History of Tibet

History of Tibet, Aspect of history.

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While the Tibetan plateau has been inhabited since pre-historic times, most of Tibet's history went unrecorded until the introduction of Tibetan Buddhism around the 6th Century. Tibetan texts refer to the kingdom of Zhangzhung (c. 500 BCE - 625 CE) as the precursor of later Tibetan kingdoms and the originators of the Bon religion. While mythical accounts of early rulers of the Yarlung Dynasty exist, historical accounts begin with the introduction of Buddhism from India in the 6th Century, and the appearance of envoys from the unified Tibetan Empire in China in the 7th Century. Following the dissolution of the empire and a period of fragmentation in the 9th-10th Centuries, a Buddhist revival in the 10th-12th Centuries saw the development of three of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism.
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