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Arts and design

  • Latticework, an ornamental criss-crossed framework, an arrangement of crossing laths or other thin strips of material
  • Lattice (music), an organized grid model of pitch ratios
  • Lattice (pastry), an ornamental pattern of crossing strips of pastry


  • Lattice Engines, a technology company specializing in business applications for marketing and sales
  • Lattice Group, a former British gas transmission business
  • Lattice Semiconductor, a US-based integrated circuit manufacturer

Science, technology, and mathematics


  • Lattice (group), a repeating arrangement of points
    • Lattice (discrete subgroup), a discrete subgroup of a topological group whose quotient carries an invariant finite Borel measure
    • Lattice (module), a module over a ring which is embedded in a vector space over a field
    • Lattice graph, a graph that can be drawn within a repeating arrangement of points
    • Lattice-based cryptography, encryption systems based on repeating arrangements of points
  • Lattice (order), a partially ordered set with unique least upper bounds and greatest lower bounds
    • Lattice-based access control, computer security systems based on partially ordered access privileges
    • Skew lattice, a non-commutative generalization of order-theoretic lattices
  • Lattice multiplication, a multiplication algorithm suitable for hand calculation

Other uses in science and technology

  • Bethe lattice, a regular infinite tree structure used in statistical mechanics
  • Crystal lattice or Bravais lattice, a repetitive arrangement of atoms
  • Lattice C, a compiler for the C programming language
  • Lattice mast, a type of observation mast common on major warships in the early 20th century
  • Lattice model (physics), a model defined not on a continuum, but on a grid
  • Lattice tower, or truss tower is a type of freestanding framework tower
  • Lattice truss bridge, a type of truss bridge that uses many closely spaced diagonal elements

Other uses

  • Lattice model (finance), a method for evaluating stock options that divides time into discrete intervals

See also

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