Help:Maintenance template removal

Help:Maintenance template removal, How-to-guide on addressing and removing maintenance templates.

Many Wikipedia pages display maintenance templates that identify problems. You may have arrived at this help page after clicking a link on a maintenance template saying "Learn how and when to remove this template message". Maintenance templates are added and removed by volunteers. This help page explains the process for examining and removing such templates. Overview Maintenance templates (or "tags") are not removed automatically.

5 months ago

Help:Template ... A template is a Wikipedia page created to be included in other pages. Templates usually contain repetitive material that might need to show up on any...

5 months ago

Help:Category ... applied through the {{hidden category}} template. The feature is mostly used to prevent project maintenance categories from showing up to ordinary readers...

3 months ago

Help:Metatemplating ... metatemplating involves the use of templates as a base to generate other templates. Some metatemplates work like any other template, and are transcluded. Others...

4 months ago

Help:Wikitext ... characters. The latter should also be tagged with the {{PUA}} template for tracking and future maintenance. See also Wikipedia:Mathematical symbols, WikiProject...

4 months ago

Help:Directory ... pages about tips and tools for registered users. Account settings and maintenance – a list of pages about tips and tools for registered users Technical...

Help:Wikipedia: The Missing Manual/Editing, creating, and maintaining articles/Dealing with vandalism and spam
1 year ago

Help:Wikipedia: The Missing Manual/Editing, creating, and maintaining articles/Dealing with vandalism and spam ... specialize in it. Vandalism and Spam Defined Vandalism is any addition, removal, or change of content made in a deliberate attempt to compromise Wikipedia's...

6 months ago

Help:Table ... and its maintenance category: Category:Articles requiring tables {{Horizontal TOC}}: good for country lists in table format. {{Table}}: template for specifying...

Help:Your first article
4 months ago

Help:Your first article ... to add your references as you write the article to avoid this immediate removal. Advocacy and controversial material Please do not write articles that...

4 months ago

Help:Cheatsheet ... (unintentional vandalism/test) * {{subst:uw-delete1|PageName}} ~~~~ (unintentional removal of content) * {{subst:uw-vandalism2|PageName}} ~~~~ (suitable for intentional...

Help:Wikipedia: The Missing Manual
3 months ago

Help:Wikipedia: The Missing Manual ... discussion But there must be sources! Confusing arguments mean nothing Content removal Counting and sorting are not original research Delete the junk Does deletion...

Help:Getting started
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