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This is a list of diplomatic missions in Turkmenistan. At present, the capital city, Ashgabat, hosts 31 embassies and 6 other missions with diplomatic status, including one bilateral mission, two international financial institutions, and three multilateral missions.


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Consular office of the Russian Embassy in Ashgabat


Missions with diplomatic status

  • ::::ADB (Mission)
  • EBRD (Representative Office)
  • :European Union (Delegation)
  • :Libya (Economic Bureau)
  • OSCE (Mission)
  • :United Nations (Mission)



  • :Afghanistan
  • :Iran


  • :Kazakhstan
  • :Russia

Non-resident embassies

Resident in Ankara, Turkey:

Resident in Baku, Azerbaijan:

Resident in Moscow, Russia:

Resident in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan:

Resident in Tehran, Iran:

Resident elsewhere:

See also

  • Foreign relations of Turkmenistan



    • Diplomatic representations of foreign states and international organizations accredited in Turkmenistan (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) (accessed 1 April 2021)
    • Missions in Turkmenistan (US Embassy in Turkmenistan website)
    • States with which Turkmenistan has established diplomatic relations (in Russian)
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