List of New Zealand animals extinct in the Holocene

List of New Zealand animals extinct in the Holocene, wikimedia list article.

List of New Zealand animals extinct in the Holocene image

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Upland moa (Megalapteryx didinus)

This is an incomplete list of extinct animals of New Zealand. This list covers only extinctions from the Holocene epoch.



Bats and the long extinct Saint Bathans mammal are the only land mammals known to have inhabited New Zealand before humans arrived. Fossil marine mammals have been found.

The "New Zealand Sealion" - the mainland species (or subspecies) of Sealion (Hooker's being the subantarctic one that has repopulated Otago). Bones found in Moa Hunter middens.

The "Chatham Island Sealion" - the Chatham species (or subspecies) of Sealion. Known to have been made extinct by hunting.


Extinctions since 19th-century European settlement

Extinctions since Māori arrival




Annelida (Oligochaeta) Earthworms



Placostylus ambagiosus priscus
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