List of U.S. Army weapons by supply catalog designation

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This article is the overarching list of U.S. Army weapons and materiel by their historic SNL (Standard Nomenclature List) supply catalog designations — except the very long sub-lists of both group F and group G — these are not included here, but found in their separate list-class articles.

For group F (fire control, and sighting material), see List of U.S. Army fire control and sighting material by supply catalog designation.
For group G (tank / automotive materiel), see List of U.S. military vehicles by supply catalog designation

This is a historic (index) list of U.S. Army weapons and materiel, by their Standard Nomenclature List (SNL) group and individual designations — an alpha-numeric nomenclature system used in the U.S. Army Ordnance Corps Supply Catalogues used from about 1930 to about 1958. The July 1943 Ordnance Publications For Supply Index – OPSI – (page2) explains that the "Index of Standard Nomenclature Lists (...) covers – by groups, and subdivisions of groups – all classes of equipment and supplies, assigned to the Ordnance Department for procurement, storage, issue, and maintenance."
The designations in this Wikipedia list represent so-called "major items". For each of the major items, there were separate, designated "Standard Nomenclature Lists" — extensive parts catalogs for supply and repair purposes.

In essence, the index was a list of lists. There could be numerous volumes, changes, and updates under each single item designation.

According to the Corps' Ordnance Publications for Supply Index of July 1943:

  • Groups 'A' through 'N' covered "General Ordnance Supplies"; including
    • group 'F' (Fire control, and sighting material), and
    • group 'G' (Tank / Automotive materiel)
  • Groups 'P' through 'T' covered "Ammunition" – for which there was an additional AIC code
  • Group 'Z' was for "Captured Enemy Material", and
  • Group 'OGS' indicated "Obsolete General Supplies".
  • Group "Y", for 'Guided Missiles, guidance and control, launching, transporting, radio-controlled, and handling material, was added after July 1943


  • 1 War Department Catalog
  • 2 Group "A" Material
  • 3 Group "B" Material
  • 4 Group "C" Material
  • 5 Group "D" Material
  • 6 Group "E" Material
  • 7 Group "F" Material
  • 8 Group "G" Material
  • 9 Group "H" Material
  • 10 Group "I" Material
  • 11 Group "J" Material
  • 12 Group "K" Material
  • 13 Group "L" Material
  • 14 Group "M" Material
  • 15 Group "N" Material
  • 16 Group "O" Material
  • 17 Group "P" Material
  • 18 Group "Q" Material
  • 19 Group "R" Material
  • 20 Group "S" Material
  • 21 Group "T" Material
  • 22 Group "U" Material
  • 23 Group "V" Material
  • 24 Group "W" Material
  • 25 Group "X" Material
  • 26 Group "Y" Material
  • 27 Group "Z" material
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War Department Catalog

  • WD CAT. ORD 1 Introduction to Ordnance catalog
  • WD CAT. ORD 2 Index to Ordnance supply catalog
  • WD CAT. ORD 3 list of items for issue to troops, posts, camps, and stations.
  • WD CAT. ORD 4 Allowances of expendable supplies
  • WD CAT. ORD 5 Stock list of items
  • WD CAT. ORD 5-1 Numerical index of manufactures part numbers, and drawing numbers
  • WD CAT. ORD 6 Tools, and tool sets
  • WD CAT. ORD 7 Organizational Maintenance Allowances.
  • WD CAT. ORD 8 Field and Depot Maintenance Allowances.
  • WD CAT. ORD 9 List... more
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