South Asian ethnolinguistic group

Hindkowans (lit. "Indian-speakers"), also known as the Hindki, are an Indo-Aryan linguistic-cultural group, which is native to the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pothohar Plateau and Azad Kashmir regions of Pakistan. Hindkowans speak various Hindko dialects of Lahnda (Western Punjabi).

At present, Hindkowans can be found in the Pakistani cities of Peshawar, Nowshera, Swabi, Mansehra, Abbottabad, Haripur and Attock. Those who reside in urban centers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan such as Peshawar, Kohat, Nowshera and Swabi are alternatively termed as "Kharian/Kharay" or city-dweller. Other Hindko-speakers, including members of the Muslim, Hindu and Sikh faiths, reside in Afghanistan and are known as Hindki. Those Hindko speakers, who after the partition of India migrated to the independent republic, identify with the broader Punjabi community; these Hindkowans reside the Indian states of East Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir.



The word "Hindko" is a cover term for a diverse group of Lahnda (Western Punjabi) dialects spoken by people of various ethnic backgrounds in several discontinuous areas in northwestern Pakistan, primarily in the provinces of ...read more

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