement of 646 men and an overall length of 492:feet 3:inches (150.0:m), a beam of 69:feet 6:inches (21.2:m) and a draught of 25:ft 6:in (7.8:m). Propulsion was provided by one shaft, two boilers and a steam turbine giving 9,350 shaft horsepower (SHP), which could propel the ship at 16.5 knots (30.6:km/h; 19.0:mph).

Aircraft facilities were a small combined bridge–flight control on the starboard side, two aircraft lifts 43 feet (13.1:m) by 34 feet (10.4:m), one aircraft catapult and nine arrestor wires. Aircraft could be housed in the 260 feet (79.2:m) by 62 feet (18.9:m) hangar below the flight deck. Armament comprised: two 4"/50, 5"/38 or 5"/51 Dual Purpose guns in single mounts, sixteen 40:mm Bofors anti-aircraft guns in twin mounts and twenty 20:mm Oerlikon anti-aircraft cannons in single mounts. They had a maximum aircraft capacity of twenty-four aircraft which could be a mixture of Grumman Martlet, Vought F4U Corsair or Hawker Sea Hurricane fighter aircraft and Fairey Swordfish or Grumman Avenger anti-submarine aircraft.


Delgada was launched 20 February 1943 by the more

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