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This page describes the error messages reported by the Citation Style 1 and Citation Style 2 citations, what they mean, and how editors might resolve the errors. Category:CS1 errors is the general errors category and Category:CS1 maintenance is the general maintenance category. Errors issued by Wikipedia's system, in which citation templates are typically embedded, can be found at Help:Cite errors. Controlling error message display By default, Citation Style 1 and Citation Style 2 error messages are visible to all readers and maintenance category messages are hidden from all readers. To display maintenance messages, include the following text in your common CSS page or your specific skin's CSS page (common.css and skin.css respectively): To display hidden-by-default error messages: Even with this CSS installed, older pages in Wikipedia's cache may not have been updated to show these error messages even though the page is listed in one of the tracking categories.

Help:Citation Style 1
4 months ago

Help:Citation Style 1 ... Citation Style 1 (CS1) is a collection of reference citation templates that can be modified to create different styles for different referenced materials...

Help:Cite errors
4 months ago

Help:Cite errors ... category, help and file namespaces. Help:CS1 errors: Messages and solutions for errors occuring inside of a reference as issued by Citation Style 1 templates...

Help:Citation Style 2
4 months ago

Help:Citation Style 2 ... templates that belong to CS2 and to Citation Style 1 (CS1) are processed and rendered by the CS1 Lua module suite. There are various benefits to using...

Help:Citation Style 1/Deployment
1 year ago

Help:Citation Style 1/Deployment ... talk:CS1 Proposed WT:AWB WT:Citing sources User talk:Citation bot WT:Refill Others??? Anything else? Deploy. Fix critical errors. Critical errors are defined...

Help:Reference display customization
5 months ago

Help:Reference display customization ... templates suppress non-fatal errors by default. These messages can be made visible using: .mw-parser-output b.cs1-hidden-error { display: inline; }...

Help:Citation Style 1/mass test/cite web ref
5 years ago

Help:Citation Style 1/mass test/cite web ref ... Part II". Encyclopedia of Things. Open Publishing. Retrieved 6 July 2005. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) Doe, John (30 April 2005). "My Favorite...

Help:Citation tools
3 months ago

Help:Citation tools ... php {{cs1}}: shortcut for Help: Citation Style 1 {{cs2}}: shortcut for Help: Citation Style 2 {{fnote1}}: shortcut for Wikipedia:Footnote1 {{fnote2}}:...

3 months ago

Help:IPA/English ...  351–3, 363–4. Wells (1982), pp. 380–1. Wells (1982), pp. 612–3. Stuart-Smith (2004), p. 56. Wells (1982), pp. 304, 310–1. Wells (1982), pp. 304, 312–3. Stuart-Smith...

3 months ago

Help:IPA/Icelandic ... Icelandic Pronunciation Dictionary (Note: The dataset has multiple minor errors, it is often missing aspiration signs and some entries use a non-standard...

4 months ago

Help:Score ... where <score>...</score> is used Pages with errors are shown in Category:Pages with score rendering errors For some of the history of attempts to add LilyPond...

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2 months ago
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