Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics

2020 documentary film

Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics is a 2020 documentary film directed and written by Emmy winning producer, writer, and director Donick Cary and starring Nick Offerman, Sting, ASAP Rocky, and several other a-lister celebs. The documentary revolves around celebrities telling anecdotes about hallucinogenic drug usage. It is among the final film appearances of Fred Willard, Anthony Bourdain, and Carrie Fisher.



In an interview with marijuana-style writer Katie Shapiro, director Cary revealed how the documentary idea came about. The film’s director, Donick Cary, first came up with the idea for the documentary after having a conversation with Ben Stiller and Fisher Stevens at the Nantucket Film Festival back in 2009. Both Carry and Stiller are board members of the Nantucket Film Festival, which Carry explains is a place where people just go to hang out, talk about ideas and watch documentaries. At this festival, while eating together in a lounge, they shared stories about different hallucinogens and the different effects that they produce. During this conversation, Cary explained that he thought it would be a good idea if there was a movie that shared different crazy stories about people’s experiences with drugs. Cary suggested to both Stiller and Fisher that they should all work together to make a documentary. He thought it would be cool to also have a movie where those stories could be reenacted and also include animations. Stiller and Fisher agreed and were down to make this documentary. A few months later, Cary formally pitched the idea for the documentary to Ben Stiller’s team. Cary, however, make is clear that the original goal was just to have people tell some funny stories and then it evolved into a film about educating the public about drugs and having serious conversations about psychedelics. He also reveals that he wondered how he would make a film that seemed somewhat pro-psychedelic but at the same time non-biased and that shows all the sides of drugs and how it relates to people’s lives.


Carry further explains how he got all the celebrities in the film to agree to share their stories and be part of the film. In the interview, he states that he asked everyone he knew to be a part of the film and revealed that “anyone who said yes — roughly 1 in 10! — went and interviewed.” He mentioned that he conducted over a hundred interviews, enough to break down into series or multiple films. He goes as far as to say that with all the footage he gathered he could easily make 30 episodes. Carry also reveals that they interviewed twice as many people as are in the documentary, and hinted at making a Part Two which would include many other interviews with people who weren’t included in the first part of the film. He is hoping that Part Two will include... ...read more

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