Infantry support gun

Infantry support guns or battalion guns are artillery weapons designed and used to increase firepower of infantry units they are intrinsic to; offering immediate tactical response to the needs of the unit's commanding officer. The designs are typically with short low velocity barrels, and light construction carriages allowing them to be more easily manoeuvred on the battlefield. They are generally used for direct fire missions, as opposed to indirect fire like other artillery units. Their role has generally been replaced by tanks using tank guns, infantry fighting vehicles using autocannons, other combat vehicles, mortars, recoilless rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and shoulder-launched missiles. Infantry support guns Development history Infantry support guns were the first type of artillery employed by armed forces, initially in China, and later brought to Europe by the Mongol invasion.

List of infantry support guns
5 months ago

List of infantry support guns ... Infantry support guns are designed to provide direct organic support for infantry forces. They fire a range of shells, primarily in a direct fire mode...

Type 11 37 mm infantry gun
5 months ago

Type 11 37 mm infantry gun ... The Type 11 37 mm infantry support gun (十一年式平射歩兵砲, Jyūiichinen-shiki Heisha hoheihō) was an infantry support gun used by the Imperial Japanese Army in...

Assault gun
6 months ago

Assault gun ... An assault gun is a form of self-propelled artillery which uses an infantry support gun mounted on a motorized chassis, normally an armored fighting vehicle...

76 mm regimental gun M1927
5 months ago

76 mm regimental gun M1927 ... The 76 mm regimental gun M1927 (Russian: 76-мм полковая пушка обр. 1927 г.) was a Soviet infantry support gun. The gun was developed in 1927 by the design...

Field gun
6 months ago

Field gun ... aircraft. Modern gun-artillery such as the L118 105mm light gun or the M119 105mm howitzer are used to provide fire support for infantry and armour at ranges...

Light machine gun
6 months ago

Light machine gun ... machine gun (LMG) is a light-weight machine gun designed to be operated by a single infantryman, with or without an assistant, as an infantry support weapon...

Canon d'Infanterie de 37 modèle 1916 TRP
5 months ago

Canon d'Infanterie de 37 modèle 1916 TRP ... d'Infanterie de 37 modèle 1916 TRP (37mm mle.1916) was a French infantry support gun, first used during World War I. TRP stands for tir rapide, Puteaux...

76 mm regimental gun M1943
3 months ago

76 mm regimental gun M1943 ... The 76-mm regimental gun M1943 (OB-25) (Russian: 76-мм полковая пушка обр. 1943 г. (ОБ-25)) was a Soviet infantry support gun developed in 1943 by M. Yu...

37 mm Infantry Gun Model 1917
8 months ago

37 mm Infantry Gun Model 1917 ... Semi-automatic Gun, Mark C on Carriage Mark A. It was intended as an infantry support gun or as a landing gun for amphibious operations. In the infantry support role...

6 months ago

Smoothbore ... British Challenger 2 and Indian Arjun MBT. While the 73 mm gun of the early Soviet infantry fighting vehicles BMP-1 and BMD-1 was a smoothbore, their more...

7.5 cm Infanteriegeschütz 37
5 months ago
Bofors 37 mm anti-tank gun
2 months ago
3.7 cm Infanteriegeschütz M.15
2 months ago
6 months ago
5 months ago
Squad automatic weapon
6 months ago
37 mm McClean Automatic Cannon Mk. III
7 months ago
6 months ago
7.5 cm leichtes Infanteriegeschütz 18
4 months ago
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