Judas (2001 film)

2001 film by Raffaele Mertes

Gli amici di Gesù - Giuda is a 2001 Italian-German coproduction television movie produced by Raffaele Mertes. It was included in the Turner Bible Collection series as Close to Jesus - Judas. The cast includes Enrico Lo Verso as Judas, Danny Quinn as Jesus, and Mathieu Carrière as Pilate.


  1. ^ Hervé Dumont L'Antiquité au cinéma: Vérités, légendes et manipulations 2009 Page 441 "2001 (rv) Judas/ Giuda /Judas (IT/DE) Raffaele Mertes; série «The Bible (Close to Jésus) /La Bibbia (Gli amici di Gesù)/Die ... Enrico Lo Verso (Judas), Danny Quinn (Jésus-Christ), Mathieu Carrière (Ponce Pilate), Hannes Jaenicke (Joseph ..."
  2. ^ Matthew King Cross-Examined Films: Engaging the Church with Modern Art 1543468810 2017 This four-part series features the Italian hunk Danny Quinn in the role of Jesus, one ... The film shows gross sympathy for Judas, which isn't necessarily a problem, but the fact that it fabricates much of what we .. .. Despite the negatives, the unknown Enrico Lo Verso gives a stellar performance in the eponymous role.

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