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Intelligence is one or more capacities of the mind.

Intelligence may also refer to:


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  • Intelligence, information, in any useful form
  • Business intelligence, data transformed into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes
  • Espionage, or intelligence, the clandestine acquisition of confidential information
  • Intelligence assessment, the evaluation of sensitive commercial, military, scientific, or state information
  • Intelligence cycle, the stages of intelligence information processing
  • Military intelligence, the gathering and assessment of policy, strategic, and tactical, information
    • Strategic intelligence:(STRATINT), the collection, processing, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence that is required for forming policy and military plans at the national and international level
  • Police intelligence, the gathering of information about crime in order to track and predict it with a view to curbing it



  • "Intelligence", a song by ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead from their EP The Secret of Elena's Tomb (2003)
  • The Intelligence, a noise rock band from Seattle with releases on In the Red Records


  • Intelligence (journal), a scientific journal dealing with intelligence and psychometrics
  • Intelligence (newspaper), an Australian newspaper


  • Intelligence (Canadian TV series), a Canadian television show that ran 2006–2007 on CBC Television
  • Intelligence (American TV series), a 2014 American cyber-themed action/adventure television series
  • Intelligence (British TV series), a 2020 British sitcom set in GCHQ


  • Inttelligent, a 2018 Indian Telugu-language film

Other uses

  • Intelligence (solitaire), a card game
  • Nous (intelligence), in classical and medieval philosophy, cosmology, and theology

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