Hieromonk, In Eastern Christianity, a monk who is also a priest.

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A hieromonk (Greek: Ἱερομόναχος, romanized: Ieromonachos; Georgian: მღვდელმონაზონი, romanized: mghvdelmonazoni; Slavonic: Ieromonakh, Romanian: Ieromonah), also called a priestmonk, is a monk who is also a priest in the Orthodox Church and Eastern Catholicism. A hieromonk can be either a monk who has been ordained to the priesthood or a priest who has received monastic tonsure. When a married priest's wife dies, it is not uncommon for him to become a monk, since the Church forbids clergy to enter into a second marriage after ordination. Ordination to the priesthood is the exception rather than the rule for monastics, as a monastery will usually only have as many hieromonks and hierodeacons as it needs to perform the daily services. In the church hierarchy, a hieromonk is of higher dignity than a hierodeacon, just as a secular (i.e., married) priest is of higher dignity than a deacon.

Hieromonk Roman
1 year ago

Hieromonk Roman ... Hieromonk Roman (Russian: Иеромонах Роман, secular name Alexander Ivanovich Matyushin, Russian: Александр Иванович Матюшин; born November 16, 1954, village...

Hieromonk Makarije
4 months ago

Hieromonk Makarije ... Hieromonk Makarije (Serbian: Јеромонах Макарије; fl. 1494–d. after 1528) is the founder of Serbian and Romanian printing, having printed the first book...

Hieromonk Pahomije
3 months ago

Hieromonk Pahomije ... Hieromonk Pahomije (Serbian Cyrillic: Пахомије; fl. 1496–1544) was a Serbian Orthodox hieromonk and one of the first printers of books in the Serbian...

Seraphim Rose
5 months ago

Seraphim Rose ... September 2, 1982), also known as Seraphim of Platina, was an American hieromonk of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia who co-founded the St. Herman...

Paisios of Mount Athos
4 months ago

Paisios of Mount Athos ... Machine. Православие и мир. (Pravmir.ru). Hieromonk Isaac, 2012: p. 65. Hieromonk Isaac, 2012: p. 85. Hieromonk Isaac, 2012: p. 163. https://greece.greekreporter...

Sergei Trufanov
4 months ago

Sergei Trufanov ... formerly Hieromonk Iliodor or Hieromonk Heliodorus, Russian: Иеромонах Илиодор; October 19, 1880 – 28 January 1952) was a lapsed hieromonk, a charismatic...

For Faith and Fatherland
4 months ago

For Faith and Fatherland ... nationalist, monarchist organization in Russia headed by the Orthodox hieromonk Nikon (Belavenets). Valeria Korchagina and Andrei Zolotov Jr.It's Too...

Hieromonk Mardarije
4 months ago

Hieromonk Mardarije ... Hieromonk Mardarije (fl. 1552–66) was a Serbian Orthodox hieromonk and one of the most important early Serb printers. Mardarije was the first Belgrade...

5 months ago

Hieromartyr ... (one who dies for his beliefs) who was a bishop or priest. Analogously, a monk who is a priest is known as a hieromonk. New Martyr Webster: Hieromartyr...

Porphyrios (Bairaktaris) of Kafsokalivia
2 months ago

Porphyrios (Bairaktaris) of Kafsokalivia ... the Kapsokalyvite (7 February 1906 – 2 December 1991) was an Athonite hieromonk and Eastern Orthodox Saint known for his gifts of spiritual discernment...

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